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Top 5 Vape Starter Kit Rundown 2019

The Vape starter kit is the cornerstone of the electronic cigarette world, for most people they are the first type of e-cig they come into contact with. This may be through seeing a friend or family member, who has made the switch to vaping or from browsing the internet while looking for advice on methods to kick the cigs.

As the name suggests, a vape starter kit is aimed at new users delving into the vaping world for the first time. They are usually fairly small, discreet and a relatively hassle free way to give the user the best possible tool to make the switch. However they are also often used by long term vapers for many of the same reasons.

Here is my list of favourite vape starter kits from 2019 so far…

1. Innokin Jem Pen Vape Starter Kit.

The Innokin Jem pen has been a real hit since its launch this summer. With its striking looks, simple design and excellent performance at an extremely inexpensive price point it’s easy to see why. 

One of my favourite parts of the design is the tank section. It is mainly encased in the body to minimise the risk of accidentally breaking the glass but has a tear drop viewing window which is not only visually stunning but also makes it really easy to see your juice level. 

Other features of the Innokin Jem Pen Kit include a battery level indicator which is integrated into the fire button with a series of lights. A very good battery life considering its size and an overall easy device to carry around on a day to day basis. It also has an excellent airflow draw which really mimics the pull on a traditional cigarette which would be great for anyone just making the switch to vaping as it would feel very reminiscent of what they have become used to.

2. Aspire Tigon Vape Starter Kit.

I won’t lie, I think Aspire are at the very top of the mountain in the vape world! Every product they launch feels like an event and it would be impossible to make a list without including a kit from Aspire (or three!) 

The Aspire Tigon kit is a truly versatile device as it can be used in different ways depending on what coil and e-liquid you want to use. The 1.2ohm coil is designed for a standard mouth to lung draw and when the adjustable airflow is closed down can provide a fantastic vape with 50/50 style liquids. If you then want to use a high VG liquid simply install the 0.4ohm sub ohm coil, open up the airflow and let rip with some huge

clouds all from the same device!! As the tank is full detachable you could even pick up a spare and swap out to different flavours or coil setups in seconds. 

The Tigon kit also comes supplied with both coil types, a spare glass tank, a spare mouthpiece and a host of other accessories making this not just a great vape starter kit but also one that can be used as a more high end power house in a heartbeat. Top end performance for low end cost, simple!

3. Smok Priv N19 Kit.

Smok Priv N19 Kit 7 Colour

Smok Priv N19 Kit Chrome

Smok are really well known for the more glossy colours, flashing lights and clouds bro clouds style of vaping but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a killer starter kit because the N19 is nothing short of superb. 

I have used the N19 with the new Tablites Nicotine Salts range and it has been working brilliantly, I have experienced excellent flavour from the highly regarded Smok Nord Coils and decent vapour production too. 

The N19 is very easy to use thanks to the simple power settings which can be switched with the mode button at the bottom of the device, the user can select five modes which are really useful should you wish to change it up on the fly. Filling is a simple top fill which again make it easy to use on the go. This device is a real workhorse and is a perfect companion for your working day or a trip outdoors, I recently took it with me on a camping trip and it lasted me the full day of fairly heavy use without issue.

In short, the Smok N19 vape kit is awesome and I highly recommend it!

4. Aspire K-Lite Kit.

Aspire have done it again with the K Lite Kit, they have perfectly blended a simple starter kit with the feel of a premium device which looks slick and feels rock solid in the hand. 

The Aspire K-Lite vape starter Kit also uses a single button to change the power settings making it very simple to use while on the go. The outstanding K-Lite tank that comes supplied with the kit is a joy to use with its simple top fill design, smooth airflow control design and comfortable mouthpiece all come together to make a fantastic tank, it also uses the Aspire BVC coils which have been around for many years and are still regarded as one of the very best coils for flavour on the market.

This is the sort of starter kit that could be used by newbies and veteran vapers alike as it oozes class and sophistication while being extremely easy to use, a sure fire hit that is not to be missed.

5. Aspire K1 Stealth Kit.

And now for something completely different! 

There is simply nothing like the Aspire K1 Stealth kit on the market, it is unique and I absolutely love it!

We get used to seeing devices that look very similar to each other all the time so when something comes along to completely break the mould it can take a while for everyone to catch up and I feel this is the case with the K1 Stealth. 

The main body is made from one solid piece of milled aluminium which makes it very hard wearing and strong. The K1 Plus Tank that comes supplied in the kit is housed in the body and only the mouthpiece protrudes to protect the glass from breaking if the device is dropped, this is secured in place with a magnet so no awkward threads to deal with when removing the tank for coil changes or refilling. 

There is also a small button located on the bottom of the device to change the power in three different settings this not only makes changing the power very simple but it makes the device look very streamlined and adds to the overall aesthetic. 

This little beauty also uses the Aspire BVC Coils which add fantastic flavour to the list of pros and it works great with nic salt e-liquid too!

Yes, at first glance the Aspire K1 Stealth vape Starter Kit may look a lot different from all the other vape starter kits on the market but just for that reason alone I think it’s absolutely superb but it also vapes like a champ so what’s not to love?

Well, that’s your lot for now. I hope you have enjoyed this rundown of my favourite starter kits of 2019, I hope it helps. Whether looking for your first ecig to start your vaping journey or something low maintenance for work you’re sure to find something at Tablites. Visit us in store or on our website

Happy vaping!

Lee, Team Tablites.

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