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The Ultimate Guide to Disposable Vapes in 2023

Ultimate Guide to Disposable Vapes in 2023 - Tablites Vape Store Guide

Disposable vapes are the single biggest product to revolutionise the vaping industry in recent years, opening the gates to existing smokers looking for a hassle-free alternative to cigarette smoking

Disposables offer a quick, clean, and simple solution to quitting. They’re also affordable, with many brands on the market giving customers a wide range of high-quality disposable vape products and accessories to choose from. 

With vaping, there are many pros to making the transition from cigarette smoking - however, there are some cons to be mindful of too. That’s why we’ve put together this guide. 

To help you fully weigh up your options, we’ve packed this article with everything you need to know about disposable vapes - plus the alternatives available, such as rechargeable vape kits. 

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • What a disposable vape is
  • Popular disposable vapes in the UK right now
  • How disposable vapes work
  • Pros and cons of using disposable vapes
  • Tips for choosing flavours for your vape
  • Plus answering all your questions on vape juice, nic salts, and alternatives to disposable vapes (such as pod vape kits)

As one of the UK’s highest-rated online vape stores, we only stock 100% authentic products - with TABlites, a quality vaping experience is guaranteed every time. 

Disposables remain one of our best-selling products, and it’s easy to see why: they are low cost, convenient, great tasting - plus you don’t need any previous experience. 

If you have made the switch to vaping, we’ll help you upgrade to a more sustainable vape kit, saving you money in the process.

What is a disposable vape?

A disposable vape is a cheap and simple way to explore what vaping has to offer, ideal for first-time vapers as no previous vaping experience is necessary.

Disposable vapes are inhale-activated vapes that are compact and palm sized. They offer up to 600 puffs and come prefilled with 2ml of 20mg (2%) nicotine salt vape juice in usually a 50/50 VG/PG mix. Nic salt vape juice offers a smooth MTL (mouth to lung) inhale, with fast-acting nicotine to curb your nicotine cravings faster and for longer periods of time. 

Disposable vape bars are most often powered by a built-in 550mAh battery that provides approximately 600 puffs depending on usage and length of draw taken on each puff. 

When the device is finished, an LED light at the bottom of the device will blink to indicate that the device has ran out of vape juice, or the battery has run out of power. You may experience a slightly burnt or metallic taste on the last few draws, and you will notice vapour production is reduced. As the name ‘disposable’ suggests, you can safely dispose of the used unit in one of our special green wings recycling bins and replace it by shopping with TABlites.

Disposable vape specifications

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to use and operate
  • 500-800 puffs (depending which model you choose)
  • Inhale activation (auto-draw)
  • Large variety of e-liquid flavours
  • Up to 2ml of nicotine salt vape juice
  • Up to 20mg (2%) nicotine strength
  • Usually 50/50 VG/PG base mix
  • Integrated battery (usually around 550mAh)
  • MTL (Mouth to Lung) cigarette-like inhale
  • Mesh coil technology

All the disposable vapes at TABlites are 100% genuine products and are fully TPD compliant so you know you are in good hands when shopping with us. 

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Popular disposable vapes

Disposable vapes hit the shelves at vape stores, newsagents and supermarkets across the UK back in 2018. Since then, they have become popular sellers at our nationwide vape shops and busy online vape store, with brands like Elf Bar and Lost Mary rising to the top of the disposable vape charts

The Elf Bar 600 is available in over 30 perfectly balanced flavours, including Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Cherry Cola and Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava (along with Cream Tobacco and Spearmint, for those who crave an authentic cigarette flavour).

Lost Mary launched with their elegant BM600 model that features a unique bottle-shaped design that fits perfectly in the hand. There are 24 incredible Lost Mary flavours to choose between, including Cherry Ice, Blue Razz Ice, Red Apple Ice and Watermelon Ice. 

The range also caters to straight-up fruity vape lovers with their Strawberry Kiwi, Grape, Pink Lemonade and Triple Melon. If you prefer a cool vape without the addition of fruit, they offer straight menthol that will be sure to cleanse your palate.

What are the most popular examples of disposable vapes in the UK?

The most popular examples of disposable vapes in the UK are:

  1. Elf Bar 600 - 600 puffs, 550mAh battery, 20mg and 0mg strengths
  2. Lost Mary BM600 & BM600S - 600 puffs, 550mAh battery, 20mg nicotine strength
  3. SKE Crystal Vape Bars - 600 puffs, 500mAh battery, 20mg nicotine strength
  4. Klik Klak - Two devices paired will provide 1200 puffs, 20mg nicotine strength
  5. Happy Vibes - 4 carts 2400 puffs, 1400mAh battery, 20mg nicotine strength
  6. Elf Bar V2 - New and improved metallic body 600 puffs, 500mAh battery, 20mg nicotine strength

    Shop our disposable vape multi-buy deals: 5 for £20.

    How disposable vapes work

    Disposable vapes are ergonomic, compact, lightweight and easy-to-use devices that are available in a wide range of delicious flavours to make the transition over to vaping as smooth and comfortable as ever.

    Disposable vapes are designed to provide a MTL or mouth-to-lung inhale. This style of inhaling involves a similar technique as inhaling on a traditional cigarette. Draw the vapour from the mouthpiece of the vape into the mouth, then into the lungs. This two-step process is familiar to ex-smokers, and thanks to the nicotine salts will provide a smooth and comfortable throat inhale.

    Disposable vapes feature smart heating technology - all you need to do is inhale to get started! When you place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale, the device will activate immediately providing instant satisfaction in the form of a nicotine vapour. 

    Lost Mary vapes and Elf Bar disposable vapes don’t rely on buttons or menu systems - just remove the device from the packaging and start vaping. They provide up to 600 puffs, similar to what 20 cigarettes would provide.

    TPD-compliant disposable vapes are sealed pods, meaning there are no access points to refill the device or replace the coils. This makes disposable devices appealing to first-time vapers or more experienced vapers looking for hassle-free vaping. With this option, you can vape on the go with ease.

    The Lost Mary BM600s and Elf Bar 600v2 disposable vape bars are satisfying nicotine delivery systems and are available in our 5 for £20 disposable vape deal where you can mix and match and stock up, so you are never without a vape device. 

    The Vape juice used in both the Elf bar and Lost Mary devices is now available in two great ranges of Nic salts.

    Take a look at our blog: Best Disposable Vapes Right Now.

    Pros and cons of using disposable vapes

    Below we will outline the pros and cons of disposable vapes to help you decide whether a disposable or rechargeable vape is best for you.

    Pros of disposable vapes


    Disposable vapes are super convenient and are ready to use out of the box. Simply remove the device from the packaging, then the rubber safety stopper and tamper evident stickers, and you are ready to vape. 

    A disposable vape battery can’t be recharged, the pod can’t be refilled with e-liquid, and you can’t replace the vape coil. When the light at the base of the device blinks, this is an indication that your battery is running low and is ready to be replaced.

    Disposable vapes require no maintenance. This makes them appealing to first-time vapers and experienced vapers alike.

    Compact and lightweight

    Disposable vapes are small, sleek and portable. It’s amazing how much power and technology can be packed into a device that’s a similar size to lipstick or a pack of gum. 

    Disposables are designed to fit in the palm of your hand and can be taken anywhere with you, ready when you need your nicotine fix.


    Disposable vapes are great for beginners as they are incredibly easy to use and require no previous experience. Remove the device from the packaging and inhale on the mouthpiece.

    Smooth throat hit

    Disposable vape bars are filled with nicotine salt e-liquids that have been designed to provide a smooth inhale even when using high nicotine concentrations.

    Inside the vape bar is a pod chamber (section that holds the e-liquid) covered with wicking material that feeds the vape juice to the heating coil. Leaving a vape coil for a few minutes to fully saturate the wicking material is called ‘priming’. A disposable vape pod has had plenty of time for the wicks to absorb the liquid resulting in improved flavour and smooth taste.

    Less harmful than traditional cigarettes

    The NHS says… ‘In the UK, e-cigarettes are tightly regulated for safety and quality.

    Vaping is not completely risk-free, but it poses a small fraction of the risk of smoking cigarettes.

    E-cigarettes do not produce tar or carbon monoxide, two of the most harmful elements in tobacco smoke.’

    Simple design

    Disposable vapes feature a simple design with no buttons, requiring zero previous vaping experience to use and operate along with no maintenance. Simply inhale on the mouthpiece for delicious tasting nicotine vapour available in a large selection of flavours

    Disposable vapes are all-in-one vape kits that don’t need to be recharged or refilled. They arrive prefilled with e-liquid and the battery arrives pre-charged ready to be used straight out of the box. 

    When the device runs out of vapour, a light indicator will flash to inform you that it’s empty. Safely dispose of it and replace it with a new one.


    Disposable vapes are small, sleek, stylish and colourful personal vape devices that deliver a tasty and refreshing blast of vapour on every puff. Each nicotine-filled flavour is represented by an impressive unique colour design so you can easily identify each flavour when you are vaping multiples at once. 

    The small, compact, and common thin pen-size makes them pocket-friendly and ideal for vaping while on the go. 

    If you are looking for a pen-shaped disposable for on-the-go vaping, take a look at the ElfBar 600, SKE Crystal Bar, Beyond Bar by IVG, IVG Diamond Bar, Nasty Fix and the Elf Bar T600.

    The Lost Mary BM600 features a unique bottle-shaped design that resembles a mini box mod. This lightweight model is super portable, classy and provides a comfortable grip along with incredible performance thanks to the dual mesh coil technology.


    Disposable vapes are super discreet and lightweight: when clasped in the palm of the hand you can hardly see them. They feature a high resistance vape coil that has been designed to provide a MTL (mouth to lung) inhale, emitting less vapour for discreet vaping.

    Cheap initial layout

    Disposable puff bars are cheap to purchase. In fact, they are the most inexpensive vape kits available. You can purchase disposable vapes in our 5 for £20 deal where you can mix and match various flavours, strengths and models in search of your all-day-vape.

    Fast acting

    Disposable vapes are the closest vaping devices to cigarettes and are prefilled with up to 2ml of nicotine salt juice. Nic salts are incredibly fast acting, taking around 6 seconds to be absorbed into the bloodstream - a much faster rate compared to free base juice. 

    Nic salts have a lower pH level that provides a more satisfying, smoother and stronger hit of nicotine in each puff. Nic salts are used in disposables because they allow for higher doses of nicotine to be delivered with less irritation. 

    High strength nicotine, along with a high PG (propylene glycol) base mix in e-liquids, will provide a stronger sensation on the throat - also known as a throat hit. 

    Nic salts allow you to vape higher nicotine strength liquids with a milder sensation on the throat, making them more comfortable for ex-smokers making the switch.

    Excellent flavour

    Disposable vapes provide excellent flavour because of five main reasons:

    • Nicotine salts - Nicotine salt e-liquids feature a lower concentration of alkaline, providing a minimal impact on the overall flavour of the juice.
    • Wicking material - The wicking material has been saturated with e-liquid for a long period of time, improving the overall flavour and vaping experience.
    • Optimal power output - Disposable vapes don’t offer the function of adjustable wattage to alter the power output of the device. The power output is set and fixed in place to provide the ultimate vaping experience.
    • Resistance - The resistance of the coil inside your disposable vape has been selected to work perfectly with both the vape juice and the power output.
    • Mesh coils - Many disposable vapes feature mesh coil technology for improved flavour and vapour, resulting in a better puff.
    Wide selection of flavours

    Disposable vapes have been designed as the perfect alternative to cigarette smoking with a huge range of flavours to keep up with the demands to cater for all tastes. 

    You have the option of tobacco (Cream Tobacco and Vanilla Tobacco) and menthol to mimic the taste and sensation of smoking a real cigarette. Fruit flavours along with fruity ice blends are also very popular for a sweet, decadent, refreshing and satisfying inhale. There’s a flavour to suit and satisfy all tastes. 

    Disposable vapes have come a long way since the unreliable versions you used to see at petrol stations over a decade ago. Modern-day disposable vapes use clever heating technology to improve performance and, most importantly, the flavour of your vape.

    Easily accessible

    Disposable vapes are widely available and easily accessible, being sold anywhere from dedicated vape stores where you can talk to vaping experts to grocery stores, markets, petrol stations - the list goes on. 

    If you lose your disposable vape or run out of steam while out and about, they are cheap to replace and sold in many locations. Always make sure you purchase your vapes from trusted and respectable establishments to avoid purchasing fake or counterfeit devices that could be potentially harmful.

    Head down to your nearest TABlites vape store in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, London, Chester or Salford, and talk to the experts. We have been in business since November 2011, with over a decade of experience later we have gained a wealth of vaping knowledge to help you on your vaping journey.

    If you don’t live near one of our stores, you can place an order on, with the option of next-day delivery or free delivery on orders over £20.

    We not only stock disposable vapes, but vape kits for all vaping styles and experience levels, along with e-liquids to cater for all vapers including a large selection of nic salts and high VG.

    Cons of disposable vapes

    Environmental impact

    Disposable vape bars, as the name suggests, are single-use devices that are designed to be used for a short period (600 puffs worth) before being thrown away. There are huge impacts of plastic waste on the environment. Instead of seeing disposable vape bars as a permanent solution, first-time vapers should use them initially to quit smoking, then level up to a refillable and rechargeable alternative that is much more eco-friendly.

    Disposable vapes are an excellent product and offer an easy-to-use solution for first-time vapers, but we must all reduce the amount of plastic that goes into landfill each year by switching to more sustainable solutions like pod vape kits and pen kits with less detrimental impacts on the environment. Rechargeable vape kits are a far less wasteful form of vaping.

    Short lifespan

    The lifespan of a disposable vape is dependent on the volume of e-liquid and the capacity of the battery. The manufacturers of disposable vapes have worked out approximately how many puffs the device will provide and how much battery life is needed to achieve that.

    Most Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)-compliant disposables in the UK are prefilled with up to 2ml’s of e-liquid and will provide somewhere between 500-800 puffs. Once the e-liquid runs low and the battery is depleted, the device can be safely discarded. They will only last a single charge, sometimes leaving you without a device to vape on with short notice.

    On average, one disposable vape will last the average vaper between 1-3 days depending on usage. 

    We are now able to offer large capacity disposable vapes such as the Instafill and Elf AF5000 which solve this issue by offering up to 5000 puffs of use.

    If investing in a rechargeable electronic cigarette, you can expect them to last much longer. When the battery runs low on power, you can charge it via the USB charging cable supplied with the kit. When the e-liquid runs low, you can top it up with vape juice at a fraction of the cost of replacing your all-in-one disposable devices.

    Expensive when used daily

    Disposable vapes are cheap to buy, with a small initial investment in the short term, but when vaping more frequently can work out more expensive than rechargeable pod kits and pen kits. If you are using disposable vapes for longer periods of time, we suggest looking at alternatives to disposable vapes for a great way of saving money.

    Even though disposable vapes work out more expensive than rechargeable vape kits when used over longer periods of time, they are still significantly cheaper than cigarettes.

    Less flavour options

    While there are a wide catalogue of disposable vape flavours available to buy, there are still fewer options available compared to the selection of 10ml bottles of e-liquids we offer. 

    The limited flavour options may cater to some vapers, but may not include your favourite go-to vape flavour.

    Less strength options

    Most disposable vapes available in the UK are available in 20mg (2%) nicotine strength in accordance with the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) and TRPR (Tobacco & Related Products Regulations). 

    20mg is the highest strength legally allowed and is classed as high strength, but all vapers have different needs - for example, not all vapers are dependent on such high doses of nicotine. While some disposable vape brands cater for lower strengths, the flavour selection is limited.


    Disposable puff bars feature an integrated battery that has been pre-charged so you can vape immediately. Disposables in the UK can’t be recharged when the battery has been depleted and must be replaced. The battery sometimes runs out while there is e-liquid remaining in the tank, which can be frustrating.

    Rechargeable vape kits, as the name suggests, can be recharged at the end of each day, ready for use the following day. 

    Some large capacity devices are available which have a recharging feature. This extends the lifespan of the device but ultimately they are still a single use device.

    Limited functionality

    Disposable vapes are designed with simplicity in mind, stripping back the electronic cigarette to basic components making them extremely easy to use. 

    With more advanced vaping devices, you can adjust settings, airflow and wattage to make your vape provide the most satisfying draw possible for your individual needs.  

    Appealing to underage vapers

    All customers purchasing from TABlites store locations and online at must be over the age of 18. We have put strict age verification processes in place to avoid selling vaping products to minors. If you are under 18, you are committing an offence if you attempt to buy electronic cigarettes. It’s not personal, it’s the law.

    At our brick-and-mortar stores, if you are lucky enough to look under 25, you will be asked to prove that you are aged 18 or over when buying electronic cigarettes. Please be prepared to show ID.

    At our online vape store, we use 1account for our age verification process to prove you are over the age of 18 to legally purchase vape products. 

    Counterfeit disposable vapes

    You may have read newspaper articles about Trading Standards seizing counterfeit and fake vape products from rogue stores across the UK. 

    All vape products in the UK, including disposable vapes are tightly regulated by the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive). The regulations set are minimum standards for the safety and quality of all e-cigarettes and refill containers (e-liquids). 

    The warning and precautions supplied on packaging is to provide customers with correct information so they can make informed choices. They are also sold in reputable stores, including specialist vape shops and supermarkets, providing an environment that protects underage children from starting to use all vape products.

    Fake disposable vapes are reaching the UK market that have been made in squalid factories, with filthy working conditions, and no regard for product safety. These products have been cheaply made, cutting corners when it comes to safety to maximise on profits.

    Buying counterfeit and imitation vape kits and e-liquids can seriously impact the health of people mistakenly using these products. Always purchase your vape supplies from trusted and reputable retailers including vape shops, petrol stations and supermarkets.

    How can I tell if my disposable vape is counterfeit?
    Some counterfeit vapes look like the real thing and are difficult to spot, luring you into a false sense of security. We have put together a list of things to look out for, along with some red flags, to help guide you away from fakes:

    • Packaging: Look out for tell-tale signs on the packaging. Are the warnings visible, serial numbers, best before dates, ingredients list, ‘this product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance’? If the labelling doesn’t look right, you are probably best avoiding it. Even if they say Elf Bar, Elux or Lost Mary on the packaging, it doesn't always mean they are the real deal.
    • Authenticate your vapes: Many of the leading disposable vape hardware brands will apply anti-counterfeiting technology to their packaging, significantly reducing the possibility of mistakenly picking up a counterfeit product. You will often notice a QR code on the packaging. Open the camera on your phone and scan the QR code. This will take you to the official website where you can verify if your disposable vape is authentic. You will also notice additional anti-counterfeit technologies including; holographic laser security thread, anti-counterfeiting pattern, micro text, high anti-latent shadow and colourless fluorescence.
    • Price: If prices seem especially cheap, start to ask yourself the question ‘why?’. Some reputable companies may well have a disposable vape sale on or are very competitively priced. However, if it seems especially cheap, it may be worth avoiding.

    All disposable vapes at TABlites are 100% genuine products and are fully TPD compliant so you know you are in good hands when shopping with us.

    Illegal vapes in the UK

    We recommend you avoid purchasing illegal vapes that have been designed for international markets that are not compliant with laws within the UK. Vape products in the UK must be tested for: 

    • Ingredients
    • Emissions
    • Toxicological data for ingredients
    • Components used and the manufacturing process

    Packaging must provide correct labelling, including warnings, nicotine content, nicotine dose per puff and instruction manual.

    Disposable vapes that contain more than 2ml of e-liquid, nicotine strength higher than 20mg, and products that don’t include the warning on the front and back of the packaging that states ‘This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance’ should be avoided because you can’t be sure they are safe to use.

    By reading the list of disposable vape cons outlined above, you may realise that disposable vapes may not be the best solution for you and your needs. 

    If you are ready for a more permanent vaping solution that offers the simplicity of a disposable with additional ways to tailor the vape to suit your needs, we recommend taking a look at our excellent range of pod system vape kits

    Pod vapes are compatible with nicotine salt vape juice. Many offer inhale activation. They are small, compact and lightweight and available in bright colours to make the transition from a single-use device to a kit you can charge and refill with your vape juice of choice.

    Vape Juice: You asked, we answered

    Now that we’ve got you familiar with the mechanism of disposable vapes and how they work, let’s take a look at some of the top questions asked about the different vape juices on the market. 

    What vape juice is used in disposable vapes?

    Nicotine salt (or nic salt) e-liquid is used in disposable vapes as it is less harsh on the throat when used with high nicotine concentrations like 20mg, making the transition from smoking to vaping smooth and comfortable. 

    Nic salt vape juice is absorbed into the body within 6-7 seconds to provide a faster and longer lasting nicotine fix.

    What are bar salts?

    Bar salts is a term for the e-liquid in disposable vapes. A popular name for disposable vapes is ‘vape bar’, combined with ‘nic salts’ and you get ‘Bar Salts’.  

    The name Bar Salts usually refers to nicotine salts that have been inspired by the popular flavours found in disposable vapes, like Elf Bar, SKE and Lost Mary. 

    You can now enjoy your favourite disposable vape flavours in 10ml bottles.

    What are nic salts?

    Nic salts are an excellent e-liquid choice for ex-smokers as they provide a strong hit of nicotine without the harshness on the throat, creating a similar smoking sensation to cigarettes. They are suited to a MTL (mouth to lung) vaping style and will work perfectly with entry-level vape kits including pod kits and low-powered vape devices. 

    Nic salts are most often available in a 50/50 PG/VG mix for small and subtle vape clouds. To cater to medium or high-strength vapers, nic salts are served in 10ml bottles and are available in a variety of flavour profiles, including fruit, candy, menthol, tobacco, dessert, along with fruit with ice to name a few.

    Take a look at our blog: Top 10 Best Nic Salt Vape Juice Flavours.

    Why are disposable vapes much smoother?

    Disposable vapes like Elf Bars are prefilled with nicotine salt vape juice that have a low pH level (around 7) for a smooth and satisfying inhale.

    The vape juice in disposable vapes saturates the wicking material inside the disposable over a long period of time, from when it is manufactured to when you open the packaging. So when your disposable arrives, it’s ready to vape. Well-saturated wicks feed the e-liquid to the coil (heating element) of your disposable to provide smooth and flavourful vapour clouds.

    You can get a similar draw with a rechargeable vape by using salt nicotine. Once you fill your vape pod with juice, leave it for up to 10 minutes. Leaving time for the coils to absorb vape juice is known as ‘priming’ and will result in improved flavour, and your coils will last longer. 

    Are bottles of vape juice cheaper than disposable vapes?

    Yes, 10ml bottles of vape juice work out much cheaper than disposable vapes.

    Legal disposable vapes in the UK hold up to 2ml of e-liquid.

    Take a look at our very own TABlites Nic Salts: 19 delicious flavours inspired by the most popular disposable vape flavours. They are better for the environment, more cost effective and have added nicotine strength options (10mg and 20mg).

    Are bottles of vape juice better for the environment?

    Yes, 10ml bottles of vape juice are much better for the environment. Disposable vapes provide around 600 puffs. When they no longer produce vapour, they are ready to be replaced with a new one.

    Disposable vapes contain valuable materials like lithium, copper, as well as plastics that end up in landfill. According to Sky News, vapers in the UK are throwing away about two disposable vapes every second, resulting in about 10 tonnes of lithium being sent to landfill or waste incinerators each year. That’s enough metal to make batteries for 1,200 electric cars.

    Read the full Sky News article here.

    Why do disposable vapes taste so good?

    • Nic salt e-liquids – Smooth inhale, fast acting, available in a range of delicious flavours.
    • Fully saturated wicks – Cotton wicking material is used to feed e-liquid effectively to the vape coil. Well-saturated wicks provide excellent flavour. An unsaturated wick can cause dry burn and taste awful.
    • Simple design – Hassle-free design, zero maintenance, just inhale to enjoy.
    • Optimum wattage set – There is no way to set the wrong power output. Disposable vapes provide a set output without any way to adjust them for the perfect puff.
    How much juice is in a disposable vape?

    TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) laws in the EU limit the size of vape tanks and disposable vape pods to a maximum capacity of 2ml. Most disposable vapes in the UK will hold 2ml of e-liquid and provide up to 600 puffs.

    Some new devices like the Happy Vibes Twist and the IVG 2400 use a system of multiple 2ml pods to give a total of 8ml vape juice and over 2000 puffs.

    How many puffs are in a 10ml bottle of vape juice?
    • One TPD-compliant disposable vape will hold 2ml of e-liquid = 600 puffs
    • One TPD-compliant 10ml bottle of vape juice will provide 5 disposable vapes worth of e-liquid = 3,000 puffs (5x the amount of puffs)
    What nicotine strengths are available?
    • Nic salt e-liquids are mostly available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths.
    • Freebase e-liquids are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths. 
    What PG/VG ratio should I choose?

    If you have used disposable vapes and are looking to advance to a rechargeable vape kit to achieve a similar sensation, we recommend using nic salts with a 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid mix.

    • PG or propylene glycol in e-liquid carries great flavour and provides a throat hit - a similar sensation to smoking a cigarette.
    • VG or vegetable glycerine in e-liquid provides vapour clouds and carries flavour well.
    • A half-and-half mix of PG and VG will provide a cigarette-like inhale with medium-sized vape clouds.
    What are the benefits of using e-liquid vs disposable vapes?

    Disposable vapes seem like a cheaper option compared to 10ml bottles of e-liquid. In the long run, disposable vape bars work out a lot more expensive. 

    Disposables can’t be refilled with vape juice, and they can’t be recharged. After 600 puffs, your disposable vape needs to be replaced. Rechargeable vape kits allow you to refill your kit with liquid and keep topping it up continuously when your juice levels run low.

    One 10ml bottle of vape juice offers 5x the amount of puffs, compared to one disposable vape filled with 2mls of juice, at a fraction of the cost.

    While disposable vapes come in a large variety of vape flavours, you are still limited, mainly to sweet and fruity blends often with a touch of menthol. When graduating to a rechargeable and refillable device, there are many more flavour options - for example, you can choose a lower nicotine strength if you wish.

    Can I fill my disposable vape with vape juice?

    No, disposable vapes feature a closed pod design so there are no access points, or ways of getting inside the pod to top up the e-liquid levels. Topping up the e-liquid levels wouldn’t be beneficial because you can’t recharge the vape battery inside.

    Most disposable vapes feature a 500 or 550mAh battery - that’s roughly enough power to allow you to vape 2ml’s worth of e-juice.

    How many cigarettes is 600 puffs equivalent to?

    One 600 puff disposable vape prefilled with 20mg or 2% strength nicotine salt is approximately equivalent to a pack of 20 cigarettes.

    How many cigarettes is a 10ml bottle of vape juice equivalent to?

    If one disposable vape that contains 2mls of vape juice is roughly equivalent to one pack of 20 cigarettes. One 10ml bottle of e-juice will provide five times the amount - that equates to approximately 100 cigarettes.

    Explore our collection of e-liquid best sellers and find your new favourite flavour today.

    Why do people stop using disposable vapes?

    Disposable vapes can’t be refilled or recharged, so when your vape runs out of puffs you need to dispose of the used device and replace it. 

    Disposable vapes like the Elf Bar 600 will provide up to 600 puffs. Heavier vapers may use one disposable vape per day. Disposable vapes are still cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes but can work out being quite expensive when replaced daily.

    Bottles of vape juice are available in a larger selection of flavours, including tobacco, menthol, dessert, candy, and fruity blends. 10ml e-liquid bottles are available in a wide selection of nicotine strengths ranging from nicotine-free to 20mg and everything in between.

    Single-use disposable vapes generate a lot of waste. More eco-friendly vape choices are available like switching to a vape kit that can be reused, refilled and recharged over and over again.

    If you are looking for a more sustainable way to vape take a look at our selection of the best vape kits in the UK. Any questions or want some advice? Call our friendly team today.

    Looking for your next favourite nic salt flavour? TABlites has you covered

    So with the hundreds of flavours available, deciding on a new nic salt may at first feel overwhelming. But not to worry - taking the leap can be very rewarding, and with all the different brands competing for your attention, you’re truly spoilt for choice!

    To help you narrow down your list, let’s discuss options.

    What are the best e-liquids that taste like disposable vapes?

    After seeing the popularity of disposable vapes in recent years, we decided to perfectly recreate these flavours and offer them in 10ml bottles in a choice of either 10mg or 20mg nic strengths. These excellent-tasting salt nicotine flavours are compatible with low-powered vape kits, including pod vape kits and pen style vape kits.

    Our nic salt ranges feature popular disposable vape blends: Blue Razz Lemonade, Watermelon Ice and Pink Lemonade, with a few unique extras we think you will love.

    Sound good? Get your next favourite disposable nic salt e-liquid here.

    Where can I buy TABlites nic salt flavours?

    TABlites nic salt e-liquids are available exclusively at TABlites nationwide vape stores and online at Click here to find your nearest TABlites vape store.

    • Instore TABlites Loyalty Program - Sign up to our in-store loyalty program, where you can earn loyalty points with every purchase and save money on your vapes.
    How much do TABlites nic salts cost?

    TABlites nic salts are available in our e-liquid multi-buy deals: 3 for £9.99 or 10 for just £30. 

    Best-selling brands for popular nic salt flavours

    By this point, you should have a good overview of the types and strengths of nic salts available. Now it’s time to get specific. 

    Let’s get into some of the leading nic salt brands and discuss why they’ve become top picks.

    Elfliq nic salt by Elf Bar

    The exact same great flavours found in the Elf Bar 600 disposable vape are now available in 10ml bottles of vape juice. Elfliq vape juice is a fantastic range of nicotine salt e-liquids designed for open pod systems - so when your e-liquid levels run low, you can top them up with ease.

    Elfliq vape juices are blended with a 50/50 mix of PG/VG designed to work perfectly in MTL (mouth to lung) vape kits including pod systems, pen kits and low-powered starter kits.

    The Elf Bar brand has been tried and tested by millions of customers around the world. All the best-selling flavours have been included in this mouth-watering range served in 10ml bottles for you to enjoy.

    Are Elfliq nic salts the same flavours found in the Elf Bar 600?

    Yes, Elfliq nic salts are manufactured by Elf Bar and contain exactly the same e-liquid found in the Elf Bar 600. You can now enjoy the same great flavours in both 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths, compatible with pod kits and pen kits.

    What Elfliq nic salt flavours are available?

    Here’s a list of the Elfliq nic salt flavours available to purchase:

    Apple Peach, Blue Razz Lemonade, Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Blueberry, Mango, Cotton Candy Ice, Cream Tobacco, Elfbull Ice, Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, Peach Ice, Pink Grapefruit, Pink Lemonade, Spearmint, Watermelon, Strawberry Ice Cream, Cherry Cola, Cherry, Cola, Grape, Strawberry Ice, Strawberry Kiwi. 

    How much do Elfliq nic salts cost?

    Elfliq nic salts are available in our e-liquid multi-buy deals - 3 for £9.99 or 10 for only £30. Shop and save now!

    Where can I buy Elfliq nic salt flavours?

    We sell Elfliq nic salts in-store at our nationwide TABlites vape stores in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, London and beyond. 

    You will also find a wide range of Elfliq products available on our online store at 

    Click here to shop Elfliq flavours now.

    Bar Juice 5000

    Bar Juice is a UK-based brand that specialises in affordable nicotine salt e-liquid flavours. Replicating popular disposable vape flavours, each 10ml bottle of Bar Juice offers the equivalent of five disposable vapes worth of e-liquid, at a fraction of the cost.

    Bar Juice offers a more eco-friendly solution to disposable vapes. You can save money and enjoy these delicious flavours in your refillable vape devices.

    What Bar Juice nic salt flavours are available?

    Bar Juice is known for flavour variety. Treat yourself to any of the following:

    Apple Peach, Berry Crush, Blue Razz Lemonade, Blueberry, Blueberry Pomegranate, Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Cream Tobacco, Energy Ice, Fresh Mint, Grape, Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, Mr Blue, Peach Ice, Pink Lemonade, Red Apple Ice, Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Kiwi, Unicorn Shake, Watermelon, White Peach Razz.

    Where can I buy Bar Juice nic salt flavours?

    Bar Juice e-liquids are very popular in the UK. If you can’t make it into one of our stores to talk to our knowledgeable staff, you can purchase them online at 

    If you have any questions or need any advice, our staff can help you with your order. We also offer free shipping on orders over £20.

    How much do Bar Juice nic salts cost?

    Bar Juice nic salts are available in our e-liquid multi-buy deals - 4 for only £12. 

    Where are TABlites vape stores located?

    Click here to see our vape shop store locator page. Type in your postcode and find TABlites stores near your location.

    Pod vape kits

    At Tablites, we stock a brilliant range of affordable vape starter kits to help kickstart your move away from cigarette smoking. 

    We also keep our staff picks of the best vapes right now regularly updated if you’re an experienced vaper looking for a change.

    What are pod vape kits?

    Pod vape kits are compact, lightweight and portable devices that use either refillable pods or prefilled vape pods. These vape kits are designed to be the perfect next step after disposable vape bars.

    Pod vape kits differ from vape pens and starter kits because they use a pod instead of a tank. The pod is where the vape juice is stored. Attached to the pod is a heating element that heats the liquid contained within the chamber. When e-liquid is heated, it produces a vapour that can be inhaled.

    Pod system kits are uncomplicated to use and beginner-friendly. They are popular amongst smokers looking to make the switch from combustible cigarettes to vaping, or vapers looking for a hassle-free, reliable and inexpensive kit.

    Pod vapes are available to suit any vaping style from slim, inhale-activated, low-powered devices to powerful sub-ohm kits for larger vape cloud production.

    Pod kits work exceptionally well with nicotine salts and look, feel and provide a similar sensation to disposable vapes.

    Take a look at our excellent range of best-selling pod vape kits. We stock pod kits by Aspire, Uwell, Smok, Innokin, Geek Vape, Voopoo, Eleaf and Vaporesso.

    What are the closest vape kits to disposable vapes?

    Refillable pod kits are the closest vape kits to disposable vapes. These devices are easy to use and work out cheaper than disposables. 

    Refillable vape pods are compatible with salt nicotine e-liquids and available in a massive variety of flavours and nicotine strengths. Many pod kits offer the same inhale-activation technology to disposable vape bars - just puff on the mouthpiece to activate the device. 

    Refillable pod kits require minimal maintenance, they are easy to use and are recommended to vapers of all experience levels (including first time vapers). Vape, refill with e-liquid and recharge the battery, some may require you to replace a vape coil when it tastes slightly burnt. 

    For more information on vape coils read our guide: Ultimate Guide to Vape Coils.

    What are the best kit alternatives to disposable vapes?
    • Prefilled vape pod kits Prefilled pod vape kits offer the simplicity of disposable vapes. Instead of replacing the entire device when the battery and e-liquid run low, just pull out the used prefilled pod and replace it with a new one. The battery is rechargeable and comes supplied with a charging cable for fast recharging. The Elf Bar Elfa Pro is a great example of a prefilled pod kit that looks and feels like the Elf Bar 600 but is a more sustainable version.
    • Refillable vape pod kits – Refillable pod kits are compact, portable and simple-to-use devices that you can pair with your vape juice flavour and strength of choice. The pods are ‘open’, meaning that you can refill them with vape juice such as the Pod Fuel range and you can recharge the battery when it’s been depleted. Most refillable and rechargeable pod kits come supplied with a Type-C USB charging port with super-fast recharging capabilities. The Uwell Caliburn A2S is an excellent example of a refillable vape kit that offers a similar weight and size to disposable vapes, with excellent performance.
    How are rechargeable vape kits different from disposable vapes?

    Disposable vapes can’t be refilled with e-liquid when they run low, and the battery can’t be recharged. They will provide up to 600 puffs, then you can dispose of the used device.

    Rechargeable vapes offer a more permanent solution, allowing you to recharge the battery and refill the pod or tank with e-liquid. Most rechargeable vape kits are beginner-friendly but require slightly more maintenance. 

    Rechargeable kits are a longer term solution, more cost effective, more eco-friendly, and the device can be reused over and over again.

    Are pod kits complicated to use?

    Pod kits are very easy and straightforward devices to use, requiring minimal maintenance. This makes them ideal for new vapers with no previous vaping experience. 

    • Filling with vape juice – Pull out the pod from the device. Lift the silicone plug to reveal the filling port. Insert the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle into the filling port and squeeze in up to 2ml of e-liquid.
    • Recharging the battery – Most pod kits will come supplied with a charging cable. Connect the charging cable to your electronic cigarette on one end and connect the other end to a power source. A light indicator will inform you of your charging status throughout the charging process. Most rechargeable vape kits will provide a full day of vaping on a single charge. The Vaporesso XROS 3 pod kit boasts an impressive 1000mAh high density battery that will provide up to 48 hours’ worth of vaping on a single charge.
    • Changing the vape coil – The vape coil or atomiser is the part inside the pod that heats up, turning the e-liquid contained within your pod into vapour. Over time (usually every week), the coil will taste slightly burnt and will need replacing. Many vape pods use push-fit coils, which makes replacing used coils a quick and easy process. Pull out the old coil and push in a new one. You can avoid this step by purchasing a vape kit that uses built-in coils - when the coil needs replacing, pull out the used pod and replace it with a new one.
    • Cleaning your vape pod – When replacing your vape coil, we recommend giving your vape pod a wash with warm water and washing up liquid. This will remove any dirt, grime, and germs, as well as help prolong the life of your vape coils.

    For more information about cleaning your vape read: Guide to Cleaning Your Vape.

    For more information about vape coils read: Ultimate Guide to Vape Coils.

    What are the parts that make up a rechargeable vape?

    Rechargeable vapes are made up of three key components:

    Pod – Chamber that holds the e-liquid, forms a mouthpiece where you inhale

    Battery – Lithium-ion battery, provides enough power to heat the coil. The battery can be recharged and depleted over and over again

    Coil – Heating element that turns e-liquid into vapour and will need replacing every week

    Are pod kits a good choice for beginners?

    Yes, pod kits are an excellent choice for beginners as they are most often low wattage devices, inhale-activated and compatible with high-strength nicotine-containing e-liquids.

    Pod kits are inexpensive too. Take a look at the Smok Solus G kit that comes with a free 10ml e-liquid for only £15.99.

    Will pod kits last longer than disposable vapes?

    Yes, pod kits feature rechargeable batteries and refillable pods. The pods can be refilled over and over again, and the batteries can likewise be recharged multiple times.

    Are rechargeable vapes better than disposable vapes?

    Rechargeable vape kits provide more ways of tailoring the vape kit to suit your own personal needs with functionality like adjustable airflow and adjustable wattage.

    You can choose between a larger selection of e-liquid flavours, strength options and PG/VG ratios too.

    You can recharge the battery repeatedly so they are much less wasteful - great if you want to reduce your carbon footprint - and more cost effective. Rechargeable vapes are built to last longer and constructed from higher quality materials.

    What vape kits are available with inhale activation?

    Inhale-activated or draw-activated vape kits replicate the feel of a cigarette. Inhale on the mouthpiece for instant vapour production, without the need to press any buttons to activate the device.

    Top 10 best inhale activated vape kits:

    1. Uwell Caliburn X
    2. Smok Solus 2
    3. Aspire Flexus Blok
    4. Uwell Caliburn GK2
    5. Aspire Riil X
    6. Uwell Caliburn A2S
    7. Aspire Flexus Stik
    8. Elf Bar Elfa
    9. Smok Nfix Pro
    10. Vaporesso XROS 2

    Take a look at our blog: Top 10 Best Inhale Activated Vape Kits Right Now

    How do pod vape kits work?

    Pod vape kits use a pod instead of a tank to hold the e-liquid and coil (heating atomiser). E-liquid in the pod is heated by the battery to create a vapour that can be inhaled. 

    Some pods come prefilled with e-liquid whilst some pods allow you to fill them with your e-liquid of choice. Some pods have built-in vape coils, and some feature push-fit removeable coils.

    Pod kits are very easy to use and are recommended for vapers of all experience levels.

    Do pod vape kits leak?

    No, pod kits don’t leak when used correctly. Models like the Vaporesso XROS 3 are built with SSS leak-resistant technology making the pod anti-leak and easy to refill.

    If you are concerned that your pod kit may leak:

    • Store your device upright
    • Do not overfill with e-liquid
    • Use the correct vape juice 
    • Apply the correct inhaling technique
    Are rechargeable vapes safe?

    Yes, rechargeable vapes are as safe as using disposable vapes when used correctly. The main difference between disposable and rechargeable vapes is that you can charge a rechargeable vape with a charging cable via the charging port on the device.

    The battery can be charged repeatedly and has been built from higher-quality materials to last longer. It is good to have some knowledge of battery safety before vaping. 

    Read our Battery Safety Information here.

    What vape kits are available where I don’t need to change coils?

    If you want to enjoy vaping without having to change atomiser coils, we recommend trying a vape kit that uses fixed coil pods or built-in coil vape pods. These are a popular choice for first-time vapers looking for a hassle-free vaping solution with less maintenance.

    When the coil needs changing, you don’t need to deal with fiddly and messy coil changes - instead, just replace the pod.

    An excellent example of a low-cost vape kit that uses built-in coils is the excellent Aspire Gotek X. Priced at £9.99, it comes supplied with everything you need to get started, including a free 10ml bottle of vape juice. 

    The Gotek X Pod is fitted with a 0.8ohm mesh coil, which is built into the pod. When the coil needs replacing, simply switch out the pod and replace it with a new one. Fixed-coil pods offer the ultimate convenience, removing the need for manual coil changes. 

    What vape kit is best for nic salts?

    Pod system vape kits and pen kits work best with nic salts. Most nic salt brands blend their e-liquids with a 50/50 PG/VG mix designed for use with low-powered devices and high-resistance vape coils. Nic salts are intended for MTL to RDL vaping to closely mimic the inhale from a regular cigarette.

    The Uwell Caliburn A2S kit has been designed to work perfectly with nic salts and features a 520mAh battery that can be charged to 90% capacity in just 30 minutes. The A2S by Uwell will provide a constant power output of 15W, combined with the 1.2ohm mesh coil supplied with the kit for excellent performance and incredible flavour.

    What wattage should I set my device to?

    Some pod system vape kits offer adjustable wattage to allow you to increase or decrease the power output of your device. When vaping nic salt e-liquids, you want to keep your power output quite low for best results - around 15W is recommended.

    Most vape coils will provide a wattage range on the actual coil, informing you of the optimum wattage to set the device to for the best results.

    What are the top 5 alternatives to disposable vapes?

    Vaping doesn’t have to cost the earth. Making the switch to a rechargeable vape kit will work out cheaper and is a more eco-friendly alternative to disposables.

    1. Uwell Caliburn GK2 - £27.99 with free 10ml e-liquid
    2. Aspire Flexus Stik - £19.99 with free 10ml e-liquid
    3. Vaporesso XROS 3 - £27.99 with free 10ml e-liquid
    4. Uwell Caliburn A2S - £19.99 with free 10ml e-liquid
    5. Vaporesso XROS Nano - £23.99 with free 10ml e-liquid
    Best cheap alternatives to disposable vapes?

    Refillable pod kits are the best cheap alternative to disposable vapes. If you are looking to save money, vape kits that can be refilled with e-liquid and the coil can be replaced are the cheapest options. You also have the choice of a wide selection of nicotine salt e-liquids to choose between.

    What rechargeable vape kits are most like disposable vapes?

    If you are looking to replicate a disposable vape with a rechargeable version, pod system vape kits are the ideal solution. They offer many similarities, including being compact, lightweight, easy to use, compatible with nicotine salts and available in a choice of bright colour options.

    What is an open vape pod?

    An open vape pod is a pod cartridge that can be refilled with e-liquid. There are access points to the filling port. So, when the e-liquid levels run low, you can refill it with your e-liquid of choice. 

    What is a closed vape pod?

    A closed vape pod is a pod cartridge that can’t be refilled with e-liquid. ‘Closed’ refers to the pod being sealed - there are no access points to refill the pod. 

    Closed pods arrive prefilled with e-liquid. When the juice levels run low, you can dispose of the entire pod and start a new one. Closed vape pods are very easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

    What is the difference between a pod and a vape?

    The term vape generally refers to the battery of the device, whereas pod refers to the cartridge that holds the e-liquid. 

    The pod holds the e-liquid and contains the heating element (atomiser coil). The battery is used to provide power to the coil. 

    When the coil is activated by the battery, the e-liquid is heated to produce a vape that can be inhaled.

    What is MTL vaping?

    MTL (or Mouth to Lung) vaping is a term used for when vapour is inhaled from the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette - basically, as the title suggests, the vapour enters your body from mouth to lung. This two-step inhaling technique is best suited to beginner vapers as it uses a similar technique to cigarette smoking.

    What is DTL vaping?

    DTL (or Direct to Lung) vaping is a term used for when vapour is inhaled from the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette directly into the lungs, without holding the vapour in your mouth first, similar to taking a normal breath.  

    This one-step inhaling technique is best suited to more experienced vapers who have some prior experience to using electronic cigarettes.

    What is RDTL vaping?

    RDTL (or Restricted Direct to Lung) vaping is a term used as a middle ground between MTL and DTL vaping. This style of vaping is similar to DTL vaping with less airflow creating a tighter and more restricted inhale.

    Take a look at our blog: MTL & DTL Vaping Explained.

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