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VG E-Liquid

VG or high VG e-liquid refers to vape juice with a higher ratio of VG (vegetable glycerine) to PG (propylene glycol).

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VG E-Liquid

Vegetable glycerine is a thick, viscous, colourless and odourless liquid that has a slightly sweet taste. When VG e-liquid is heated, it delivers large clouds of smooth vapour.

High VG based e-liquids work better with low resistance vape coils, in high powered sub-ohm vape kits. Sub-ohm vape tanks have huge wicking channels to wick thicker e-liquids effectively.

Most high VG e-liquids are available in a 70% VG to 30% PG ratio. If the VG to PG ratio is too high, the thickness of the e-liquid could clog up your atomiser coils.

High VG e-liquids are vaped slightly different from a cigarette-like inhale, this inhalation technique is referred to as direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. Instead of drawing the vapour into your mouth, then breathing it into your lungs. Draw from the drip tip of your electronic cigarette directly into your lungs for a slow and steady inhale.

High VG e-liquids are designed to provide large creamy clouds of vapour with mouth-watering flavour, ideal for cloud chasing and flavour chasing.

High VG e-liquids are available in standard 10ml size bottles containing nicotine, but they’re more often sold in large shortfill bottles in 50ml, 100ml and even 200ml bottles, with no nicotine. Shortfill e-liquid bottles have a space to add a nicotine shot to achieve your desired nicotine strength.

High VG e-liquids are most commonly vaped at lower strengths like 3mg and 6mg, and at higher wattages. High powered sub-ohm vape kits capable of reaching high wattages are best for high VG e-liquids, to bring out their delicious flavours.

We stock a huge catalogue of high VG e-liquids to cater for all flavour palates from; tobacco, menthol, bakery, dessert, candy, fruit and fruity ice.

At Tablites we stock the best high VG e-liquids in the UK from the biggest e-liquid brands including; Nasty Juice, Ohm Brew, IVG, Dinner Lady, Double Drip, Riot Squad, Sugar Pie Vapes, and Wick Liquor to name a few.

Explore our huge catalogue of delicious high VG e-liquids and find your new favourite all-day-vape.