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UK's Best Vapes For 2024 - TABlites

UK's Best Vapes For 2024

If you are sat there thinking what is the best vape to buy? Or maybe you're looking for a new vape, look no further. This is the TABlites list of the best vapes on the market right now, including products from each of the main vape categories from vape juice to disposables and everything in between.

Whether you want a prefilled pod kit or new juice, this is a good place to start for ideas on what to get next.

With so much choice on the market today it's hard to separate the hidden gems so let me guide you through what I believe are the tried and tested best products to buy.

Prefilled vapes

New pre-filled pods in the Vape industry will soon replace disposable vapes as the newest and most popular trend.

Offering the same ease of use as a disposable bar but with the ability to recharge the battery thereby reducing the waste associated with disposables.

When it comes to a prefilled vape kit we have a firm favourite in the Elfa Pro. This is the 2nd iteration of the Elfa kit which is made by the ever-popular Elf Bar.

Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Kit - Mix Berries - Twilight Blue Kit

The kit comes with a prefilled pod in one of their best-selling flavours depending on the kit colour selected.

  • Aurora Green vape kit- Apple Peach
  • Navy vape kit- Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Black vape kit- Blue Razz Lemonade
  • Twilight Brown vape kit- Cola
  • Aurora Blue vape kit- Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  • Twilight Blue vape kit- Mix Berries
  • Aurora Pink vape kit- Pink Lemonade
  • Aurora Purple vape kit- Watermelon

With a great choice of ElfBar flavours available, switching from disposables is a breeze.

The refills come in over 30 different flavours. Each 2ml pod comes preloaded with 20mg nicotine salts for a satisfying mtl vaping experience the equivalent of a "600 puff" disposable vape and you get 2 of these pods in a pack of refills. The built-in mesh coil optimises every puff, enhancing each draw to deliver rich, flavourful vapour production. This vape device perfectly suits the mtl mouth to lung vaping style.

A similar product also worth mentioning is the SKE Crystal Plus prefilled vape.

SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit

In terms of appearance, this is my favourite and only misses out on the top spot due to a smaller selection of flavours.

The "crystal" look of the device from the clear plastic outer layer over the colourful inside looks fantastic.

The selection of 15 different flavoured pods is half the size of ELFbars offering but is certainly not lacking in the taste department. If you were a fan of the SKE Crystal bar then you will probably find one of your favourites amongst these user friendly upgrades.

With the low cost of these vape kits, it could be worth having one of each which would then open up more options when each company expands their pod ranges over time.

Disposable Vapes

My recommendation for vapers still using single-use vapes is to look at more environmentally friendly options. Something like a prefilled kit mentioned above is a great first step away from the higher waste disposable vapes.

As so many former smokers found their way to quit with disposable vape bars it still deserves a spot in this blog post, but please do recycle your vapes once you have finished with them to help reduce the impact.

The Lost Mary BM600s Disposable Device is a convenient and lightweight device, ideal for stress-free vaping or if you have just made the switch from smoking.

Berry Apple Peach Lost Mary BM600S

An upgrade from the 1st generation Lost Mary single-use vapes these now feature their revolutionary mesh coil powered by QUAQ mesh coil technology. This means improved flavour and efficiency from every vape.

It gets my top spot because of the choice of flavours. With the rise of "bar flavours" sweeping across the vape world, these stand out for offering something a little different. My personal favourite is the Berry, Apple and Peach.

The BM600s fit into the standard "600-puff" disposable category, we do sell single-use vapes which last longer through their use of multiple cartridges and we will discuss these soon.

There are currently 8 flavours to choose from but we expect more in the coming months.

You can't mention Lost Mary without also talking about the vape giant that is ELFBAR their parent company.

Banana Ice Elf Bar 600 V2 Device and Box

The ELF Bar 600 is arguably the best-selling vape product ever now has a V2 version. This incredible popularity hasn't come without its issues. From problems with the device seen as being marketed towards children and their half-measured approach to educating vapers about recycling these single-use vapes Elfbar is seemingly always in the news.

The company is attempting to simplify the recycling process for its products. They are doing this by designing them to be easily disassembled. The goal is to reuse the individual parts in their own manufacturing process.

If you still wish to use disposable vapes but want something bigger that allows you to use the same unit for longer then you should look at our next category.

Large Disposable Vapes

Due to the TPRP regulations limiting a single tank or cartridge capacity to 2ml most products have simply used a single 2ml tank. But now some clever brands have made devices that take advantage of multiple tanks and the ability to easily swap between these by rotating the top part of the device.

This allows one vape to use multiple different flavours and last for much longer than a smaller "600-puff" disposable.

The best of these currently is the IVG 2400.

IVG 2400 Multi Flavour Red Edition with Box

Available in 10 different flavour combinations that make good use of the 4-pod design. The 8ml combined capacity is equivalent to 4 regular 600-puff disposables in one device.

You swap between each pod by lifting and twisting the top half to move to the next flavour.

Featuring a large capacity 1500mAh battery and mesh coils the IVG 2400 is not only easy to use but also great tasting.

Whilst still not a true environmentally friendly option it is a step up from using 4 separate single-use bars with 4 separate batteries.

It's also worth mentioning the Happy Vibes Twist.

Day & Night Twist Disposable Vape by Happy Vibes

This was the first "2400-puff" vape that we stocked and comes in 16 various flavours although some are single flavours and some are mixed like the IVG offering.

Refillable Pod Kits

The most popular option amongst vapers is the refillable pod kit or pod mod.

A pod system is such a great vape starter kit in terms of ease of use, performance and options.

The best right now is probably the Vapresso Xros 3 Mini.

Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini in Space Grey

This addition to the XROS (cross) line-up offers up to 2 days of vaping on a full charge and is an ideal starting point for new vapers as well as a reliable addition to a seasoned vapers setup.

The XROS 3 Mini operates with simple inhale-activation (inhale to vape), removing the need for a fire button, and the built-in pulse mode ensures consistent performance and great flavour.

Users can select from several pod options to tailor their vape to specific liquid use and personal preferences. The option of several colours and gradients will appeal to a broad group of vapers.

Perfect for use with any of our ranges of 5050 or nicotine salt vape juice, the Xros 3 will give you bags of flavour in every pull.

Easy to fill pods, and the 1000mAh battery's Type-C USB charging makes this a breeze to use on the go, and is an excellent step up from prefilled vape kits.

If you are after something in a different form factor, the OXVA Xlim SQ Pro is a great choice. This vape measures just under 8cm on its longest size and is square in shape similar to the Lost Mary Bm600s mentioned previously.

Oxva Xlim SQ Pro Kit - Mauve White

The Xlim SQ Pro also features a 0.96-inch colour screen that helps you easily navigate through the intuitive settings, with multiple dynamic theme options with vibrant visuals to match your personal preferences.

Oxva now also offers prefilled pods for the Xlim line of vape kits for an even more user-friendly experience.

The 3rd option if you just want something cheap is the Aspire Gotek X. This sub £10 pod kit is incredible value for money and most of us here at TABlites have one.

Tank Vape Kits

The humble tank vape kit still remains a popular option despite having been on the market longer than anything else on this list. If you want a true tried and tested vape kit then take a look at a kit with a separate tank and coil design.

Our best seller is the Aspire Zelos Nano and for good reason.


Aspire has been making high-quality vape hardware for many years and the Zelos Nano is no exception. This compact vape kit has a built-in 1600mAh battery to last a typical vaper the full day. This battery life coupled with USB-C quick charge and the 3 power levels makes this kit a breeze to use.

The included Aspire Nautilus Nano tank features adjustable airflow that allows you to adjust the size of the air vent to allow a tighter or looser draw. You can tailor the inhale to find a draw that’s right for you.

If you prefer the pen-style vape kits then it's also worth checking out the Innokin Endura Apex.

Innokin Endura Apex Vape Kit - blue

This sleek cylinder shaped vape offers 2 power settings allowing you to change between cool and discreet and warm and powerful.

The built-in 1800mAh battery will get most vapers through the day and the Type-C USB charge will ensure it's not out of the action for long.


We've had a good look at vape hardware so now let's tackle vape juice.

High PG & 5050 Vape Juice

The go-to vape juice type if you want a lower strength of nicotine for use in a lower-powered vape kit like the tank kits mentioned above.

Top of my picks for high PG or 5050 vape juice is the fantastic IVG 5050 e-liquids.


This mouthwatering selection of flavours has been designed and formulated for use with low-powered Vape kits, starter kits or pod systems. You can get 4 bottles for £12 mix and match but my favourites are the Iced Melonade and Frozen Cherries.

A mix of 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerine this 50/50 range gives an ideal balance of flavour delivery and vapour production. This juice, manufactured in the UK and fully TPD compliant, offers 20 flavours to choose from in either 6mg or 12mg nicotine strength.

I can't write a list of the best vape products without mentioning our own range of e-liquids.


This high-PG juice has been popular for over 10 years with both loyal and new customers.

We offer 22 flavours in 5 strengths including 0mg nicotine-free vape juice.

Our liquid is perfect for kits like the Aspire pockex and Innokin T18 II Mini. You can buy it as part of the 3 for £10/10 for £30 mix and match deal.

Nic Salt Vape Juice

Right now it's hard to talk about nic salts without talking about the Elux juice range so it takes the spot for best nicotine salt easily.

Grape Berry Elux Legend Vape Juice by Elux

Maybe not the first company to take the most popular disposable vape flavours and release them as a juice range but they certainly are the most popular. Perfect for any vapers looking to reduce their enviro impact or save money on vaping, as Elux liquids are much cheaper and use fewer single-use materials than their disposable counterparts.

The range has been expanded since its launch with flavours like Banana Ice and Grape Berry. With the great flavour of this e-liquid, we hope to see more new flavours in the near future.

We love this juice range so much that we offer it as an option for the free vape juice available when you purchase a kit from us. If you have not tried it it's certainly worth grabbing a bottle or 2.

It's worth having a look at Nasty Juice also.

Pink Lemonade Nastyliq Vape Juice by Nasty Juice

This Malaysia based company was known for its e-liquid ranges for many years before offering a disposable option. Their newest range called Nastyliq is again a take on the flavours of disposable vapes and from a company like Nasty Juice it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Shortfill Vape Juice

Not as popular as they once were the shortfill still has a loyal fan base. The decline has been driven by the popularity of the pod kit which is incompatible with these normally VG heavy liquids. For anyone using a high-powered (sub-ohm) vape kit, these are still the go to option.

A fairly new range from Doozy Vape Co is the Seriously Fusionz 100mls available in 6 different flavours. These 70%VG vape juices are perfect for use in the Aspire Veynom kit or similar.

Cherry Sour Raspberry Seriously Fusionz 100ml by Doozy Vape

This range gives seriously fruity vibes which is unsurprising based on the other ranges of vape juice doozy has created over the years.

Try Cherry Sour Raspberry for my favourite combination or if you are a fan of something a bit more "chilled" out then grab a bottle of one of the Ice flavours.

Another fantastic short-fill range and one we have been selling for several years is the quirky offerings of Wick Liquor.

Boulevard Shattered Shortfill E-Liquid by Wick Liquor 100ml

The number 1 in this range has got to be Boulevard, the mix of Mardi Gras fruit punch and Malibu loganberries is just incredible.

They also offer each flavour infused with an icy chill, just look for the shattered versions.

Thank you for sticking with me to the end! Please leave us a comment and give us your thoughts or ask any questions you may have. You can also join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. If you need any further advice you can head into one of our stores where our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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