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Vape Frequently Asked Questions

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TABlites have been in the E-cig industry since 2011, providing the very best devices and liquids possible.

We work with some of the biggest names in the world of e-cigs to provide great products to every vaper from beginners to seasoned pros.

Our store staff are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help you find the right products for you!

TABlites have been in the E-cig industry since 2011, providing the very best devices and liquids possible.

We work with some of the biggest names in the world of e-cigs to provide great products to every vaper from beginners to seasoned pros.

Our store staff are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help you find the right products for you!

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TABlites stock products that come from all over the world.
We make sure to find the very best in the world of vaping to bring to our customers.
We stock devicestanks and e-liquids made in the UK, the USA, Malaysia, China and more!

TABlites stock a huge range of products from a huge range of brands, including the biggest names in the world of vaping like Aspire, Elf Bar, Smok, IVG, Vampire Vape, Dinner Lady, Riot Squad and many more!
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We use Royal Mail Tracked 48 delivery or DPD courier to send orders. Orders placed before 2pm are sent out the same day. Orders placed after 2pm are processed and shipped the following working day.

Royal Mail Tracked 48 take 1-3 days to arrive according to Royal Mail. We find that most customers receive their order within 2 working days.

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We accept payment by credit or debit card using the SagePay payment processor. This does not require an account to be made before a payment can be processed.

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Vaping is using a device, often called an electronic cigarette or more commonly a ‘vape’, to heat up a solution that usually contains nicotine into a vapour which is then inhaled. It replaces the smoking of tobacco, avoiding the combustion of chemically treated plant material and therefore thousands of harmful substances found therein.

Vaping has become very popular as an alternative to smoking and is even used to quit by some ‘vapers’. Public Health England say that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Creating a massive cloud of vapour comes down to a few factors, mainly:

  • Low resistance coils in your tank, sub-ohm coils preferably.
  • Maximum airflow in your tank. Some specific sub-ohm tanks have very wide air channels and even adjustable airflow.
  • A high wattage output from your vape device.
  • High VG E-Liquid in your tank.

A key factor is the high VG e-liquid. VG (vegetable glycerine) is one of the two base liquids that make up all vape juice. It’s a thick, flavourless liquid that is used in all kinds of food, medicine and cosmetic products usually to dilute them and its very good at making thick vapour when it’s heated.

Having more VG in an e-liquid means it will make bigger clouds, but it also means you’ll need a tank with lots of airflow and crucially large wicking holes or surface area of the cotton wick so it can soak up fast enough to keep the coil from dry-burning and not producing vapour.

High wattage and low resistance work together to let more power move through the coil at once, meaning more liquid is vaporised off (that’s why you need bigger wicking holes). This means bigger clouds!

Electronic cigarettes all work in basically the same way.

A battery is used to heat up a coil of wire, some wicking material brings the vape juice to the coil to be turned into vapour, this vapour is inhaled to deliver flavour and sometimes nicotine.

There are variations on the theme, different types of coil, different tanks and different battery devices but they all work is roughly the same way.

E-cigarettes are designed for adult smokers, who want nicotine and the sensation of smoking without inhaling burning leaves and thousands of chemicals associated with smoking.

They are not for children and we don’t recommend that adults who have never smoked take up vaping.

Legally you can vape anywhere you want, but owners of public spaces are within their rights to ban vaping in their premises. This means pubs, bars, shops, cinemas and any other public place. It’s always best to ask whoever’s in charge if you’re allowed to vape there.

It’s also polite to consider other people, not everyone wants to sit in your cloud of blueberry scented vapour so try not to fill the entire place. Maybe even consider popping outside anyway if you think people might be annoyed.

Avoid thousands of chemicals in or added to tobacco cigarettes.

You can customise the way your vape feels and how strong it is.

Much cheaper over time than smoking, after the initial purchase buying eliquids and replacement coils saves thousands versus cigarettes.

It’s slightly different but not much. In vaping what replicates the feeling of smoke hitting the back of your throat is the nicotine strength. Stronger liquids will have more ‘throat hit’ than weaker strengths, and nicotine free e-liquids will have barely any throat hit at all.

Nic salt liquids are a bit different again in that they provide a very smooth inhale despite being high strength, this is to replicate the feel of smoking more with the speed at which your body absorbs nicotine rather than with the throat hit.

Sub ohm vaping means using an atomiser coil that has a resistance lower than 1 ohm.
This type of vaping is usually associated with making very large clouds of vapour. Most sub-ohm atomiser coils are designed to be used with thick High-VG E-Liquid.

MTL vaping means inhaling vapour into your mouth first before breathing it in, this is most often done with a high nicotine strength and high-PG as the ‘throat hit’ may be a little harsh to inhale directly.

Direct lung vaping is usually done with smoother High-VG e-liquids because it produces a larger cloud of vapour and has a less harsh throat hit.

Over time vaping works out to be much less expensive than smoking.

The initial outlay for a device and some juice might be more than a pack of cigarettes but considering that many people pay over £10 every day for 20 cigarettes whereas a bottle of juice that may last several days can be as low as £3.99 it’s a simple bit of maths to work out that you’re saving a lot of money.

E-Liquid is the solution used in electronic cigarettes, or ‘vapes’, it’s made from a mixture of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable glycerine in varying ratios, to which is added nicotine (often but not always) and flavourings.

By heating this liquid in an atomiser a vapour is produced that is inhaled by the vaper to get nicotine, thereby avoiding combustible tobacco.

Nope. There’s no actual tobacco involved, even in tobacco flavoured e-liquid.

E-Liquid is made from 4 main ingredients:

  • Propylene glycol (PG) a colourless, flavourless liquid used in thousands of food, medicine and cosmetic products that makes up some of the e-liquid base. It carries flavours very well and provides a little of the ‘throat hit’ or an e liquid
  • Glycerine, aka vegetable glycerine (VG), a thicker liquid that produces bigger clouds when vapourised.
  • Nicotine. Not always, but often included in e-liquids this is the reason anyone vapes in the first place; a way to get nicotine without smoking cigarettes.
  • Flavourings, to make the vapour taste delicious flavourings are added, anything from fruits to baked desserts, even tobacco or menthol flavours are added to e-liquids to make them distinct and tasty!
  • E-liquid is known by a couple of names vape juice, vape liquid, e-juice.
  • The e-liquid is what produces the vapour.
  • It comes in a variety of nicotine strengths and a huge range of flavours.
  • It’s made from PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine), in various ratios.
  • It can contain nicotine but doesn’t always.
  • It needs to be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
  • You can mix flavours together to make your own blends.

PG/VG means Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine and refers to the ratio of each in the base mix of e-liquids.
High VG liquid is thicker and provides larger clouds but makes it harder to wick in standard tanks.
High PG e-liquid is thinner and provides a little more throat hit, it’s perfect for higher strength liquids used in standard tanks.

A nic shot is a 10ml bottle of e-liquid that doesn’t contain any flavouring but does contain nicotine, usually at 18mg strength. Nic shots are designed to be added to shortfill e-liquids, that’s eliquids that don’t have nicotine already and are sold in bottles with slightly more space specifically to allow for adding a nic shot.

Depending on the size of the shortfill bottle, adding a nic shot can make your e-liquid into different strengths, for example a 50ml shortfill bottle mixed with a 10ml nic shot at 18mg will make 60mls of e-liquid that is 3mg nicotine strength.

It’s easy to mix a nic shot into a shortfill eliquid, just pop the cap off your eliquid and pour in the nic shot. Close it back up, give it a shake to combine and you’re ready to go!

We made an easy to follow 10 step guide over on our blog. Click here to read 10 Easy Steps – Shortfill E-Liquid.

It’s different for everyone! Some people like to vape away all day while others set themselves dedicated ‘vaping breaks’.

Roughly speaking, the average 20 a day smoker will probably use about 2ml of  high PG/5050 eliquid a day, but that depends on the strength of the e-liquid too.

The strength of your liquid is going to depend entirely on what you feel is necessary to satisfy your nicotine craving.

As a rough guide, someone who smoked 20 cigarettes a day would most likely want to start their vaping journey with an 18mg liquid or possibly a 20mg nic salt e-liquid to more accurately replicate the feeling of smoking. Some people like to decrease the strength they use over time as they start to find their desire for nicotine decreasing.

It can be a little daunting to pick out a flavour you might want to try with so many options available in vape shops these days. Luckily because there are so many different ones that means there’s something for everyone!

Lots of websites will break down flavours by category such as ‘tobacco’, ‘fruit’, ‘bakery’ and many others so if you know the type of flavour you might enjoy you can see a whole range.

You can also chat to shop staff, they have a great knowledge of the different flavours they’ll have available and may even recommend what they enjoy themselves!

Remember there’s no rush, you can try as many different flavours as you like until you find the one that’s right for you!

VG (vegetable glycerine) is a thick, slightly sweet liquid used in the base mix of e-liquids. PG (propylene glycol) is a thinner flavourless liquid that provides a little more throat hit than VG.

A high VG e-liquid will produce a larger cloud of vapour, a high PG e-liquid will produce a smaller cloud but have slightly more throat hit. A 50/50 mix will offer the best of both worlds.

This is going to depend entirely on your personal preferences.
Usually, we recommend that people who smoked 20 cigarettes per day start with a high strength like 18mg, but some find they prefer a lower nicotine strength right from the get-go.
Others prefer to start high and gradually lower the strength they use. A good way to find out is to try a couple of strengths to see which is the best for you.

We have a huge range of E-Liquids in lots of different PG/VG ratios, but the most common are 70% VG based or a 50/50 mic of PG and VG. There are a few variations like 75% VG and the TABlites Premium Range which is 80% PG, but most of what we have in stock at TABlites is 70/30 VG or a 50/50 mix.

A vape mod is a modifiable vaping device or e-cigarette. A vape mod is a device that lets you tailor-make the very best vaping experience for you by adjusting settings and even parts.

Usually a bit bulkier and more complicated than standard vape devices, Mods also offer advanced features, such as a high power output.

Some of the things you can adjust on mods include longer lasting batteries, settings for the power that the mod will output, the ability to use sub ohm coils, you can use a wider range of vape tanks and some are even designed to read your atomiser coil and adjust their own settings accordingly.

Sub ohm kits feature advanced modes and allow you to customise your vape by adjusting the wattage, temperature, and a whole host of other ingenious features to provide the very best sub ohm vaping experience possible.

A vape mod may not be the right thing for you if you’re just starting out, but they are very versatile and you may find that the customisable options not often available in vape pens are exactly what you want.

Just be aware that as they’re more complicated there’s usually at least a few things to learn to get the best out of each mod.

Click here for mods

Box-style devices are often more sturdily built, have larger batteries and are better suited to larger tanks and lower resistance atomisers.

Vape pens are slim and pocket friendly. Easy to use a pen vape makes a perfect device for somebody who is new to vaping.

E-cigs are battery powered, but they’re not all the same! Some use a built-in battery that the user can’t access without breaking their vape, some use removable and replaceable batteries that you can swap out and keep spares.

Almost all of them are rechargeable in some way, whether by plugging the whole device in using a usb cable or putting batteries into a dedicated external charger.

A pod system is a vaping device that uses a ‘pod’ rather than an atomiser tank to hold the liquid and heating element. Some pods come prefilled and are disposable, some are refillable. Pod systems are often very simple, some don’t even have a button you just inhale in order to switch it on and produce vapour.

They’re mostly designed to be compact, with pods that are easy and quick to swap out. They’re the perfect partner for nic salt e-liquids because they’re portable and handy for a quick vape while out and about.

Temperature controlled vaping means using a device that lets you set the output temperature of the coil rather than the power or voltage output of the device.

Certain specific coils have to be used in order to make it accurate, but once the temperature is set the coil will not go above that temperature or drop below it as the device intelligently adjusts the power output to keep it consistent.

A mechanical mod is a vaping device like any other mod but it lacks any regulation provided by a microchip.

Pressing the button creates a simple circuit that allows your battery to power your tank directly without passing through any kind of board that may allow for customising power output.

However much power is in the battery is how much goes into your atomiser. They were extremely popular with ‘cloud-chasers’ because a fully charged battery will produce a lot of power.

These days they are less popular because they aren’t as safe as a regulated mod.

This will depend on a lot of factors such as how often you use your vape, the resistance of your atomiser and the power settings at which you vape.

On average you will probably find that a 2000mAh battery will need to be charged roughly once a day.

As with all batteries, over time your vape devices battery will wear out from repeated charging and discharging.
How long that takes is highly variable but on average a lithium-ion battery will last around a year before the performance begins to drop off.
You may find it has enough life after that to use it for a long time, but older batteries are a higher risk for malfunction, so keep an eye on your battery at all times and consider replacing them once a year or so.

An ohm is the unit of measurement for resistance to electrical flow in a circuit. In vaping this means how much power can get through the coil, the higher your coils resistance the less power can pass through it. This has a couple of effects including a warmer vape, which makes it ideal for standard atomiser tanks and 50/50 PG/VG or high PG E-Liquids that aren’t designed to produce loads of vapour like a sub-ohm tank is.

“Sub-Ohm” coils have a resistance lower than 1ohm. These coils were initially used by ‘cloud chasers’ who wanted to produce as much vapour as possible as quickly as possible. Sub-ohm coils tire out your batteries more quickly.

You should always read about battery safety when using any coil but especially very low resistance coils as they draw power from a battery very quickly, which can cause damage if the battery is not designed to be used in that way.

In vaping terms an atomiser is a device that uses heat to turn e-liquid into vapour.

The word is often used to mean any kind of atomising tank you may be using. If it makes vapour, it’s an atomiser.

The term ‘coil’ refers to a literal coil of wire which is the part of an atomiser that actually heats up. It was commonly used when people would wrap wire themselves for dripping atomisers, these days it’s used to refer to replaceable atomiser units more often.

Coils come in different resistances which will affect the temperature and therefore the feeling of your vape.

When an atomiser coil is saturated with liquid and heated the liquid becoming a vapour produces a crackling and popping sound. If your tank is making very loud single pops occasionally it may be over-saturated or nearing the end of its lifespan.

A little noise from the coil is totally normal and nothing to be alarmed about.

Your coil will tell you when it needs to be changed! Sometimes they’ll simply stop producing vapour but the much more likely situation is a change in flavour.

You will begin to notice that your flavour starts to get less and less pronounced and can even start to taste a little like it’s burnt, that’s when you know it’s time to change your coil. Most average users find this to take around a week or two per coil, but that can change depending on how often you use it, how much power you put through it and even the liquid you’re using.

As you get more used to vaping you’ll better notice the subtle changes in flavour that mean it’s time to change your coil.

E-cigs are simple to store, when you’re not using them just make sure they’re somewhere out of direct sunlight or near heat sources. This is just to protect the battery from overheating.

You may also be best off storing them standing upright if a tank is still attached. Most tanks aren’t designed to spend much time on their sides and leaving them as such while full might lead to some problems with leaking seals. Store your tanks empty if you can, and upright if they’re full.

Batteries should be stored safely, meaning away from heat and direct sunlight and also away from loose metal or potential sources of static electricity. This is to ensure that they do not short-circuit. Ideally, store batteries separately in protective cases.

Excellent! It’s time to start vaping!

After you’ve opened up the pack you’ll have a few parts in front of you, you could put them together, fill the tank and get vaping right away but you may want to do a couple of things first to get the very best out of your new vape!

First of all you may want to make sure the battery is fully charged. Grab the charger that came in your kit, connect it to the battery however it says to in the manual for your device (it’s usually just a micro usb plug) and connect it up to a computer or a tv (we strongly recommend you do not use a mains adapter to charge most vape starter kits, they are usually too powerful and can damage your battery).

While that’s charging you can prepare the rest of the kit, namely your atomiser tank!

Every tank is slightly different but they all operate in broadly the same way. Check the manual for your kit to see how your tank opens, most unscrew at the top or bottom to allow you access to the tank itself but some have a swivelling top section.

Whichever way you get your tank open it’s time to add e-liquid! All the vape kits available at TABlites come with an e-liquid included so you should have a flavour you picked out ready to go! Simply remove the cap and squeeze some liquid into the tank you just opened.

Be sure to avoid getting any liquid down the centre tube, that’s where the air moves through so getting liquid in there is going to make your tank gurgle and possibly even spit, just aim to get your liquid around that into the tank section itself.

Once it’s full, pop the cap back on your e-liquid and close the tank too.

Whenever you fill a new tank (or fill a tank with a new atomiser coil) you need to let it sit upright for about 5 to 10 minutes to let the coils get saturated with e-liquid. As your battery is currently charging this is the perfect time to let your tank sit.

Once you’re ready or the battery is fully charged disconnect it from the charger and screw on your tank. Make sure your battery is switched on by pressing the main power button 5 or 6 times rapidly. Then just hold down that button, which will begin heating the coil in the tank and producing vapour. Inhale that vapour and there you have it you're vaping!

Some e-liquids will darken over time as they mature and as the nicotine in them starts to break down. This is nothing to worry about, in fact a lot of flavours become more pronounced or complex as they age, this process is known to vapers as ‘steeping’ and lots of people swear by it.

E-Liquid has a long shelf life, about 2 years if stored properly out of sunlight in a cool place and a little darkening is perfectly normal.

If your tank is low on e-liquid it can ‘dry-burn’ when the coil isn’t saturated. Top up your tank and wait a few minutes, this should usually fix the problem.

If your tank is full and you’re still getting the bad taste it may be time to change your atomiser coil.

Depending on your day to day activities it may be worth having a spare battery that you can swap to if you can’t charge your main battery.

If you’re using a mod that has a removable battery it is usually worth keeping a spare charged battery in a battery case that you can swap out if needed.

This will depend on how much you use it. The average user will find that an atomiser coil lasts from a few days up to 1 week, we recommend changing them every week to get the very best performance out of them. Or changing them when you notice a consistent change in the flavour of your liquid.

If it’s not producing any vapour your atomiser may be empty. Fill your atomiser with e-liquid.

If you try to vape without any e-liquid, it could burn out your atomiser which could permanently damage it, making it unusable.

If your battery is running low on charge then this will affect the vapour production.

Ensure your battery is switched on by clicking the power button several times rapidly.

Your battery might be locked! Try clicking the power button 5 or 6 times rapidly. If the light flashes a few times you might find that the battery now works. The lock is to prevent accidental firing of your vape in your pocket to make sure it doesn’t burn out your coil or damage the battery.

If your vape still doesn’t work after trying to unlock-it, it may be broken. Head to the store where you purchased it (or contact the online store) and see what the staff there can do to help. If it’s within warranty we will offer a refund or replacement on faulty items within warranty.

To ‘prime’ a coil you simply have to drip some of your chosen e-liquid onto the exposed wicking material of your coil.

Put a couple of drips of liquid onto the wicking holes and allow it to soak in for a few minutes before placing the coil into your tank and filling as normal.

You should still wait a few minutes after filling for the wick to soak up e-liquid.

You can clean an atomiser tank fairly easily. The most common method is taking the tank apart, removing the coil and running each piece under the hot tap for a while.

Make sure you wipe up any excess water with a paper towel and leave the parts of the tank to fully dry overnight or for a day or two.

It’s important to make sure the tank is completely dry before you use it again because water can damage atomiser coils.

The most common cause of e-liquid coming out of the mouthpiece of you e-cig is a flooded coil.

This is when too much e-liquid saturates the coil and is usually due to using an e-liquid that is slightly too thin for the tank being used or a coil that is coming to the end of it’s lifespan. Try changing the coil.

If it’s still happening with a fresh coil it may be time to try a thicker (higher VG content) liquid.

Batteries can get a little warm while you’re using them or charging them, that’s why you should always pay attention when your battery is charging and keep it out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat.

If your battery is getting very hot it may be a fault. Stop using it and return it to the store or contact us.

This is entirely down to personal preference.

The best way to work out your personal favourite settings is to start low and slowly increase your power output until you find the setting that’s right for you!

You can! Many vape tanks (and some vape mods!) have parts that can be replaced like the glass tank section, pods, mouthpieces and sometimes even side panels.

At TABlites if a tank we stock has a replaceable part you can rest assured we have the replacement!

TPD stands for the Tobacco Products Directive, which is an EU tobacco regulation that was adopted into English law as part of the TRPT (Tobacco and Related Products Regulations) in May of 2016. It has had an impact on a couple of aspects of vaping:

  • Vape tank capacity can’t be more than 2ml
  • Eliquid strength can’t be higher than 20mg
  • Eliquids with nicotine in them cant be sold in bottles bigger than 10ml
  • All nicotine containing eliquids must be tested and approved by the MHRA, a government body that oversees health products.

Certain workarounds such as larger replacement glass sections for tanks have started to become more popular as after-market improvements for tanks.

The size restriction on e-liquids has led to the popularity of shortfills, large bottles of e-liquids without nicotine but with extra space so vapers can add a “nic shot”, a 10ml bottle of flavourless nicotine.

PHE (Public Health England) have declared and often reaffirm that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

‘Safe’ is a strict legal term and as yet vaping has not been declared as such because no long-term historical study has looked at the effects of vaping with eliquid. Vaping doesn’t involve burning tobacco leaves, which removes over 4000 chemicals from the equation, including roughly 60+ that are known to be carcinogenic.

A report from the Royal Society for Public Health suggests nine out of 10 people falsely believe nicotine is very harmful to their health, when in fact it is no more dangerous than the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

Shirley Cramer, chief executive of the RSPH, said: "Getting people on to nicotine rather than using tobacco would make a big difference to the public's health… this would move us on from having a serious and costly public health issue from smoking-related disease to instead address the issue of addiction to a substance which in and of itself is not too dissimilar to caffeine addiction."

The TPD guidelines that became TRPR laws that came into effect in May of 2016 stipulate certain specific warning labels that have to be printed on nicotine containing e-liquids, but due to vague wording while the TPD was still in its planning stages many companies put the warning label on other products as well to make sure they were covered under the laws.

It is illegal to sell vape products to people under 18 years of age. You must be 18 to buy any product from TABlites.

It is! Thanks to the TRPR laws vape liquids have to be emissions tested and have their ingredients approved by the MHRA before they are allowed to be put on sale. Devices are subject to the same regulations as all battery-containing electronics.

All liquids and devices sold by reputable retailers are regulated and monitored to ensure public safety.

Before being released for sale on the EU and UK market e-liquids are subjected to tests to ensure their purity and to make sure their ingredients follow the legal guidelines for safety.

These are similar to emissions tests that cars undergo, and they make sure every e-liquid sold meets acceptable standards.

We strongly advise not to vape while pregnant. Nicotine enters the bloodstream and will be transferred to the unborn child.

Some people can have a very mild allergic reaction to PG, is those people still wish to vape we recommend choosing high-VG E-Liquids.

E-cigs use lithium-ion batteries just like phones and tablets and many other electronic devices do. Batteries can be damaged or short-circuited if not cared for properly. Often people carry a loose battery in a pocket with keys or change which can cause a short-circuit, this will cause the battery to heat up and it might vent or explode.

Do Not Worry!

Although nicotine can be absorbed by the skin, even the highest nicotine strengths found in vape juice / E-Liquid available on the UK market will not cause unwanted side effects.
This is because the nicotine in E-Liquid is not able to be absorbed through skin quickly enough to have any noticeable effects.

The lethal dose of nicotine is estimated to be in the range of 500mg to 1,000mg+ far whilst the maximum strength available in the UK is 20mg.

Other side effects and risk of nicotine poisoning are unlikely to occur at such low doses.

Unless you are dealing with concentrated nicotine in an industrial setting, getting vape juice on your skin is really nothing to be worried about.

If you do get E-Liquid on your skin, don’t panic, just wash it off with soap and warm water.

It is common practise for vapers to try e-liquid flavours by squeezing a small drop of e-juice on their finger to taste, as well as vape devices occasionally spitting juice into the mouths of the users. Getting E-Liquid in your mouth from these or similar occurrences is in no way harmful.
It may sometimes be unpleasant, but not dangerous.
For E-Liquid to be harmful from being ingested orally, it would require large amounts of high nicotine to be consumed; i.e. drinking high strength Nicotine.
Though you can experience symptoms of nicotine poisoning with smaller doses, in order to cause severe or fatal side effects, someone would have to drink multiple bottles of 20mg nicotine E-Liquid which would give a dose of over 700mg of nicotine.

So if you do get E-Liquid in your mouth just rinse with clean water.

No long-term studies on vaping have yet been published, but there have been numerous short-term studies and evidence reviews such as the one by Public Health England in which they found vaping to be 95% safer than smoking.

This often depends on how you’re travelling.

Airlines may have their own stipulations and it’s always worth reading their rules or asking a representative before travelling, but most airlines operate a system that requires rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to be carried in hand luggage and liquid capacity limits. Your airline is unlikely to allow vaping during a flight, always check with the company you’re travelling with.

A tip from the frequent-fliers of TABlites: Empty your tank before you fly and refill it once you arrive, otherwise the pressure changes will cause it to leak. You can’t use it on the plane so it doesn’t need to be full!