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Top 10 Best-Selling Dessert Flavour E-Liquids

At TABlites we’re partial to a sweet treat every now and then, and not just after dinner either. We’re sure other people are too, which is why dessert flavoured e-liquids are so popular. Now you can have dessert any time! (Plus, you don’t have to worry about all those pesky calories. Bonus!)

Below we’ve listed the most popular dessert e-liquids at, so let’s take a look at the menu:


Moo E-Liquids – Neapolitan


Moo E-Liquids have taken the triple delight of the neapolitan and crafted this delicious ice cream e-liquid flavour.

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla come together to create a taste sensation that will take you right back to childhood.

Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds – PB and Blueberry Jam


Ok we’ll admit it’s not strictly a dessert, but who can resist the comforting taste of a peanut butter and blueberry jam flavour E-Liquid? Not us, and apparently not our customers either since this flavour from Tonix, produced by Element E-Liquids, is frequently top of the best-sellers list.

Liquid Nation – Dolce Gelato


Liquid Nation have taken the delicious taste of sicilian lemon and ripe strawberries smothered in Italian ice cream and created an ice cream e-liquid so good it will give you chills.

Take it from us, this is possibly the perfect after dinner vape.

Cookie Monsta E-Liquid


Crafted by Ruthless, Cookie Monsta is the ultimate chocolate chip cookie flavour e-liquid. How can the taste of a warm freshly baked cookie filled with delicious chocolate chips be so perfectly translated to an e-liquid?

We don’t know, but it has with Cookie Monsta.

The Clean Vape – Gramberry


The Clean Vape present a cereal flavour e-liquid with a difference. Graham crackers provide that distinctive cereal taste and a light touch of cinnamon, and when they’re dipped into a cool glass of strawberry milk it creates a flavour that makes this e-liquid one that is not to be missed.

Simple Vape Co – Honeycomb Cream


Simple Vape Co take inspiration from their home county of Cumbria to bring you a sweet and creamy delight. This cream flavour e-liquid is delightful enough on its own but the sweetly floral aftertaste of golden honeycomb takes it to new heights. A real favourite with vapers who have a sweet tooth.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust – Sea Salt Savoury Caramel and Ice Cream


Charlie’s Chalk Dust are already well known for their interesting and delicious e-liquid flavours, and CCD3 (as it’s known) is no exception.

This salted caramel flavour e-liquid will keep you coming back for more with it’s fascinating mix of sweet and savoury flavours. Paired with a vanilla ice cream this dessert e-liquid is brilliant any time, not just after a meal!

Kilo Black Series – Birthday Cake


What’s the best thing about growing up? You can eat birthday cake for absolutely no reason whenever you like! What’s the worst thing about growing up? You can eat birthday cake for absolutely no reason whenever you like and your waistline will suffer the consequences.

Kilo Black Series Birthday Cake flavour e-liquid does away with the guilt and the excess calories to bring you the great taste of long-forgotten birthday parties. Sweet cakey goodness in e-liquid form means you really can’t lose!

Loaded E-Liquids – Glazed Donuts


What could be better than a freshly made, warm donut with a sticky and sweet sugary glaze? How about a sweet glazed donut flavour e-liquid instead?

Keep that diet going and still enjoy the warmth and sweetness of donuts with the help of Loaded E-Liquids. There’s no wonder this e-liquid flavour consistently tops our best-sellers list.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust – Trueberry Sugar and Knife


Charlie’s Chalk Dust E-Liquids quite often have odd names, but don’t let that put you off trying this delicious pineapple upside-down pancake topped with a drizzle of blackberry maple syrup. Maple syrup flavour e-liquids are pretty uncommon and one combined with juicy, fruity blackberries is doubly rare. Pair that with the tangy zing of pineapple and the warming comfort of a pancake flavour e-liquid and you’re onto a winning combination.

Trust us and try it. You’re sure to enjoy!

Do you have a favourite dessert? Can you get it in e-liquid form?

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