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Four Years of TABlites

TABlites Electronic Cigarettes, based in Manchester, just celebrated our 4th birthday this November!

When we started our journey we dedicated ourselves to providing people with the best electronic cigarettes available and that mission hasn’t changed over the years.

As we’ve grown we’ve gained the experience and knowledge that set us apart in the e-cig world, knowledge and experience that we pass on to our fantastic customers who have chosen to take their vaping journey with us.

While we initially began with a plan to provide the best e-cigs in Manchester we’ve since expanded all over the country. We listened to what customers were asking for and we now have brick and mortar e-cig stores and franchises across the UK.
So whether you’re in Manchester, Huddersfield, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, London, Hitchin or Chingford you’re always a short trip away from us. There are plenty more stores and franchises opening soon too, look out for TABlites in Poole and Bury!

We pride ourselves on providing customers with excellent service and great products. We make sure our staff are all highly trained and really know what they’re selling to the customer, and thanks to four years of vaping and learning about electronic cigarettes we consider ourselves the experts when it comes to providing you with help to find the best electronic cigarette for you.
The hard work and the dedication of our staff is an indication of our commitment to providing our customers with the best service possible.

We ensure that all of our products are the highest quality and we offer a huge range of devices, batteries, mods, e-liquids and accessories so you can choose the best flavour, the best battery or the best mod for you.

From old favourites to new kits there’s always something to try at TABlites, plus we test hundreds of devices and e-liquids before we let anything onto our shelves to make sure it’s the very best available. If we wouldn’t use it, it never reaches the shops.
This is why we ensure that our e-liquid is tested for purity, quality and to make sure they’re free of diacetyl and AP, and that they taste great!

Our range is tailored to suit anyone from new electronic cigarette users to veteran vapers with high-end liquids and devices from trusted UK and International suppliers and manufacturers, which allows us to reach the high standard we set for ourselves.

So here’s to 4 more years (and beyond!) of TABlites providing the service, expertise and excellent products you’ve come to expect from us.
We couldn’t have done it without the help of all of you.

Thank you for choosing TABlites to help you along on your vaping journey.

Happy Vaping!

From everyone at Team TABlites.

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