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Five Pawns From TABlites

Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquids Now Available From TABlites Electronic Cigarettes

TABlites are proud to present our brand new line of luxury E-Liquids:

Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid, from Irvine, California in the United States of America.

Five Pawns craft some of the very finest E-Liquids available, all by hand and in small batches so they can maintain the quality they’re known for.
Using flavours extracted from real ingredients rather than synthesised in a lab, they put together fascinating concoctions with a depth of flavour that is basically unmatched by any other E-Liquid manufacturer. They only use the highest food and pharmaceutical grade PG, VG and nicotine too.
Now Five Pawns UK distribution is cutting out the expensive postage involved with shipping it in from the USA.

All served to the customer in 30ml bottles, the Five Pawns range features 10 distinct and unique flavour combinations:

The Signature Series contains 5 complex blends that cater to the traditional five known tastes (sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami/savoury). These flavours are accented by creams, fruits, spices, nutty flavours and bakery notes to give a one of a kind experience with every vape.

The Mixology Edition liquids are 5 unique blends of ingredients such as exotic fruits, citrus liqueurs, berries, herbs, roots, champagne, clear spirits and spices to create refreshing flavours that are accented with sweet creams, nuts, grains, dark refined spirits and savoury notes to build flavours that are indicative of comforting after-dinner drinks.

Rest assured none of the flavours contain actual alcohol though, so anyone can enjoy them.

Five Pawns E-Liquids are to be savoured, perhaps even sampled sparingly as a rare treat. Although you could easily find your new All-Day-Vape among their range.

The strength of the Five Pawns range rests in its ability to surprise. From something simple like an interesting ingredient (Dill? Cucumber? Horehound herb? Fig? Yep, they’re all in there), to juices with such complexity that there is always a new taste to discover, even after you’ve vaped several tanks of them.

Collated below are the flavours from both the Signature Series and the Mixology Edition and the tasting notes provided by Five Pawns themselves, plus a little input from us here at TABlites HQ, Manchester. The tasting notes provide the most obvious flavours but there are many other ingredients that help to enhance the taste of the liquids.

Signature Series:


“This well-balanced taste of smooth, creamy, rich peanut butter and banana cream is drizzled with velvety caramel, creating a multi-layered and savoury symmetry.”

This E-Liquid is indicative of the quality of Five Pawns’ craftsmanship when it comes to creating flavours. Nothing in this liquid overpowers anything else; the balance of flavours really is perfect.

Click here to view Five Pawns Grandmaster.


“The classic, mellow apple pie makes a sweet and savoury impression  with flaky crust and decadent caramel, lightened by a dollop of French vanilla ice cream and unsweetened whipped cream.”

While the creamy texture of the vanilla ice cream and the unsweetened whipped cream are pervasive throughout this flavour, it is still surprisingly light, maintaining a little of the apples fruity bite.

Click here to view Five Pawns Gambit.


“Delicate blood orange intensifies this citrus based flavour. Harmoniously blended with creamy French vanilla for a gentle and exquisite balance that will carry from one flavour to the next.”

This liquid sounds like it would be sharp, being citrus-based, but the French vanilla really manages to cut that acrid quality of citrus fruits while leaving the flavour intact, accenting the sweet notes from the blood orange.

Click here to view Five Pawns Queenside.

Bowden’s Mate:

“Inspired by the after-dinner mint, this flavourful chocolate is sharpened by crisp mint, ending with a touch of French vanilla. Seductive yet soft, with a refreshing effervescent note.”

This fascinating juice is warming despite the menthol undertones, while not being too heavy on the chocolate. A perfect balance of thick and creamy to light and cooling. Just like an after-dinner mint, come to think of it.

Click here to view Five Pawns Bowden’s Mate.

Absolute Pin:

“One of our more elaborate blends takes the robust flavour of cinnamon and douses it in Irish cream and caramel, connecting each with an underlying tone of absinthe. Subtle yet lively.”

The cinnamon in this juice is an absolute joy; herbal, rather than hot and the natural sweetness of cinnamon is accented by the caramel, perfectly complimenting the Irish cream.

Click here to view Five Pawns Absolute Pin.

Mixology Edition:

Castle Long:

“A combination of the dark, refined spirit of Kentucky Bourbon, accented with toasted coconut, roasted almond, Madagascar vanilla bean, and laced with a caramelized brown sugar.”

This E-Liquid is a firm favourite around TABlites HQ, with at least three members of Team TABlites agreeing that it is excellent. That has never happened with any juice before. Ever. The amount of new flavours that you can detect even after several tanks is astounding.

Click here to view Five Pawns Castle Long.


“Capturing characteristics of dark spirits is our spiced rum mixed with a juicy, clingstone white peach. This flavour harmony mimics a peach cobbler with a savoury rum reduction, and garnished with freshly shaved hazelnut.”

Peach is often an overpowering flavour in flavour combinations, but here it’s natural showyness is tempered by a sweet while oddly savoury rum flavour. There’s no alcohol sting from this flavour though, just warm molasses.

Click here to view Five Pawns Lucena.


“Utilizing a clear grapefruit liqueur, this light and refreshing blend is reminiscent of a chilled mojito hybrid. We’ve combined cucumber, lemon zest, muddled mint and just a hint of dill.”

This light flavour is very herbal and very savoury. Any note of sweetness is buried deep under layers of cucumber and dill.
Perhaps an aquired taste, but one that is fascinating and will be enjoyable to aquire.

Click here to view Five Pawns Sixty-Four.

Perpetual Check:

“Our tart, yet unique blackcurrant liqueur makes this delicate blend of lemon zest, sweet fig, barley, and cinnamon stick come together for a sweetly intoxicating blend.”

Another favourite around the office. The sweet smell of blackcurrants and slightly salty (the salt flavour is not even remotely as strong as you are imagining) figs fills the air on a daily basis. Very, very refreshing. A real stunner.

Click here to view Five Pawns Perpetual Check.

Fifth Rank:

“A lively fusion that’s reminiscent of the lost vintage drink known as the “Lime Rickey”, but with a substituted sweet champagne. The effervescent note of horehound herb is counterbalanced by a sweet cream, vanilla bean, roasted almond, and a twist of lime.”

Fifth Rank drops the sharpness often associated with lime in favour of a flavour that delights in it’s own undertones of vanilla, toasted nuts and herbal tones.
A much denser offering than it’s description belies, lifted slightly by the pleasant, almost astringent note of sweet champagne.

Click here to view Five Pawns Fifth Rank.

Five Pawns E-Liquids are the real benchmark of quality in the E-Liquid world, and there’s bound to be something in their range that you enjoy.
You can trust this blogger; my favourite of the range is a blend of several flavours that I normally can’t stand. The brilliance of the liquids comes from perfect balance.

The Five Pawns range is currently available from or if you’re near to TABlites Oak Street in Manchester, TABlites Royal Exchange (also Manchester) or TABlites Birmingham, you can come in and try all the flavours for yourself, for free!

Five Pawns Signature Vapor Flavours are available from in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths.

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