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Element Emulsions E-Liquid Now Available at TABlites

The creators of Element E-Liquids have released three brand new lines of e-liquid; Element Emulsions Dripper Series, Far E-Liquids and Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds.

TABlites is excited to offer these great new lines to our customers. Each range features 5 distinct, delicious flavours. We’re taking a look at all three ranges, and this time we’ll focus on the Element Emulsions Dripper Series.

Element Emulsions Dripper Series

Element E-Liquids have a lot of fans all over the world, and one thing a lot of these people enjoy is combining flavours together. Element asked for customers favourite mixtures and picked the five most popular, and the Emulsions range was born!
The Element Emulsions Dripper Series is made with an 80% VG base to provide the very best in big cloud vaping and is available in 30ml bottles at 3mg nicotine from TABlites.

Fresh Squeeze and Crema

The delicious taste of freshly squeezed orange juice combined with the rich velvety sweetness of Crema leads to a flavour that is refreshing and reminds you of an orange ice-cream.
Try it, you’ll be surprised.


Key Lime Cookie and Frost

The blast of icy menthol from Frost really adds an extra layer of flavour to the already tangy zing of the lime in Key Lime Cookie, without covering up the buttery cookie taste.
This is a winning combination.


Limon and Watermelon Chill

The zesty citrus burst from Limon is raised to new heights with the extra refreshing juicy taste of watermelon and just a touch of menthol to set your taste buds tingling.
This one is not to be missed.


Pink Lemonade and Key Lime Cookie

Combining Element’s two most beloved flavours into one was really a no-brainer. The zingy lemonade and sweet red berries of Pink Lemonade combine perfectly with the citrus and sugar loveliness of Key Lime Cookie.
One for the sweet-toothed vaper.


Strawberry Whip and Banana Nut

The perfect dessert vape? Maybe….
Combining the smooth crème and luscious berries of Strawberry Whip and the comforting rich caramel and cake of Banana Nut Bread, this e-liquid is a decadent treat form the senses.

As you can see the Element Emulsions Dripper Series is filled to bursting with amazing flavour combinations. You really have to try them, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.


Click here to see the whole range.

Next time we’ll be looking at Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds; Five distinct, simple and classic flavours presented by Element in a classic style. All of them are interesting and delicious. Stay tuned.

Have you tried Element Emulsions E-Liquid yet?
Do you have a favourite mixture that isn’t on Element’s list?

Let us know in the comments below.
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