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Time to save: Switch from disposables to a Pod Kit - TABlites

Time to save: Switch from disposables to a Pod Kit

We all love disposables. They taste great and are so easy to use. However, if like many you have started to use disposables every day, you’ll know they aren’t the cheapest way to get your nicotine fix. So why haven’t you explored other options when there are so many on the market. Well, maybe you just don’t know what else the vaping industry has to offer. In this blog I will share with you the other options you have to continue vaping whilst not breaking the bank and still getting the flavoursome and crave fixing hit you have come to love.

What is a disposable?

First, we need to understand what a disposable is and why they cost so much when used as your daily nicotine fix. Disposables such as Elf Bars and Lost Mary’s are ready to use out the box. Disposables work the same way as any other vaping device. They have a battery, coil, and wick around the coil to absorb the liquid stored inside. The only difference is that the battery is pre-charged, and the disposable is pre-filled with liquid before you get your hands on it. The lithium ion battery contained within is one of the biggest factors as to why disposables cost so much, when used regularly. The battery can not be recharged which means every time your disposable runs out and you buy a new one you are buying a whole new battery. This not only increases the cost but also means using disposables has a big environmental impact.

The flavoursome and smooth hit you get from a disposable comes from the liquid stored inside. Every single flavour of TPD regulated disposable uses nicotine salts, commonly referred to as “Nic Salts”, and only store 2ml of liquid. 2ml of liquid! Is that all? No wonder you have to replace them so often. To put it in perspective of how small that amount of liquid is we will compare it with one our own liquids from the TABlites Nic Salt range.

Elf Bar vs TABlites Nic Salt £5.99 £3.99 600 Puffs 3000 Puffs

Wow! That Elf Bar is so expensive for how many puffs you get out of it. You can see how much better value for money it is using the TABlites Nic Salt. They are a fraction of the price, and you get 5x the amount of liquid/puffs. You may have also noticed they’re exactly the same flavour and nicotine strength. There are many more flavours in the TABlites nic salt range that are exactly the same as your favourite disposable flavours, you can check them out here.

I've got my liquid, now what?

Now, liquid is not the only thing you’ll need to replace your disposable, you will also need a device or as they are commonly referred to “Vape”. There are hundreds of vapes on the market and so many are perfect for replacing your disposables. We have found that the best kind of device you can replace your disposables with are Pod Kits and there are so many to choose from.

In my opinion, the best one is the Uwell Caliburn A2. The reason I say this is because this vape is super simple to use as there is no changing of any coils, simply just change the pod when it starts to taste burnt, it is incredibly easy to refill and reaches a full charge within 45 minutes. Not only that, as someone who has tested this device, I can tell you the hit is very similar to what you get with a disposable, I would even say it’s better.

The price Uwell Caliburn A2 with TABlites is just £18.99, that’s under the price of 4 disposables and you also get a free bottle of TABlites Nic Salt further reducing your start up costs. If you currently use 5 or more disposables per week, it’ll only take a few days before you are saving money. Let’s put that all together and see how much you would save over a month if you were using 5 disposables per week.

Time to save: Disposables vs caliburn a2. This timeline compares to vapers and tracks how much they will spend over a month. jennifer buys 5 disposables per week and ryan has decided to switch from disposables to a pod kit. week 1: Jennifer is a regular disposable user and has popped in to her local TABlites store at the start of this week as always to buy her 5 disposables. With multi-buy deals her total comes to £25.99. Ryan has been vaping disposables for a while and has today decided to make the smart decision to switch to a pod kit. He was recommended a Caliburn A2 by one of the TABlites in store vaping experts. He bought it and also recieved a free bottle of TABlites Nic Salt. He spent a total of £18.99. Week 2:Jennifer has returned and buys 5 more disposables.  Now her total for this week and last add up to a total of £51.98. Ryan has also returned to his local TABlites store and this week all he needs is another bottle of liquid. He pick another flavour from the TABlites Nic Salt range , for £3.99, as he loved the first one so much. His combined total for this week and the last now adds up to £22.98. Week 3: Back again Jennifer has bought another 5 disposables.  Making her combined total £77.97. Ryan's back and now he has a problem. Nothing that can't be fixed. He's used up the top pods he got in the box when he bought his vape and needs some new ones. He buys a pack of 4 A2 pods for £12.99, these will last him another 4-6 weeks. He also buys another bottle of TABlites Nic Salt, he can't get enough. This makes his combined total now £39.96. Week 4: Jennifer is back again  to buy 5 more disposables..Ryan is also back and all he needs this week is another bottle of liquid. Jennifers 1st month spend = £103.96.Jennifer's monthly spend would not change each month after that and would remain at £103.96.Ryans 1st months spend = £43.95. Ryan' monthly spend would only be £28.95 after that as he would not need a new device every month.

As you can see, you would make significant savings by switching from disposables to a pod kit. Not only that, but you are reducing your environmental impact from vaping by a huge amount as you would be using a rechargeable battery instead of disposable ones which go land fill after use.

Make the switch today for a better vaping experience and to save money!

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