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Green Wings Disposable Vape Recycling Program - TABlites

Green Wings Disposable Vape Recycling Program

What is the Green Wings Project?

The Green Wings Project (GWP) is a forward-thinking environmental initiative established in early 2023. Its primary objective is to tackle the waste generated by single-use disposable vapes. This innovative project aims to develop and implement sustainable solutions to mitigate the environmental impact of these products.

By focusing on recycling, awareness campaigns, and responsible disposal practices, the Green Wings Project aims to foster a more eco-friendly approach to vaping and contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

The GWP is the UK’s first recycling program of its type to fully encompass the recycling cycle of waste vapes.

Green Wings Disposable Vape Recycling Project

The GWP is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to identifying practical, effective and sustainable approaches to managing e-cigarette waste. The GWP seeks to address the expanding issue of waste vape products, which is frequently disregarded by conventional recycling processes.

This excellent project is sponsored by Elux, one of the large players in the disposable vape arena famous for their Elux Legend disposable vapes.

There are estimated to be over 4 million adult vapers in the UK, that produce a significant amount of waste annually. Each disposable vape contains approximately 0.15g of lithium, which equates to up to 10 tonnes of precious metal ending up in landfills.

GWP has pioneered the development of a ground-breaking recycling system explicitly designed to tackle e-cigarette waste. This innovative system is tailored to efficiently sort and recycle the different components of e-cigarettes, transforming what could be environmental hazards into valuable reusable resources. By implementing this specialised recycling system, GWP takes a proactive approach in addressing the environmental challenges posed by e-cigarette waste and contributes to the transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

As a responsible vape brand, we are committed to leading the way in more sustainable vaping solutions and urge our customers and other companies in the UK to get involved.

During your next visit to your local Tablites vape store, be sure to keep an eye out for the prominent green collection bin. This designated receptacle is specifically designed for the disposal of your used disposable vapes. By responsibly discarding them in this bin, you contribute to their proper recycling and the potential for reuse. Join us in our efforts to create a sustainable future by recycling your disposable vapes at Tablites. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment.

Where can I take my used disposable vape to be recycled?

Tablites are proud to be part of the Green Wings e-cigarette recycling initiative to help prevent used vapes from ending up in landfill or littering the streets of the UK.

All Tablites vape stores across the country will be taking part in this ground-breaking disposable vape recycling project. Look out for the Green Wings Project recycling bin at your local Tablites store, throw in your used disposable vapes so they can be recycled and reused again.

Green Wings Disposable Vape Recycling Project - Green Bin

Participating Tablites Vape Store Locations

Tablites Vape Store Manchester Northern Quarter

Tablites Vape Store Manchester Arndale

Tablites Vape Store Prestwich

Tablites Vape Store Leeds

The stores mentioned above serve as dedicated collection points for your disposable vape waste, specifically designed for e-cigarette recycling. You can confidently bring your used disposable vapes to these locations, knowing that they will be properly collected and recycled. Take advantage of these designated stores to responsibly dispose of your e-cigarette waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Green Wings Disposable Vape Recycling at Tablites Vape Stores

If you don’t live near one of our store locations visit Recycle Your Electricals, you can type in your postcode and find a list of recycling centres and places in your area where you can drop off your vapes for recycling.

How many single-use vapes are being used and discarded?

The House of Commons Library conducted research into The Environmental Impact Of Disposable Vapes and found…

  • 14 million single-use vapes are bought each month
  • Over 50% of single-use vapes are thrown away
  • 1.3 million single-use vapes are thrown away every week or 5.4 million per month
  • 10 tonnes of lithium a year, equivalent to the batteries inside 1,200 electric vehicles

Disposable Vape Waste Implications

E-cigarette waste, specifically single-use disposable vapes, is a growing concern in terms of environmental impact. Disposable devices, are designed to be used once and then discarded. Here are some key points regarding e-cigarette waste and its implications:

Environmental Impact

Disposable vapes contribute to both plastic and electronic waste. These devices most commonly consist of a plastic outer body, built-in lithium battery, vape coil (heating element), and a prefilled liquid cartridge. When disposed of improperly, these components can end up in landfill or as litter posing risks to ecosystems. If not managed correctly can cause harm to the soil, water and air.

Plastic Pollution

“In the UK over 5 million tonnes of plastic is consumed each year – and yet only 1 quarter of it is recycled”.

The plastic components of single-use disposable vapes, including the body and the cartridge, can take up to 400 years to decompose. As a result, plastic waste accumulates over time, posing long-term threats to ecosystems. Discarded devices that end up in oceans or water bodies contribute to the global plastic pollution crisis and harm marine life.

Reducing plastic consumption and raising awareness about plastic recycling is crucial if we are to overcome the problem of plastic waste and pollution on our planet.

Electronic Waste

With an estimated 3.6 million vapers in the UK, the country faces a considerable challenge in managing the waste generated by electronic cigarettes. The discarded components of these devices, such as batteries, plastic casings, and metal elements, pose significant environmental concerns. Improper management of these materials has the potential to contaminate our soil, water sources, and air, contributing to pollution. Addressing the environmental impact of e-cigarette waste is crucial to safeguarding our ecosystems and ensuring a sustainable future for the UK.

Disposable vapes contain electronic components, including batteries, which should be handled as electronic waste (e-waste). E-waste contains hazardous materials such as heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Improper disposal or recycling of e-cigarettes can lead to the release of these harmful substances into the environment.

Lack of Recycling Infrastructure

Disposable vapes are not easily recyclable due to their design and construction. Many of the individual parts can be recycled, but it can be challenging to separate the complex mixture of materials effectively.

Individual Actions

To minimise the environmental impact of single-use disposable vapes, it is essential to prioritise proper disposal methods. One of the recommended approaches is to recycle e-cigarettes through designated e-waste recycling facilities or drop-off locations. It is advisable to inquire with local recycling centres or electronic waste management programs to determine the most suitable disposal method available in your area. By taking these steps, we can contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of disposable vapes and ensure they are managed responsibly.

Sustainable Alternatives

Opting for reusable vaping devices, such as rechargeable and refillable vape kits, is a wise choice to minimise environmental impact. Unlike single-use disposables, these devices produce less waste over time. By replacing only the cartridge, coil or e-liquid, you reduce the overall environmental footprint associated with vaping. This sustainable approach not only helps in waste reduction but also promotes a more eco-friendly vaping experience. Consider making the switch to reusable devices for a greener and more sustainable vaping practice.

For more information about how to be a more eco-friendly vaper have a read of our blog: Eco-Friendly Vaping.

We trust that you found this article informative and are now aware of the option to drop off your used disposable vapes at your nearest Tablites vape store for recycling. Stay tuned for future vape-related articles as we continue to provide valuable information. Should you have any questions or require assistance or advice, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is dedicated to providing helpful support, and we are delighted to be of service to you.

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