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KonceptXIX features 12 delicious flavours from Vampire Vape, each in 0mg nicotine strength and served in a short-fill bottle. By adding a 10ml Nic Shot with 18mg of nicotine to these 50ml juices you can make 60mls of e-liquid with a 3mg nicotine kick.

Flavours in the KonceptXIX Range:

Original Collection:

  • Pinkman - An explosion of mixed fruit flavour!
  • Heisenberg - A top secret concoction of fruits and cool menthol.
  • Blood Sukka - Packed with a hell of a bite! Sweet red berries and cherry with eucalyptus and aniseed.

Fresh Collection

  • All Day Grape - A juicy and cool grape menthol.
  • Kool Kick - Give yourself a kick of citrus with this lemon menthol flavour!
  • TikaTaka - Refreshing and light, this flavour combines juicy orange and cool mentol.

Baked Collection

  • Phat Drizzle - Decadent vanilla cream sponge and sweet caramel.
  • Pie Eyed - Flaky pie crust and sweet lemon.
  • Poley Rolly - Your favourite jam sponge pudding with warm custard.

Sweet Collection

  • Sticky Spot - Juicy strawberry and sweet toffee.
  • Golden Thrill - A super sweet mango candy.
  • Get Cubed - The distinct and delicious flavour of Cola Cubes, now in a liquid. It tastes fizzy!