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Over the Border

Over The Border, E-Liquids are created by Juice Suaz Distribution who are a family run business based in Lincoln UK. Juice Sauz was established in 2015 with a mission to offer customers high-quality UK made e-liquids at an affordable price. They now supply their vape juices all over the world and have become a leading e-liquid manufacturer behind some of the UK’s top juice brands.

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Over The Border Shortfill E-Liquid

Over The Border is one of Juice Sauz’s most popular e-liquid brands. The range blends two of the most popular flavour profiles on the planet; fruit and ice for a truly delicious vape experience. Fruity and juicy flavours on the inhale with cool and refreshing minty sensations on the exhale.

If you love Vampire Vape Heisenberg E-liquid you should definitely give these juices a try!

Over The Border E-liquids are served in 0mg 50ml shortfill bottles, with space in the bottle for one 10ml nicotine shot in 18mg strength. When mixed together creates 60ml of 3mg e-liquid.

The Over The Border shortfill e-liquid range is made with 60% VG (vegetable glycerin) and 40% PG (propylene glycol) designed for more advanced vape devices like sub-ohm kits.

Fruity Ice E-Liquids

Fruity Ice e-liquids are some of the most popular e-juices available on the market. They offer big vibrant fruity flavours topped off with a refreshing ice cold note leaving your tastebuds wanting more. A large portion of our customers are ex menthol cigarette smokers and want a cold mint flavour on exhale but when you can add a fruity note they can’t get enough. If you are in search of that freezing sensation you get when you chew minty gum or when sucking on a strong flavoured mint then fruity ice e-liquids could be for you.

If you love fruity ice flavour profiles you should definitely give this range a try. Delicious fruity combinations with deep layers of aniseed, liquorice and menthol.

El Azul – (Also known as ‘the blue one’) is a fresh blend of mixed juicy winter berries with a cool kick of aniseed and menthol. This delicious fusion gives notes of bursting berries on the inhale with freezing cold layers of minty freshness on exhale.

El Malva – (Also known as ‘the mauve one’) A rich black grape bursting with fresh and vibrant flavours finished off with a blast of icy cool mint.

El Morado - (Also known as ‘the purple one’) is a mixed dark berry fruit treat of blackcurrants, blackberries finished with aniseed and a fresh menthol blast that will keep your tastebuds tingling.

El Rojo - (Also known as ‘the red one’) is a sub-zero blend of bursting red berries with aniseed and menthol. A perfect all-day-vape option!

El Rosado - (Also known as ‘the pink one’) is a fresh and citrusy combination of tart juicy grapefruit with citrus notes coming through of sweet orange, zesty limes and sour lemons. All rounded off with a cool finish by the addition of menthol.

El Verde - (Also known as ‘the green one’) is a mouth-watering fruity blend of fresh green apples, sharp kiwi and succulent watermelon with a hint of ice cold menthol.

This exquisite e-liquid range falls under the high VG e-liquid category.