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The Aspire Plato

Aspire’s newly developed e-cig mod, the Aspire Plato, has just arrived and already it’s causing a big stir in the vaping world.

This all-in-one device combines your mod with your tank to make a compact, stylish device and with a huge range of colour options to choose from there’s a Plato for every vaper out there.


What Comes In The Box?

Opening up the Aspire Plato’s box reveals the Plato itself with one of Aspire’s 1.8 ohm Nautilus BVC coils attached, and underneath that you’ll find the other tube section with a 0.4 ohm sub-ohm coil, a stainless steel drip tip (presumably to use with the 1.8 ohm coil for mouth-to-lung vaping) and a heat-resistant widebore Delrin drip tip (For use with the sub-ohm coil for direct-to-lung vaping), a high-drain Aspire branded 18650 sized battery cell, two spare silicon rubber seals for the tank section, a micro-usb charging cable, and a key-like device for changing the atomiser section.

Everything you need, basically!

 Features of the Aspire Plato

First let’s talk about size; The Aspire Plato is compact, someone with average sized hands could easily call it ‘palm-sized’ and it will fit into a coat pocket or similar with few to no problems.
The body of the device is 87.5mm from bottom to top and 50mm from side to side. It’s 23mm thick on the side with the screen and buttons. With the drip-tip attached the height increases to 100mm, not a huge jump. That’s the beauty of containing the tank within the body of the mod, no excess bits poking out.

The Aspire Plato’s workings are easy to get to, simply slide off the magnetic metal cover from the body and your tank and battery housing will be revealed. The battery is easy to remove thanks to the handy cutaway section that lets you simply push it out of the mod if you wanted to charge it externally rather than through the USB port on the front of the device. This makes it easier to swap out spares, too, for those who have several batteries with them at all times (we all know a vaper like this). Saying that, the battery provided is an absolutely enormous 2500mAh capacity, high-drain lithium-ion beast that should last even the heaviest vaper at least a day.


The tank itself features two filling ports to make draining and cleaning the tank easier (open both holes and the tank will drain easily from the top port. The bottom port is inlet only) and boasts a large capacity, 5.6ml when the 1.8 ohm coil (and it’s dedicated chimney section) is installed or 4.6ml when the larger sub-ohm section is installed.


The Aspire Plato also features adjustable airflow so you can dial it in however you prefer.


Aspire have set up the Plato to allow up to 50 watts of vaping power right out of the box with an easy to use adjustment using the rocker switch below the screen.

You can lock and unlock the device by quickly clicking the power button 5 times.
You can also put it in (and take it out of) ‘Stealth Mode’ so the screen doesn’t light up when you’re vaping. To activate that just give the power button 3 quick clicks.

Aspire plan to offer firmware upgrades in the future but at the time of writing (30th of March 2016) you can upload your own simple text and logo that will display when the device powers on and that’s it.

Changing the Atomiser

To change the atomiser in the Plato the tank has to be empty (unless you don’t mind cleaning up loads of e-liquid), but once it is you simply take the key-style piece provided in the box and unscrew the section from the device.
At this point the upper hardware (where one of the juice ports is) and the pyrex tube can be removed for cleaning.
You can then unscrew the atomiser head from the chimney section and replace it with a fresh one.
At this point just reverse the steps and reattach the drip tip and you’re good to go!

The Aspire Plato is a brilliant device, in keeping with Aspire’s record of providing quality vaping products and well worth a look if you want a stylish, versatile electronic cigarette that will really satisfy.

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