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Brand New Element E-Liquids!

Element E-Liquids are releasing three brand new ranges of flavours and they all display the same high standard that Element strive for in producing e-liquids of the highest quality.

Every flavour is sure to be a winner, and your new favourite is definitely somewhere in these ranges. Let’s take a look at each and get a brief rundown of what the flavours are made up of:


Element Emulsions Dripper Series

Element E-Liquids Dripper Series has been a firm favourite for high-vg e-liquid vapers for as long as it has been around, with each flavour crafted to perfection. But when Element E-Liquid fans started messaging the creators with their own unique combinations Element jumped at the chance to release the very best to the public. The Element Emulsions series features five delicious mixes of Dripper Series flavours that are sure to please the palate:

  • Element Emulsions Fresh Squeeze and Crema

A rendezvous of invigoration Fresh Squeeze and rich velvety Crema
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  • Element Emulsions Strawberry Whip and Banana Nut

An all time classic duo of creamy Strawberry Whip and Banana Nut.
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  • Element Emulsions Pink Lemonade and Key Lime Cookie

Zingy Pink Lemonade fuses with buttery Key Lime Cookie for a memorable encounter.
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  • Element Emulsions Limon and Watermelon Chill

An explosion of crisp blends. Tangy Limon meets refreshing Watermelon Chill.
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  • Element Emulsions Key Lime Cookie and Frost

Crumbling Key Lime Cookie enhanced by cool arctic Frost.
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Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds produced by Element E-Liquids

Tonix Sub-Atomic Compunds E-Liquids are a selection of classic flavours presented in a classic style reminiscent of tinctures and other mysterious bottles of snake oil you might see behind the counter at an old-timey chemist.

The flavours are deeply satisfying and are not as simple as they first appear:

  • Element Tonix Cherry Almond – Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds

Bright and lively cherries with subtle notes of sweet candied almonds.
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  • Element Tonix American Apple Pie – Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds

Sweet cinnamon and crisp apples intermingle rendering a blend that is bold in flavour and heritage.
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  • Element Tonix Tangy Tart – Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds

A daring rendition of sweet and tart to knock your taste buds out. A full bodied fruity concoction.
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  • Element Tonix PB & Blueberry Jam – Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds

Luxuriously creamy and undeniably dreamy union of peanut butter and jam.
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  • Element Tonix Blood Orange – Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds

Bright bursts of citrus in this naturally sweet blood orange blend.
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Far E-Liquids produced by Element E-Liquids

Far E-Liquids is a range of 5 sweet flavours that will blow you away. Take their inspiration from graffiti and street-art, the bold and expressive flavours of the Far E-Liquids range are not to be missed.

  • Element Far Strawberry Cupcake – Far E-Liquids

Soft and fluffy vanilla cupcake with pink velvet strawberry frosting.
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  • Element Far Pineapple Bliss – Far E-Liquids

A splendid fusion of ripe and tangy pineapple with sweet berry and tropical mango.
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  • Element Far Grape Vape – Far E-Liquids

A full-bodied juicy medley of Concord, Ruby and Red Globe grapes.
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  • Element Far Neon Green Slushie – Far E-Liquids

One of a kind mouthwatering and invigorating bright neon lime blend.
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  • Element Far Candy Punch – Far E-Liquids

Bold sweet bursts of rainbow candy certain to shower your palate in juicy flavours.
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As you can see Element E-Liquids are bringing some exciting new products to the world of e-liquids, and they’re bound to be as exceptional as their previous offerings.

TABlites are one of a select few that will be stocking every single one of the new flavours, and we expect them to be arriving very soon so keep an eye on and be the first to try these great new juices!

Are you a fan of Element E-Liquids?

Which flavours from the new ranges are you most excited about?

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