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10 Easy Steps – Shortfill Eliquids - TABlites

10 Easy Steps – Shortfill Eliquids

If you’re new to vaping, or just new to shortfill eliquids, you might be wondering what to do with this extra little bottle and all that extra space.

Never fear, our handy guide will give you the rundown in just 10 easy steps!

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1 – Gather your supplies

First things first, you’ll need to get hold of shortfill eliquids and nic shots.

A shortfill bottle has a little extra space in the bottle so you can add in a nic shot or two, because they don’t come with nicotine already in them. There might be a little extra space on top of this to make it easy to shake up too!

You can check out our huge range of short fill e-liquids here.

Each comes with a nic shot (or two!), but you can find extra nic shots here.

Step 2 – Pop off the nozzle

You’ll need to open the shortfill eliquid bottle if you want to put your nic shot in.

Unscrew the childproof cap and you’ll find the nozzle, you’ll have to pop this off too.

Sometimes that can be a little tricky, but luckily you can pick up a Juice Locker Shortfill Tool which will make it a breeze!

Step 3 – Open Up A Nic Shot Bottle

Next up take off the childproof cap of the 10ml nic shot bottle. Set that to one side ready to put back on after you’re done.

It’s best to leave the nozzle on the nic shot bottle to avoid unnecessary mess, however if you remove the nozzle it does make it quicker and easier to pour the whole amount into your shortfill.

Step 4 – Shots Shots Shots!

Just squeeze your nic shot into the shortfill eliquids bottle!

You can use it all or just some of it to make varying strengths in the final product.

Check the chart after Step 10 for a handy breakdown of how to mix different strengths!

Step 5 – Replace the Lid

At this point you’ve done the hard part, it’s time to push the nozzle back into your shortfill bottle and replace the childproof cap. Trust me, you really need to remember to put the cap back on in preparation for Step 8.

Step 6 – Bin It

Not your shortfill, you’ll need that for vaping, but the empty nic shot bottle (if it is empty, if not just put the cap back on and store it somewhere dark, cool and away from where pets, kids or non-vapers can get it) and any excess packaging you don’t need.

Step 7 – Clean Up

You may have missed a little with the nic shot while you were squeezing it in, or the shortfill might have spilled a little when you popped the top, either way, its always a good idea to give your hands a quick wash. Advice for life.

Step 8 – Shake! Shake! Shake!

Now comes the fun part!

Grab that filled up bottle and shake!

This helps the nic shot to spread evenly through your eliquid and make sure it’s all one strength.

Plus it’s just fun to do!

(I hope you put the cap back on in Step 5, otherwise you’ll be cleaning eliquid off the ceiling for hours!)

Step 9 – Patience Is A Virtue

Some might call this step optional, but I’m not one of them. At this point you will get the best out of your eliquid if you steep it for a while.

Of course you can just load up your vape tank and start vaping, but for the best flavour its always worth steeping.

What’s steeping? Well, you put your eliquid away in a cool, dark place for a while. A few hours perhaps, or if you make it in bulk maybe even a few days.

This allows time for the flavour to mature, mellow and become really delicious and complex.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across an eliquid that wasn’t improved with a little steeping!

Step 10 – Enjoy!

Time to put your juice into your favourite vape tank and enjoy the fantastic flavour and lovely satisfying vapour!

Good work!


Bonus – Mixing Guide

Here’s something we’ve found really helpful around the office. In fact, the reason we made it was because some of us are kind of bad at maths, but it’d be mean not to share it with you too!

It’s a guide to how much nic shot you’ll need to add to your Shortfill Eliquids to make the strengths you need. We hope it helps!

TABlites Shortfill E-Liquid Mixing Chart Guide


Those are the 10 Easy Steps to Shortfill Eliquids!

We hope they’ve been handy for you and you’re all set to enjoy some fantastic shortfill e-liquids.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a line on:

or call 0161 723 0064



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