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How do you know when to change your vape coil?

How Do You Know When To Change A Vape Coil?

Changing your vape coil is an essential piece of maintenance and ensures your vape is performing at its best. Thankfully, it’s a quick and easy process which takes no more than a couple of minutes. But how do you know when to change your coil and what are the main signs to look out for?

Your vape tastes burnt

The most notable indicator that your vape coil needs changing is a burnt taste as you inhale on the device. This occurs as the cotton inside your coil burns or deteriorates over time as you use it. If you’re experiencing a burnt taste from your vape it’s probably time to change the coil.

A burnt taste can also occur if you have not ‘primed’ your new vape coil. To read how to do this see our Guide to Priming a Vape Coil.

There are other reasons why your vape tastes burnt and we've got fixes for them all here.

Your e-liquid doesn’t taste right

Rather than the burnt taste mentioned above, you may find that you’re e-liquid just isn’t tasting quite right. If you aren’t getting the flavour profile you usually expect from your favourite e-liquid it may be time to replace the coil. A deteriorating coil will affect the taste and quality of vapour so get your coil switched out for a new one if you notice it isn't tasting as good as it once did.

You aren’t getting as much vapour as before

Another indicator that your coil needs changing is a reduction in the amount of vapour your device is producing. As the coil deteriorates over time it won’t be able to vaporise the e-liquid in your tank with the same gusto as it once did. If your coil has been in a while and you’re noticing the device isn’t working as well as it did, it may be time to change your coil.

Your e-liquid is turning dark

There are a number of reasons why your e-liquid is turning dark and one of them is that your coil needs changing. With prolonged use the wick and wire inside the coil can experience a build-up of residue and clog up. This residue can then taint your e-liquid turning it dark and making it taste unpleasant. If you notice your once pale e-liquid turning dark inside the tank, it may be time to replace the coil and give your tank a good clean out.

Your vape starts leaking or gurgling

If your vape starts to leak or gurgle the culprit could be your coil. As the cotton wick deteriorates, extra liquid can flood into the coil which will result in either a gurgly vape or the excess liquid leaking out of the airflow of the tank or pod. There are a number of reasons a tank could leak or gurgle but if all the rubber seals on your tank or pod are intact and there is no other visible indications of any other issue, the first port of coil will be to replace the coil and 9 times out of 10 that should stop the leaking or gurgling. If you're still experiencing leaking or gurgling after replacing the coil get in touch with us via phone or email, or visit your nearest TABlites shop for further help and advise.

Your vape is flashing or showing ‘atomiser error’ messages

If your vape flashes as you press the fire button or take a puff, or if you receive an 'atomiser error' message on the screen, your vape is probably letting you know that it has detected a short circuit or ‘short’. This is generally an indication that there is an issue with the coil in the device.

You could start by ensuring the coil is properly installed and the connection between the tank/pod and the battery is correct and free of e-liquid or other build up. It’s good practice to check the manufacturers instruction booklet, especially if it’s a new device.

If the coil is installed properly and your device continues to flash, it’s probably time to change the coil which should resolve the problem. If after changing the coil you continue to experience the issue, please get in touch and we can assist in further troubleshooting the issue or even replace the device if it’s still under warranty.

A flashing light on a disposable vape just means your battery has run out and it’s time to replace the unit.

You experience frequent ‘dry hits’

If you’ve had the coil installed a while and you suddenly start experiencing multiple ‘dry hits’ it could be time to replace the coil. Dry hits occur when the wicking material is no longer able to feed enough e-liquid to the wire inside the coil. If the issue continues, we’d recommend replacing the coil.

Dry hits can also occur if the liquid you are using is too thick or even too thin. Ensure your device is compatible with the liquid you are using.

How long to vape coils last?

The lifespan of a vape coil will greatly depend on how much you use it.

For most vapers, the average coil will last around 1 to 2 weeks. This is only a rough estimate and there can be wide variation in the lifespan of a coil.

If you use your e-cigarette only occasionally, your coil could last up to a month or if you use it extensively at high wattage it may only last a number of days. Every person and device is different but after you’ve used your device for a while you’ll have a good idea of when it’s time for a coil change.

Other factors that affect the lifespan of a coil include;

  • The wattage/power the coil is used at
  • The frequency of puffs
  • The length of puffs
  • The e-liquid type (VG or PG, sugar/sweetener content, etc)

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the terms used in this section or you’d like further information on vape coils take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Vape Coils and if you're unsure how to change your vape coil see our guide to changing your vape coils.