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How to Prime a Vape Coil

How To Prime A Vape Coil - 5 Easy Steps
When you get a new device, or are installing a new coil, it is vitally important to prime the coil before you first use it. Priming will ensure the coil doesn’t burn out and ensures you’ll get the perfect flavour and vaping experience from your device and e-liquid. Priming your coil is quick and easy and we recommend following these simple steps.

Five easy steps to prime your vape coil

  1. Apply e-liquid to the visible cotton parts of the coil. Most coils will have visible cotton on the top of the coil and on the sides. Allow the e-liquid to soak into the cotton until it is visibly wet with e-liquid. If you get excess liquid into the airflow section of the coil either blow through the coil or flick the coil to clear it (we recommend doing this outside or over a sink). You can also wipe any excess liquid off the metal parts of coil with a tissue.
Coil priming - applying e-liquid to coil
  1. Install the coil and fill your tank or pod with vape juice. You should now leave the tank to sit for up to 5 minutes to allow the e-liquid to fully saturate the coil. 
Coil priming - leave the tank for 5 minutes before using
  1. The next step is to take some puffs on the tank without firing the device. This will help to ensure the cotton wick is fully saturated with e-liquid. If your device has automatic firing simply remove the tank or pod from the battery section before taking these ‘primer’ puffs. If the device gurgles or spits at this point you can again blow through it or flick the device to clear the airflow.
Coil priming - take some 'primer' puffs without firing the vape
  1. Once you’re happy the coil is saturated with liquid you can start to fire the device. If possible, we recommend adjusting the wattage to a lower setting before taking a puff. If there is any burnt flavour leave the tank for a little longer for the liquid to soak into the coil. You can now gradually increase the power to your desired setting.
Coil priming - start at a low wattage and slowly increase
  1. You’re now ready to vape!
Coil priming - you're ready to vape!

If your coil is very small or you’re not sure how to complete step 1, don’t worry. Simply increase the time you leave the tank to sit up to 10 or even 15 minutes to ensure the cotton is fully saturated.

Priming is super important! Remember, once the coil burns out there is no going back, and you’ll need to replace the coil again.

If you need further information on when to change your coil see our Ultimate Guide to Vape Coils.