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Flashing Disposable Vape: What It Means and How to Fix it? - TABlites

Flashing Disposable Vape: What It Means and How to Fix it?

If you’ve been left wondering, “why is my vape flashing?”, then you’ve come to the right place. Don't panic, because we're here to tell you what it means and how you can fix it!

With the new disposable vape becoming a fast selling product, it's no wonder that users are discovering both their benefits and confusions, especially new vapers. At TABlites, we're here to walk you through all those nagging questions you may have.

You can discover the disposable vape hype by taking a look at our selection of the best disposable vape devices in the UK!

How a Disposable Vape Works

A disposable vape's electrical components work similarly to most vapes - the coil soaks up E-Liquid that the battery then heats and turns into vapour. They come pre-filled with your chosen flavour and pre-charged, so the name 'disposable' originates in how they're intended to be thrown away and replaced based on their design. 

Most models don’t have a power button, instead you simply inhale and you're good to go. This explains why they're so popular among beginners. Their key difference from traditional vapes is that there is no user access to the coil or battery, so there's rarely any need to charge them or replace parts.

Why is My Vape Flashing?

We're going to take a look at the most common reasons why your disposable vape is flashing...

The Battery Is Dead

The most simple explanation is that your vape battery is dead. Some signs to look out for to know when your device is near the end of its life is that its flavour grows increasingly dull, plus the vapour clouds become smaller. This usually means it no longer has any battery power.

It's Run Out of E-Liquid

Similar to a dead battery, running out of E-Liquid simply means your disposable vape pen has no usage left - it has reached the end of its life. Disposable vapes are not designed to be refilled, as their user-friendly nature markets them as easy to use and replaceable once dead. The battery operates hand-in-hand with the E-Liquid, so it’s typically programmed to die around the time that the device runs out of E-liquid.

The Disposable Vape Is Overheating

When a device cuts off during your puff and begins to blink, this means its puff limiters have sprung into action and have prevented the device from overheating. If your vape is fitted with this safety feature, it means you have taken too big of a puff. This can cause the device to produce too much heat, which is risky for the lithium-ion batteries. 

Your Vape Has Damaged Electrical Components 

A blinking light can simply be an indication of a faulty device. Its internal electrical components are more prone to damage due to their small size, so anything from dropping your vape to water damage can cause damage to the device.

How You Can Fix It

The easiest, long-term solution is to purchase another vape. Disposable vapes are designed to be replaced and recycled when their battery or E-Liquid runs out, so its seemingly premature death is part of its intended user-friendly purpose. 

However, there are a couple short-term solutions if you want to get those last few puffs, or prevent overheating.

If you leave your disposable to rest for a bit, it may regain a small amount of voltage with a last bit of power from the battery. If you don't have another vape on hand, this can help to get a few last puffs before you can purchase another.

It’s possible your vape is rechargeable, though this isn't common with disposables. You'll know if your device is rechargeable if you can locate a charging port. They are often visible but can sometimes be located on the bottom of your vape pen, underneath a rubber cap. 

To prevent overheating, you simply need to take shorter puffs. Shorter puffs ensure your device is unlikely to shut off as you limit the risk of overheating. Work in partnership with your vape's warning signs to ensure the safest, most pleasant vaping experience you can have!

Taking better care for your vape can go a long way too. If you want to get the most out of it, it's important to try not to drop it or expose it to water. 

Preventing damage makes sure it gets the most out of its intended lifespan. Taking shorter puffs helps with this, as you are not detracting from how long it's expected to last.

Find Your Perfect Disposable Vape with TABlites

Overall, your disposable vape's blinking light is working with you, not against you! Think of it as your vape's way of telling you something is wrong. 

Get 5 disposable vapes for just £20 and stay fully stocked so that a flashing light never keeps you from having a disposable vape to hand. There’s no need to panic about replacement with TABlites- we’re here to fulfil all your vaping needs.

Give us a call at 0161 723 0064 for expert service or simply send us a message through our form or email , we're always happy to assist you!


How long do disposable vapes last?

If you’re not a heavy vape user, your disposable should not need replacing for at least a few days. On average they tend to last between 300-600 puffs, however it’s entirely dependent on the E-liquid capacity of the model you’re using. However, if you are a heavy user, you can expect to need to replace it quite quickly as you’ll typically be taking more puffs from your disposable. 

How long does a vape last after blinking?

How long your vape may last after blinking will depend on the reason it’s blinking. If you’ve been using a device that has around 600 puffs for a couple of days and it begins to blink, there is most likely no life left in it and it’s time to replace.

If you’ve started taking shorter puffs because you believe it to be overheating, then your disposable should continue to last for its intended lifespan. Leaving your vape to rest after blinking is always a good idea because it’s possible to get that last little bit of life out of its battery!

Can I still use my vape if it’s flashing?

As we touched on before, leaving it to rest no matter why it’s flashing is a great way to see if you can get any more life from it. It’s best to set it aside when flashing just incase of overheating, in order to limit any risk. You should probably only try using it again once the flashing has subsided and if you’ve left it alone for a little while.

What if it’s flashing straight out of the box and not working?

You’ve likely been very unlucky and received a factory defect. It’s worth keeping the receipt just in case the retailer you purchased your device from offers refunds, or contact the manufacturer directly who may potentially offer a replacement. If you experience this problem with any of our products, make sure to email

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