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How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

The lifespan of vape coils can vary depending on several factors, including the type of coil used, individual vaping habits, type of e-liquid used, duration of puff, coil’s resistance, power settings, and maintenance practices. Generally, vape coils last anywhere from a few days up to four weeks, but it's important to note that this is an estimate, and individual experiences may differ.

Most vape coil manufacturers recommend replacing your vape coils after a week of use, however, if you vape less frequently than the average vaper your coils can last for longer periods of time.

One of the most important things to understand is that a vape coil doesn't just stop working. The flavour will deteriorate, taste burnt and become a less pleasurable vaping experience. In theory, you can continue to vape, so deciding when your coil needs replacing is up to you.

Vape coils are disposable products and will need to be replaced regularly for best performance and flavour, but there are a few tips that we will teach you in this article to avoid prematurely burning your atomiser vape coils.

If you’re reading this article chances are you are relatively new to vaping and are interested in knowing how long your vape coils should last, or for ways to make them last longer. We are here to help guide you on your vaping journey and offer some helpful information and useful tips along the way.

Top 10 Tips: How To Prolong The Life Of Your Vape Coils

Vaping frequency

The more frequently you vape, the quicker your coils will wear out. Continuous usage puts more strain on the coil, causing it to degrade faster.

If you are a heavy vaper and use your vape often throughout the day, you may find that your vape coils only last a few days. If you vape everyday but take smaller and less frequent inhales on your vape, the coils may last up to a couple of weeks. If you are a social or casual vaper, your vape coils may only need replacing every four weeks.

Wattage and power settings

Higher wattages and power settings generate more heat, which can lead to faster coil deterioration. It's important to use coils that are compatible with your device's recommended wattage range and adjust your settings accordingly.

Lower wattages will put less strain on your coils, if you prefer higher wattages you will generally go through more coils than someone using lower wattages. Most vape coils will provide a wattage range (on the actual coil) to set your device to for the optimal vaping performance.

For example - Aspire AF Mesh Coils are available in two resistances:

  • 0.6Ω Mesh Coil – Best vaped between 15W-18W
  • 1.0Ω Mesh Coil – Best vaped between 12W-15W


When you first install a new vape coil it is important to ‘prime the coil’ (allow the e-liquid to fully saturate the wicking material) before use. Priming the coil means when you drip a few drops of e-liquid onto the exposed cotton wicking material within your coil. This process allows the vape juice to soak into the wick at a faster rate.

Alternatively, you can fill your vape pod or tank with vape juice and wait a few minutes for the juice to wet the wicking material./p>

If you press the power button when the coil isn’t saturated with e-liquid, the cotton material will burn resulting in your coil tasting burnt.

Leave your new atomiser coil for up to 10 minutes with e-liquid in your pod or tank, and turn the power of your device to a lower power setting, once your coil is primed you are ready to vape.

For a step by step guide on priming your vape coils read our article: How To Prime A Vape Coil In 5 Easy Steps

Dry Burn

It is important to keep your tank or pod topped up with e-liquid and never letting them run dry. Many devices will feature an e-liquid window so you can see your e-liquid levels at all times. If the liquid in your tank is running dry, add a few drops of juice.

If you notice you are getting a dry hit, avoid vaping for a few minutes and fill your pod or tank with e-liquid allowing time for your wick to soak up more e-liquid.

Correct inhaling technique

The draw on a traditional cigarette can differ to the inhale on an e-cigarette. Many new vapers inhale on a vape like they would a cigarette, instead of short and sharp inhales, a longer, slow and steady draw for around 3-5 seconds is best.

If you draw harder on a cigarette, it will burn faster and you get more smoke. If you want more vapour from your e-cigarette you need to press down the fire button for longer and inhale longer.When using vape kits or disposable vapes with inhale-activation technology, a slow and steady inhale will provide a more satisfying puff. When making the switch to vaping the correct inhaling technique can take some getting used to.

Inhaling too hard, or not enough can cause issues with your vape coils.

Avoid chain vaping, this is when you continuously vape in a short period of time (draws in quick succession). Your e-liquid may not saturate the wicks within your atomiser as the coil heats up, resulting in the coil burning resulting in an unpleasant taste and degrading your coils at a faster rate.

Waiting for longer periods between draws allows the coil to cool down and for the e-liquid to wet the wicking material for a better vaping experience and longer lasting coils.

Sweetened e-liquids

E-liquids with high levels of sweeteners and colouring can caramelise (turn the e-liquid darker and thicker), and gunk up coils quicker. Sweeteners can leave residue on the coil, preventing the cotton wicking material from being saturated correctly, considerably reducing its lifespan and leaving a burnt taste.

Clear or less sweetened e-liquids may result in longer coil life. It may be worth opting for tobacco, menthol or fruit flavours instead of candy or dessert flavours.

For more information about your vape tasting burnt, have a read of our guide:Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt & How To Fix It

Maintenance and care

Regular maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of your coils. Cleaning your tank, priming coils properly before use, keeping your e-liquid levels topped up, can all contribute to extending coil life.

Keeping your coils in good working order can not only provide a more satisfying vaping experience, but also save you money.

Have a read of our useful guide: Guide To Cleaning Your Vape

Turn down the power

If you are using a device that offers variable wattage, try turning the power output down. Lower wattage means less strain on your coils resulting in your coils lasting longer.

Many modern vape kits feature ‘smart mode’, this is where your device will read the ohms or resistance of your vape coil that’s installed and automatically set the wattage output of your device within the sweet spot for optimal performance.

For more information about vape coils, have a read of our guide: Ultimate Guide To Vape Coils

PG/VG e-liquids

If you find your coils are burning quicker than usual, it’s worth looking at the type of juice you are using. E-liquids with a higher ratio of VG (vegetable glycerine) are thicker in consistency to liquids with a higher ratio of PG (propylene glycol) and may destroy your coils faster.

High VG e-liquids are ideal for sub ohm and DTL (direct to lung) vaping with a high powered device, but if you are using a low to mid powered device; 50/50, high PG and nic salts may be a better option. The thinner consistency of these juices are less prone to clogging, and are compatible with low-powered MTL (mouth to lung) devices like pod and pen kits. You may need to increase the nicotine strength of your e-liquid for the same satisfaction, but you will consume less vape juice and your coils will last much longer than they currently do.

Coil quality

Always purchase your vape coils from reputable manufacturers and ensure you are getting the correct coil for your device. Not all vape coils are made equal!

If you have the option of purchasing mesh coils for your device, it’s worth giving them a try. Mesh coils heat up evenly as the current is spread out across a larger area when compared to regular coils (a thread of wire coiled into a spiral). Even heat distribution and better wick-to-wire contact often results in longer lasting vape coils.

How do I know when my vape coil needs changing?

  • Vape tastes burnt/metal taste
  • Vapour production is reduced
  • Leaking/Gurgling
  • E-liquid turned dark brown
  • Burnt smell

For more information about when to change your vape coil read our guide: How Do You Know When To Change A Vape Coil?

We hope you found this article useful and the tips we have shared will help extend the life of your vape coils. By following these 10 tips you can save a considerable amount of money and not have to constantly replace your coils.

If you need any help or advice on e-liquids, vape kits, tanks or coils, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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