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Best Vape Kits of 2023 Guide

Best Vape Kits of 2023 Header Image

The world of vaping has expanded exponentially over the last few years. In fact, according to an article by the Guardian last year, vaping continues to grow rapidly in popularity, with 4.3 million people in the UK now vaping or using e-cigarettes of some kind.

As the number of vapers grows worldwide, the vaping market has grown along with it. There are now so many devices, kits, vape tanks, e-liquids, vape pens and other associated products that it’s becoming harder and harder to decide where to start or what to try next.

To help you along on your vaping journey, here is a guide to the best vapes out there.

Best New Vape Kits for 2023

Vape kits provide all the items you need to start vaping if you want to use a rechargeable vaping device. They will include the device itself, and one or two pods or tanks. Pods may have different resistance coils in them so that they can offer different experiences in some way. The kit may also include a rechargeable cable, spare coils, batteries (if not integrated into the device), and an instruction manual. 

We are often asked what’s the best vape kit on the market at the moment. This is a difficult question, not only because there are thousands of products to choose from but also because it depends on what the vaper is looking for. Rather like a cigarette, a vape that pleases one person may not do so for another!

However, whether you're an MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaper or a DTL (Direct to Lung) vaper, there's always a kit suited to your needs. So, whether you're a first-time buyer, you're upgrading your kit, or you’re trying something new, take a look at the list below to find out all about our favourite vape kits of 2023. They really are something else!

Uwell Vapes

Uwell is a leading vape manufacturer that was founded in 2015. They are known for making some of the greatest tanks, starter kits and pods around. They have a brilliant range of creative and innovative products that are known for their quality and aesthetics, and, for this reason, they are renowned the world over for making some of the best vapes. In 2023, they have two very special offerings coming our way.

Uwell products feature self-cleaning technology meaning that the maintenance on their products is naturally lower. On top of this, their batteries charge quicker and last for longer too. 

Uwell Caliburn A3

Uwell Caliburn A3 Pod System Kit Blue

The Uwell Caliburn A3 comes particularly high on our list of recommendations for 2023. The Caliburn A series has already given us some fantastic starter kits, including the Caliburn A2, the Caliburn A2S, the original Caliburn, and the Caliburn Koko. All of them have been excellent in their own right. As such, we believe the Caliburn A3 is definitely an inch or so ahead of many other starter vape kits this year.

The Caliburn A3 is an updated version of the Caliburn A2, with an updated pod and button-lock features. It also charges faster than its predecessors (15 minutes), and comes with a 520mAh battery and USB-C charging. An LED light at the base of the device highlights how much charge is left in the battery and the device's status. Its maximum output is 13W.

The A3 comes with a fire button that you can lock but if you prefer, you can also choose the auto-draw firing option. It comes with two A3 1 Ohm meshed pods that although disposable, are also refillable via a port at the top and will hold up to 2ml of your own choice of e-liquid. It has built-in coils, so there is limited maintenance for a new vaper to worry about. An e-liquid window also lets you see when you are beginning to run low. 

As with many Uwell products, the A3 comes in a range of colours: red, black, blue, green, grey, and silver. As such, you can stylise it to meet your own taste.

The Caliburn A3 pod is larger than the A2 but is super easy to use. It delivers a perfect MTL inhale and because the device has inhale activation technology and a standard firing button, you can choose what option you prefer.

Once activated, you'll get a wonderful MTL inhale that produces a small amount of vapour similar to that of a cigarette.

Uwell Caliburn AK3

Uwell Caliburn AK3 Pod Kit Grey

The Uwell Caliburn AK3 pod vape kit is very compact and slim compared to many other options out there. It also produces just the right amount of vapour to give you the perfect MTL vaping experience. It's really easy to use, making it ideal for beginners, but it is also popular with some established vapers who like a vape that keeps things simple.

This device charges quickly (within 15 minutes) using a USB-C fast charge cable (not included). Its built-in 520mAh battery means it also holds the charge for longer. Also, as the device uses a fixed power output, you will always get a consistent vaping experience even if the battery needs charging.

Each kit includes two 1.0 Ohm mesh A3 pods that can be refilled with 2ml of e-liquid of your choice. As the kit is activated when you inhale, there are no menus or buttons, meaning that on top of everything else, it's really simple to operate. Indicator lights and an e-liquid window further simplify the device, making it totally perfect for new vapers who are just beginning their journey. 

Aspire Vapes

Aspire is renowned for its fantastic entry-level and sub-ohm kits. Specialising in out-of-the-box coils and tanks, they provide great flavour and quite a good cloud.

Aspire is known for being innovative and staying one step ahead of its competitors, meaning you know you have something special with this brand. Aspire vape kits provide quality builds with a reliable and familiar design, making them popular with a lot of vapers regardless of experience. 

New from Aspire in 2023 are the Aspire Gotek X and the Aspire Cyber X, S, and G. These all offer a lot of benefits. 

The Aspire Gotek X

Aspire Gotek X Translucent Yellow

The Aspire Gotek X vape kit is ideal for those people who like their vapes compact. However, despite its matchbox-style pod, it has a 650mAh built-in battery which means it can really last the duration. Its low power output range of 10-13W is ideal for MTL vaping but if you prefer, you can also use the airflow control slider to get an excellent RML (Restricted Lung to Mouth) experience too.

One of the key features of the Gotek X is that it uses Aspire's ASP Chipset. This provides several security features, meaning that your device won't overcharge or short circuit. This should put your mind at rest for those times when you leave it sitting on charge overnight.

The device operates using inhale activation technology and only produces a small amount of vapour, meaning there are no buttons to deal with or menus to navigate. Furthermore, it produces a small amount of vapour, giving you a sensation similar to a cigarette.

Its translucent colour choices are stylish and eye-catching, and there is a wide range of flavours to buy with it. These include Pineapple and Coconut, Strawberry Ice Cream, Guava Ice, Pink Lemon, Virginia Tobacco, Blueberry Raspberry, Mango Blackcurrant, Kiwi Markisa Guava, and many more. 

When you buy the Gotek X, you have an option of prefilled or refillable 2ml pods, leaving you free to use a wide range of flavours and strengths to meet your needs. It also comes with a handy lanyard, meaning your vape will always be close at hand.

Aspire Cyber X

Aspire Cyber X Vape Kit front view - Gunmetal

This is a pocket-friendly option that has a really stunning, sleek and modern look. Its futuristic transparent look and its range of colour choices are ideal for those that want to look stylish as they vape. On top of that, it’s made of zinc alloy, meaning it’s highly durable. 

With its 1000mAh battery, the Cyber X vape kit will give you up to two days of vaping on just a single charge. This kit features single-button and inhale activation, meaning you can choose the vaping style of your choice. The button also allows you to switch between 3 firing modes so that you can control how much vapour you get.

There are two Aspire TSX pods that come with this kit. One of these has a 0.8 Ohm mesh coil and the other has a 1.0 Ohm mesh coil, meaning that whichever you choose, your e-liquid will heat quickly and efficiently, improving flavour and vapour cloud. These pods are easily refillable and feature adjustable airflow so that you can ensure you get the inhale you enjoy. It is ideal for both MTL and RML vaping, and it requires less maintenance than many kits out there. As such, this kit really is shaping up to be one of the best vapes of the year. 

This device is chargeable with a USB-C cable that comes with the kit. 

Aspire Cyber S

Aspire Cyber S Vape Kit Hunter Green

The Aspire Cyber S vape kit is another compact kit from Aspire. Its futuristic design is highly desirable and it produces an excellent MTL or RDL (Restricted Direct to Lung) vaping experience, depending on your preference.

The Cyber S vape kit is powered by a built-in 700mAh battery that has been optimised to ensure its charge holds for up to two days, meaning you'll rarely be left with a flat vape.

The kit contains two refillable pods with built-in mesh coils, meaning maintenance and refilling are simple. The coils are 0.8 Ohm and 1.0 Ohm, both offering excellent resistance. It has both button and inhale activation options, as well as 3 power settings so you can choose how much vapour you get. Coloured indicator lights will let you know what function is operational, so you can tell whether the device is operating in auto-draw mode or whether it’s currently button activated.

The device charges using a USB-C cable that is included in the kit.

Aspire Cyber G

Aspire Cyber G Vape Kit in Pink

If you want a discreet and easy-to-use vape kit, look no further than the Aspire Cyber G. This is a sophisticated, vibrant vape pen-style device that is beautiful to hold. It comes with a high-capacity 850mAh battery that will ensure you can vape for hours before you need to recharge. It has a really fast charging speed and gives a powerful performance, making it one of the best vapes we’ve seen this year. Furthermore, its indicator lights will helpfully tell you when its battery is running low, meaning you can clearly see when you finally need to recharge.

There are 2ml Aspire TG pods with the kit, both of which have an integrated coil that provides a great MTL or RDL experience. The device features both button and inhale activation, giving you the chance to personalise your vaping experience so that it meets your needs. Its 3 power settings let you enjoy the level of vapour you prefer, too.

The pods themselves are 0.8 Ohm and 1.0 Ohm, helping you to further control vapour production. Either one provides a smooth and subtle inhale that closely mimics a cigarette. 

Although this device is very beginner friendly it is perfect for established vapers too, who will love the design, the battery life and the various user options it provides.

The device is chargeable via the USB-C charging cable that comes with the kit. 

Smok Vapes

Smok, also known as Smoktech, make some of the best vapes in the world. They offer a wide variety of products to suit your needs, whether you're an experienced vaper who wants to practice cloud-chasing or whether you're new to vaping and need a compact beginner's kit.

In 2022, Smok brought us some stand-out vaping kits. In 2023, they have gone all-out to impress us yet again—and they’ve hit the mark!

Smok Solus G

Smok Solus G in Purple

The Smok Solus G is quite the star. Its 700mAh long-life battery means you can keep vaping all day without reaching for the charging cable, and the device comes in different colours so that you can match it to your style. Its transparent case that lights up really does make it a striking product. 

This kit is very easy for beginners and is also wonderfully convenient – even fitting on a lanyard so it can't be lost. Its standard coil pod is 2ml.

The Smok Solus G offers you the ability to easily switch between RDL and MTL. This particular pod vapes in a very similar way to a cigarette when you inhale it, making it a brilliant substitute for those that are giving up cigarettes. The pods include a 0.9 Ohm MTL coil and can store 2ml of e-liquid. This can be changed to RDL if preferred.

USB-C charging cable is included. 

Smok Solus G Box

Smok Solus G Box in Blue

This is a pod vape kit that's perfect for first-time switchers and experienced vapers alike. Its built-in battery is 700mAh, giving you 18W of power – so even if you're a heavy vaper, it should see you through the day. 

Its built-in mesh coil is designed for a perfect MTL style and its inhale activation also helps to give the feel of a cigarette. Furthermore, there are no buttons or screens to use on these kits, and no settings to have to master, making your vaping experience simple. To add to that cigarette feel, the pod only produces a discrete amount of vapour. 

On top of this, the kit comes with a fast-charging USB-C cable and a lanyard attachment, meaning that you can charge it quickly and it will always be close by. 

The Solus G Box's pods are easily refillable with your own e-liquid. 

Best Vapes From 2022 to Pick up in 2023

Although 2023 has some brilliant new vaping kits on offer, there are still some outstanding ones available from last year. As such, here are some of the best vapes that 2022 had to offer us! We highly recommend them. 

Vaporesso Xros 3

Vaporesso XROS 3 Kit Synthwave

The Vaporesso Xros 3 vape kit was everywhere in 2022 - and for good reason. 

The main reason for this kit's popularity is its simplicity. Its 2ml refillable Xros pod has an RDL coil built in, meaning you don't need to face annoying coil changes. Its spare MTL pod means you can also change how you inhale whenever you want. Furthermore, its 1000mAh battery means you can vape for up to 48 hours before you need to charge.

This vape kit is really easy to use, meaning all you have to do is puff on it to operate it. The 1.0 Ohm pod will give you a small amount of vapour and an excellent MTL inhale whilst the 0.6 Ohm pod creates a fair amount of cloud and a really good RDL experience.

This device also features something called 'Pulse Mode', which intensifies the strength and flavour of your vape.

The Xros pod is easy to refill, meaning you can use your own e-liquid whenever you wish. It also has leak-resistant technology, providing you with a clean vape every time. Even better, it has adjustable airflow, meaning you can further personalise your vaping style.

This kit comes with its own USB-C charging cable.

Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini Pod Kit

Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini

The XROS 3 Mini, the latest addition to Vaporesso's popular XROS series of user-friendly pod vapes and a miniaturised version of the XROS 3 seen above. This compact yet powerful device boasts a high-density battery that can last up to two days of vaping on a single charge, making it a perfect choice for vapers on the go.

Refill the Xros pod with ease, so you can enjoy your own e-liquid anytime. Experience a clean vape with its leak-resistant technology. And with adjustable airflow, personalize your vaping style.

The XROS 3 Mini operates with simple inhale-activation (inhale to vape), eliminating the need for any buttons, which makes it suitable for vapers of all levels seeking a dependable device that provides a satisfying draw. The built-in Pulse Mode technology will ensure consistent performance and improved flavour with every puff.

This Mini XROS 3 device is compatible with the complete selection of 2ml XROS series built-in coil pods, catering to both MTL and RDTL vapers. These fixed-coil pods alleviate the hassle of coil replacements, as you can simply replace the entire pod when the coil is worn out.

Uwell Caliburn X

Ink Blue UWELL Caliburn X Kit

This is a sophisticated and stylish vaping option that will appeal to beginners and pros alike. 

Delivering an excellent MTL inhale that feels a lot like a cigarette, the Caliburn X has an adjustable power range which also means you can set this device to fit your needs. Furthermore, its 850mAh built-in battery means you can vape for much longer between charges.

The kit comes with a 2ml refillable Caliburn X pod as well as 2 Caliburn X coils, making your life easy. To make things even simpler, it only has one button, so there is not much to learn. It also possesses inhale activation technology, meaning that if the device is unlocked, you can just begin vaping by inhaling from it.

Smok Nord 5

White Dart SMOK Nord 5 Kit

The Smok Nord 5 Sub-Ohm kit is very pocket-friendly and compact, meaning it’s excellent for when you're on the go. To add to its appeal it has an impressive 2000mAh battery and produces up to 80W, making it ideal for producing powerful flavours and large clouds of vapour. 

The two Smok RPM 3 coils that are supplied give a great DTL (Direct to Lung) inhale. It also has adjustable power settings, meaning you can choose how much vape it produces, further personalising your vaping. Its adjustable dual airflow also gives you further control. 

This device comes with some handy safety features and also improved anti-leak protection.

Smok RPM 5

Smok RPM 5 Kit - Black

The Smok RPM 5 vape kit is an excellent option for beginners and professional vapers alike. It has an attractive and compact design, and its 2000mAh built-in battery provides higher power output and longer vaping time between charges. The battery will support the kit’s 80W max output with ease and provides an excellent DTL inhale. If you want intense flavours and impressive clouds then providing you pick the right coil, this vape kit will not let you down. 

The kit itself contains everything you need to get started, including a refillable 2ml pod and two Smok RPM 3 mesh coils. Also, its variable wattage mode means you can get anything from 5W – 80W, depending on the coil you’ve chosen. This will enable you to get the exact flavour and vapour you require. 

This device does have a screen and interface but it is easy to understand, meaning setting it up is simple and you can make adjustments with ease.

Each RPM 5 pod can take up to 2ml of an e-liquid of your choice, meaning you can really experiment with flavours. Refilling is very simple; you just remove a rubber stopper at the top of the device and you will find the filling port. The 0.23 Ohm coil and the 0.15 Ohm coil that come with the kit both feature a mesh build that provides an improved flavour by heating more e-liquid and at a faster speed. 

This kit comes with the device itself, a Smok RPM 5 pod, a 0.15 Ohm Smok RPM coil, a 0.23 Ohm Smok RPM 3 Coil, a USB-C charging cable and a user manual. 

Best Disposable Vapes in 2023

Some people like to buy vape kits that give them something semi-permanent, as already discussed. However, for convenience purposes, you can’t go far wrong with a disposable vape. They are literally ready to go from the moment you take them out of the box – rather like a cigarette. There’s also no maintenance involved and no need to learn how to use them. You won’t need to work out how to refill them and there isn’t the cost and inconvenience of recharging them. You will never have to assemble a pod or clean a pipe because as soon as the vape is finished, you simply chuck it away. 

If you want to simplify the entire vaping process, then disposable vapes are the way to go! Here are some of the best disposable vapes for 2023.

Lost Mary BM600

Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary Disposable Pod BM600

Lost Mary vapes are a well-known range of disposable lightweight vapes that are simple to use and come with a wide range of flavours. They are particularly good at providing fruit and menthol blends, and the Lost Mary BM600 is no different. There are 24 flavours in the Lost Mary BM600 range, including Blueberry, Blue Razz Cherry, Blue Razz Ice, Cherry Ice, Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Cherry Peach Lemonade, Cotton Candy Ice, Marybull Ice, Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, Watermelon Ice, Double Apple, and many more. 

Lost Mary BM600 has a built-in 550mAh battery that will last for up to 600 puffs. Blended with 20mg of nicotine salts, they provide a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Lost Mary QM600

Cherry Ice Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vape

Lost Mary QM600 disposable vapes are a simple yet stylish way to vape. Prefilled with 2ml of your favourite flavoured nicotine salt e-liquid, they provide a smooth, relaxing and enjoyable hit and last for up to 600 puffs per device. They come in numerous flavours including Blueberry, Blueberry Raspberry, Blue Razz Cherry, Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate, Cola, Cherry Ice, Grape, Peach Strawberry Watermelon, Triple Mango, and several more. 

The Lost Mary QM600 range comes with a built-in 550mAh battery that can last the equivalent of 20 cigarettes but at a tiny proportion of the price.

Best E-Liquids for 2023

Whether you’re new to vaping or you’re an established vaper looking to try out a new e-liquid, choosing a new all-day vape can seem impossible. Especially as there are literally thousands of flavours on the market today!

As such, we have come up with this list to help you on your e-liquid journey. 

IVG Bar Favourites

Blueberry Sour Raspberry IVG Nic Salt Bar Favourites 10ml Bottle

IVG is a well-established e-liquid manufacturer that offers a vast number of popular disposable vape flavours. They like to please their customers, and you can tell by the way they pick their flavours. There is literally something for everyone within its range!

IVG Bar Favourites is no exception. With a total of twenty-one popular profiles to choose from including mint, fruit and drinks, you are bound to find something that appeals to your taste buds. Menthol is commonplace with disposables, so expect several of these flavours to give you that familiar cool-down sensation. 

IVG Bar Favourites are able to be bought in 10 ml bottles, and they come in either 10mg or 20mg salt nicotine strengths, depending on your preference. These are perfectly blended for MTL vaping and are TPD compliant. They also come with a child-proof cap for safety purposes. 

This is an e-liquid range that tries hard to compete with other disposables in both flavour and vapour production. As such, using it with a vape pen that aims for a relaxing MTL experience would be ideal. 

Doozy Vape Seriously Bar Salt

Lemon Lime Seriously Bar Salts by Doozy Vape

Doozy Vape is a UK company that is world-renowned for manufacturing specialist e-liquids. They offer 100ml shortfalls and 10ml e-liquids that come in flavours that are wonderful, intriguing, and totally unique. Because of the wide range available, you can easily experiment with different flavours and find a taste that suits you. 

New vapers will particularly love their 50/50 nicotine salts, as they can get a perfect vaping experience that will give MTL vaping that mimics a real cigarette. 

Doozy Vape Seriously Bar Salt hasn’t launched just yet—it’s due to appear on our website later in the month. However, as Doozy Vape has given us some wonderful products in the past, we’re willing to bet that these will be up there with the best vape options of 2023 too. 

Elfliq Vape Juice

Grape Elfliq vape juice | Official Elf Bar E-Liquid

Elfliq vape juice is a range of best-selling e-liquid flavours. They were originally inspired by Elf Disposables but have now come into their own in the e-liquid world.

This Elf Bar e-liquid uses nicotine salts to achieve a smoothness in your throat that will have you coming back for more. It comes in 10mg and 20mg strengths and is wonderful at creating a small vapour cloud similar to a cigarette, meaning it’s ideal if you’re trying to give up the real thing. 

Elfliq Vape Juice comes in several flavours including Blueberry, Apple, Cherry, Cola, Mango, Grape, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tobacco, and Watermelon.

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