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IVG 2400 Disposable Vape

Introducing the IVG 2400, a revolutionary compact and portable disposable vape, offering 4 pre-filled pod cartridges equivalent to 4 regular 600 puff disposables in one device. Experience up to 2400 puffs per bar, making it the UK’s first TPD compliant big puff disposable device of its kind. This exciting kit features a 1500mAh built-in battery and 4 x 2ml capacity prefilled e-liquid cartridges, all in one convenient 4 in 1 device, ensuring long-lasting vaping enjoyment.

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  • 3 for £30
    IVG 2400 Multi Flavour Yellow Edition- 5056617540328 - TABlites
    IVG 2400 Multi Flavour Yellow Edition- 5056617540328 - TABlites

    IVG 2400 Multi Flavour Yellow Edition

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    IVG 2400 Multi Flavour Yellow Edition Introducing the IVG 2400, a revolutionary compact and portable disposable vape, offering 4 pre-filled pod car...

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How to use the IVG 2400 disposable vape

Start by removing the mouthpiece section on the top of the device, load all 4 cartridges (metal connection facing down), and reattach the mouthpiece. Lift and twist the middle section of the device to align the arrows, making sure the arrows on the upper section are aligned. Lift and rotate to move on to the next pod.

There are no complex buttons or menus to worry about, just inhale on the device to activate the battery, the battery heats up the mesh coil built into the pod cartridges and produces a vapour to inhale.

When the pod is empty, simply lift and rotate to reload the next pod and continue vaping. Some options are prefilled with the same flavour, whilst others feature multi-flavour options, so you can lift and rotate to reload the next flavour in search of your new favourite.

Each pod cartridge is filled with 20mg of flavoured salt nicotine vape juice to deliver a smooth and mild throat hit on every puff. Nic salts deliver nicotine into the bloodstream quickly, providing instant satisfaction and curbing cravings effectively.

The pods feature built-in mesh coils, a mesh-like structure made of wire to allow for better and more even heating of the vape juice. This results in improved flavour production, delivering rich and intense taste profiles. Additionally, the larger surface area of mesh coils facilitates faster wicking, preventing dry hits and increasing the longevity of the coil. With reduced ramp-up time, mesh coils provide instant vapour production, enhancing the overall vaping experience.

The 1500mAh non-rechargeable battery comes pre-charged and is designed to outlast 2400 puffs from the IVG 2400 disposable device.

Experience incredible value with IVG 2400, offering 95% more value per puff compared to standard disposables, they are 75% more environmentally friendly too.

Recycle your disposable vape devices at your local Tablites vape store or designated electrical waste collection point when it no longer produces vapour. Be environmentally responsible and dispose of your vape device properly with Tablites.

IVG 2400 Flavours

  • Yellow Edition - Lemon and Lime, Tropical Fruits, Fresh Mint, Menthol Mojito and Pineapple Ice.
  • Blue Edition - Ice Pop, Bubblegum Fusion, Professor Blue and Blue Raspberry Ice.
  • Pink Edition - Strawberry Ice, Strawberry Mint Menthol Mojito, Watermelon Ice and Strawberry Watermelon.
  • Purple Edition - Fizzy Cherry, Grape Ice, Plum Blue Razz and Blue Razz Cherry.

IVG 2400 Key Features

  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Big Puff Disposable Vape Device
  • Inhale-Activated (Inhale to vape)
  • 4 Prefilled Pods in 1 Device
  • Up to 2400 Puffs (4 x 600 Puff Cartridges)
  • 4 x 2ml Capacity Pods (Prefilled with e-liquid)
  • 20mg Salt Based Nicotine
  • Disposable 1500mAh Battery
  • Revolving Pod System
  • 95% More Value Per Puff
  • 75% More Eco-Friendly
  • TPD Compliant

Box Contents

  • 1 x IVG 2400 Disposable Vape