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Eco-Friendly Vaping - TABlites

Eco-Friendly Vaping

Top 10 tips - How to become a more environmentally friendly vaper

Welcome to the world of eco-friendly vaping! As the popularity of vaping continues to rise, it's essential to consider the environmental impact of our choices. By adopting eco-conscious practices, we can enjoy our vaping experience while minimising waste and promoting sustainability.

Eco-friendly vaping revolves around reducing, reusing, and recycling. It's about making conscious choices that prioritise the health of our planet. From the devices we use to the e-liquids we consume, there are numerous ways to make a positive impact.

So, whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting your vaping journey, join us in embracing eco-friendly vaping practices. Together, let's make a positive impact, reduce waste, and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for all.

Below you will find our top 10 tips on how to become a more eco-friendly vaper. By incorporating these practices into your vaping routine and promoting eco-friendly choices, you can significantly reduce your environmental impact while continuing to enjoy vaping. Remember, every small step towards sustainability counts, so be mindful of your choices and inspire others to join the movement for a greener vaping community.

Buy UK made vape juice

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Fossil fuels are by far the largest contributors to global climate change and account for over 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 90% of all carbon dioxide emissions.

One way to reduce the impact your vaping has on the environment is to always purchase UK made e-liquids from local suppliers. Buying locally will reduce the amount of fuel used by vehicles transporting the deliveries, including carbon emissions associated with long-distance shipping. 

Vape juice brands from overseas blend delicious tasting vape flavours, but there is a vast amount of vape juice manufacturers that produce their e-liquids right here in the UK. At TABlites we stock many of these great brands including IVG, Doozy Vape, Vampire Vape, Simple Essentials, Riot Squad and many more. These brands produce some of the most mouth-watering and flavourful vape juices in the world. By purchasing from these brands you reduce your environmental impact when vaping without sacrificing the quality of your vaping experience. 

Most cars, trucks and aeroplanes run on fossil fuels, making transportation a major contributor of greenhouse gases, especially carbon-dioxide emissions. Transportation accounts for nearly one quarter of global energy related carbon-dioxide emissions. There are so many e-liquid manufacturers based in the UK offering so much choice, so if you are looking for more eco-friendly ways to vape, always buy your vapes locally and from UK based brands where possible.

Not only does purchasing UK-made vape juice reduce your carbon footprint, but also supports local businesses and contributes to the growth of the domestic vaping industry. This helps sustain local jobs and economic development within your community.

By making informed choices and supporting local initiatives, we can contribute to a greener and more sustainable vaping community.

Buying from eco-friendly suppliers

Purchasing your vape supplies from companies that have adopted environmentally friendly practices is always advantageous on your journey to more eco-friendly vaping practices.

At TABlites, we are always looking to improve our methods, materials and processes for more eco-friendly alternatives.

A few examples of our sustainable practices

  • The cardboard boxes we use for our wholesale orders are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved and are made with materials for responsible sources.
  • The cushioned mailers we use to send orders out to our customers are designed for recycling and are made with at least 60% recycled content. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved.
  • The mail bags we use are made from 80% reclaimed material and are 100% recyclable.
  • We have teamed up with the Green Wings Project, so you can now bring your used disposable vapes to participating Tablites stores for recycling.

Remember, every conscious choice makes a difference. By supporting eco-friendly vape suppliers, you contribute to a more sustainable vaping industry and help drive positive change towards a greener future.

Switch to rechargeable vape kits

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Making the switch from disposable vape devices to more permanent options is a great place to start on your journey to greener vape practices. Every disposable vape requires a lithium-ion battery, the more disposables we use, the more lithium batteries are needed.  

Disposable vapes in the UK provide up to 600 puffs before they can be safely disposed of. They can be recycled, but currently they are hard to break down to individual parts. Lithium mining is increasing around the world that harms the soil and causes air contamination, so by being conscious about the devices we are choosing we will use less lithium, helping to save the planet as well as saving you money in the process.

Ditching the disposables and choosing re-usable and longer-lasting devices like the Aspire PockeX, Uwell Caliburn A3, or Innokin Endura Apex vape kit is a great place to start. These products have been tried and tested by millions of customers around the world and offer more ways to tailor the vape to suit your individual needs compared to single-use disposable vape alternatives.

While rechargeable vape kits in some cases may have a higher upfront cost, they offer long-term cost savings. Instead of continuously purchasing disposable devices, you only need to replace coils or refill e-liquid as needed. This not only saves money but also reduces the amount of packaging waste generated.

Rechargeable vapes refers to vape kits where the battery can be recharged over and over again (up to 300 times) and offers a much more sustainable choice. Vapes are classed as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). This means that when your rechargeable vape kits reach the end of their lives, they should be delivered to your local household recycling centres so the materials can be broken down and reused over again.

Most of the vape hardware available in the UK is manufactured overseas, but it is important to purchase your vape supplies from local and trusted suppliers to ensure you are getting the very best high-quality devices that will last for up to 12 months before needing to be replaced. At TABlites we stock hardware from some of the world’s most respected electronic cigarette manufacturers including; Aspire, Uwell, Geekvape, Smok, Vaporesso, Voopoo, OXVA and Innokin.

We can play a big part to help tackle the problem by being conscientious about the types of vape kits we choose.

Not only do rechargeable vape kits help minimise the environmental impact associated with single-use disposables, they also offer more customisation options. You can choose different coils, adjust wattage settings and experiment with various flavours and strengths of e-liquid.

Switch to refillable vape tanks/pods

Disposables, cartomizers and pre-filled pods are very easy to use and offer the ultimate vaping convenience for first time vapers that have recently transitioned from smoking.

When using pre-filled vape pods there is no need to refill the pod with e-liquid or the need to change the coil, making it a much simpler task. That being said, modern refillable pods and tanks are very user-friendly, it’s as easy as opening the chamber to reveal the filling port and fill with the e-liquid you choose. Refillable pods allow you to replenish your e-liquid supply without discarding the entire cartridge, reducing plastic waste significantly.

The same applies with replacing coils, once the coil tastes slightly burnt or vapour production is reduced, simply switch out the used coil and replace it with a new one.

Some vape kits offer pods that feature a fixed coil, meaning the coil can’t be removed. Once the coil needs changing the entire pod (pod and coil) needs replacing. Whilst they can be refilled, the coil can’t be replaced adding unnecessary plastic waste. Instead select a device that uses pods with replaceable coils and ditch the fixed-coil pods.

Refillable vape tanks that can be refilled with vape juice over and over again are not only more eco-friendly by reducing waste, but also more cost-effective.

Taking the next step on your vaping journey can be daunting at first but we are always here to help and guide you along the way.

For more information about changing your vape coils read our guide How Do You Know When To Change Your Vape Coil?

Ditch the disposable vapes

Disposable vapes have massively grown in popularity in recent years as they offer a low cost, convenient and maintenance free solution for first time vapers. The ease of use of disposable vapes makes them an attractive prospect for smokers looking to transition to vaping. That being said, disposables are tricky to dispose of correctly and produce large quantities of battery waste and plastic waste that is most likely going to end up in landfill or littered on the streets of the UK. If disposed of incorrectly it can lead to nicotine and battery acid leaking into the environment that could lead to catastrophic consequences in the future.

Throwing away single-use disposable vapes equates to over 10 tonnes of lithium each year, that could power a fleet of electric cars, or provide batteries for over 1,200 electric vehicles. More than half of all the vapes sold are thrown into the bin. It is estimated that up to 1.3 million vapes are thrown away into landfill each week in the UK.

Disposable vapes in the UK will provide on average up to 600 puffs per device. This is because the UK Government has limited the amount of nicotine containing e-liquid to 2ml. However you can buy a 10ml bottle of e-liquid providing the equivalent of 3000 puffs for cheaper. This bottle produces much less plastic waste than a disposable vape and can be used with a rechargeable vape kit. Switching to rechargeable and refillable vape kits is the answer to more sustainable vaping practices.

If you are considering making the switch from single-use disposables to a kit that can be reused over and over again take a look at our huge range of pod system vape kits.

Use vape kits with removable batteries

There are two types of vaping batteries; removable with the most popular options being 18650 or 21700. The other type is built-in batteries where the battery is integrated into the device.

All batteries have a lifespan and after some time a vape battery will need to be replaced. You can safely dismantle built-in batteries, but this isn’t always an easy task. Choosing vape kits with removable batteries makes it easier to recycle used batteries. 

Removable batteries can be placed in a battery recycling bin to ensure they are disposed of properly. Check with your local authority if they accept batteries as part of their home recycling scheme, if they do, follow special instructions on how to put them out for recycling. It is important that e-cigarette batteries are disposed of responsibly to help protect the environment as batteries contain hazardous chemicals.

For further information about recycling your vape batteries contact your local recycling centre for more information. You can find your nearest recycling facility drop-off locations on the Recycle Now website. Enter your home postcode to see how your local authority best advice to recycle vape batteries.

Please note: It is vital to understand how to use and store your batteries correctly. For more information read our Battery Safety information.

Use higher nicotine strength e-liquids

Switching to a higher nicotine strength e-liquid will result in you vaping less which leads to less plastic consumption. We recommend trying nicotine salt e-liquids as they provide a smooth inhale even when vaped with high nicotine containing e-liquids, they are fast acting and will help curb your nicotine cravings for longer periods of time.

For more information about the various styles of e-liquid take a look at our Ultimate Guide To E-Liquids.

Recycle your packaging

Vape packaging that’s been made from paper or cardboard, including e-liquid boxes, instruction manuals, vape kit boxes and outer packaging can be recycled with your paper waste, or you can take it to your local recycling facility.

In the UK we get through 12 million tonnes of paper each year and the average family throws away six trees worth of paper every year. When recycling we reduce energy use and divert from landfill reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that are released. Recycling paper reduces CO2 emissions by 20% in comparison with incinerating.

When paper is recycled it is wound into large rolls, cut and sent out to make new products including cardboard, newspapers and egg cartons, and the cycle continues.

Back in 2020, Innokin launched the vape industry’s first 100% recyclable and sustainable packaging, reducing the amount of plastic waste while still maintaining high levels of quality. By purchasing your vape hardware and e-liquid from manufacturers who are focusing on the efficiency of their production methods will result in much more eco friendly ways to vape.

Recycle your e-liquid bottles

The recycling of e-liquid bottles is a contested topic so it is always wise to check with your local authority for information on best practices and what forms of plastics they will accept.

All of the e-liquid bottles we sell on our website and at our nationwide vape stores, including nibs and caps are made from either PET, HDPE or LDPE plastics that can technically be recycled. When recycling e-liquid bottles it is important to clean the bottle to make sure all traces of e-liquid and nicotine has been removed as they may cause harm to the environment. Hazardous substances can leak into the soil and water that can potentially lead to harm to wildlife and human health.

Plastic is one of the most useful and most used materials available and we must optimise its lifespan as much as possible. Around the world we produce 300 million tonnes of plastic each year so it is important to continue to reuse and recycle plastics.

Do not dispose of your e-liquid bottles in general waste bins, instead contact your local authority and find out the best methods to recycle them. We urge our customers to recycle their vape products and safely dispose of them responsibly.

Placing larger orders

Placing larger orders for your vape supplies helps minimise your logistical carbon footprint and reduce the amount of packaging materials used.

At TABlites we offer many multi-buy vape deals on e-liquids, so if you buy larger quantities, you can save more money. Mix and match through various vape juice ranges in search of your all-day-vape.

Additional tips for eco-friendly vaping

  • Save electricity by turning off your device when not in use
  • Gift or donate your unwanted kits, tanks and e-liquids to someone that will use them
  • Recycle your lithium-ion batteries
  • Use glass tanks over plastic tanks
  • Using e-liquids with less sugar content will prolong the life of your vape coils
  • Prime your vape coils and make sure there is sufficient e-liquid to fully saturate your vape coils to avoid premature burn out
  • Mouth to lung (MTL) devices use less power when compared to high-powered direct to lung (DTL) alternatives
  • Peel off the e-liquid labels from the bottle before recycling
  • If you are using removable batteries it is important to carry out research on Battery Safety

The UK Government has limited the size of nicotine containing e-liquid bottles to a maximum volume of 10ml. Therefore, more plastic is needed to contain the same amount of e-liquid. The same applies for disposable vapes, where the regulations in the UK limit the amount of e-liquid to 2ml per device and offer up to 600 puffs. In other countries disposables can provide up to 3500 puffs (Elux Legend 3500), or even 5000 puffs (Elf Bar BC5000) per device. By changing these laws, we can considerably reduce the amount of waste we use on the journey to more environmentally-friendly vaping. 

Remember to educate others about the most eco-friendly approach to minimise waste and reuse materials whenever possible. By choosing rechargeable and refillable devices, recycling e-liquid bottles, and properly disposing of vape waste, you can make a positive impact on the environment while continuing to enjoy your vaping experience.

Making more environmental choices when it comes to vaping not only helps the planet but in most cases work out much cheaper too. Please consider the environment and recycle your vape products where possible to do so.

Together, we can create a greener vaping community that prioritises sustainability and respects our planet.

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