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E-Liquid and Short Fill Store UK

Here at TABlites we stock a wide selection of some of the very best e liquid and vape juice available in the industry. Whether you have a vape pen, pod system or sub ohm vape box mod, you’ll be able to find the perfect liquid to suit your needs.

All our 10ml nicotine containing eliquids are all tested and TPD compliant.

Premium Range E Liquids

Our ever popular TABlites Premium Range, is our number one selling range of e-liquid. These liquids are a high PG mix of 80% PG and 20% VG, making them perfect for vape ego pens and regular ‘mouth to lung’ vape tanks (such as Aspire BVC or Nautilus tanks). This range has a selection of tobacco flavours, menthol flavours, fruit flavours and sweet dessert flavours designed to suit the needs of all vapers and they are available in 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

You can buy these eliquids at a multibuy price of 3 for £10 or even get 10 bottles for £30.

Vampire Vape Juice

Vampire Vapes e-liquid are some of the most popular juices manufactured in the UK. Vampire Vape are famous for the strong and bold flavourings of their ejuice and cheap price. Their most popular flavours include Heisenberg, Pinkman, Blood Sukka and Pear Drop. Their most popular line is the 50/50 PG/VG 10ml bottles which are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg, however they also have a number of VG short fill ranges including Koncept and Shortz and even nic salts!

10ml VG Bottles

We stock a number of lines of VG based eliquids in 10ml bottles too. You can find these liquids in 3mg and 6mg from brands such as Sugar Pie Vapes, Totem E-Liquid, Double Drip, Pocket Fuel, Dinner Lady and many more. VG ejuice is most suited to sub-ohm vape devices (i.e. devices with a coil resistance below 1.0 ohm) such as the Aspire Cleito or Smok TFV tanks that make big clouds.

Short Fill eLiquid

In 2018 the vape industry saw a move towards short fill eliquid bottles. A short fill is a 0mg bottle of ejuice designed to be mixed with a nicotine shot to create a 3mg or 6mg juice and they are usually found in a max vg blend.

Why are they called short fills?

They are called short fills because the bottles are not filled to the top to allow space for the 10ml nicotine shot to be added. You will usually find 50ml of liquid in a 60ml bottle or 100ml of liquid in a 120ml bottle. Adding a 10ml nic shots at 18mg to a 50ml short fill will produce a 3mg eliquid, adding two will produce a 6mg. Since you’ll be adding flavourless nicotine shots to your shortfill, you’ll often find that shortfills are more highly concentrated.

Here at TABlites we stock a huge variety of 0mg short fill liquids in sizes including 25ml, 50ml, 100ml and even 200ml. Our most popular ranges include Nasty Juice, Dinner Lady, IVG, Element E-Liquid, Sugar Pie Vapes and Vampire Vape. All our shortfills are sold with nicotine shots to make your liquid up to 3mg but if you’d like to make your liquid stronger you can purchase additional TABnic shots for just £1.99.

Nicotine Salt / Nic Salt

2019 saw an explosion in demand and production of nic salt ejuice. These liquids contain a type of nicotine that has been extracted in a different way to conventional nicotine containing liquids that make the e juice far smoother to vape on. As a result, a higher nic strength can be added to the liquid and in the UK and Europe you’ll usually find these liquids in 10mg or 20mg but you may also find 12mg and 18mg as well.

Nic Salts are usually used in pod type vapes as these often produce less vapour than pen style or sub-ohm vapes so the additional nicotine in the liquid means the vaper still gets a satisfying hit from their vape.

Pod systems and nicotine salt are becoming so popular due to the convenience of getting your nicotine from a light, compact and small device with limited vapour production. They are perfect for vaping in public places where less cloud production is preferable.

These liquids are available from some of the biggest brands such as Nasty Juice, Solt, IVG and Dinner Lady.


You’ll always find the latest and brand new e-liquids at TABlites, both online and in our stores. We move with industry trends to ensure we always have the best and most sought after flavours and styles available.