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What liquid is best for my MTL device? - TABlites

What liquid is best for my MTL device?

You’ve got a device, great! Now you need some e-liquid. Using the correct type of e-liquid with any vape is essential if you want it to perform at it’s best for you. The concentration of PG and VG mixed in the e-liquid is the most crucial factor when it comes to selecting the right e-liquid for your device.

An e-liquid which has more VG percentage over 60% will be too thick for an MTL device and may not saturate the coil fast enough between hits. This may lead to you experiencing dry hits more regularly, which will burn your coil faster. Most shortfill bottles, bottles over 50ml with 0mg nicotine, come as a 70VG/30PG mix so it is best not to use them in your MTL device.

As MTL kits aren’t normally very powerful, so it is recommended to use e-liquids on the thinner side. This would be e-liquids with a PG percentage between 40% and 80%. These types of e-liquids will taste the best and lead your coil lasting longer.

You will find the information about the VG/PG ratio of an e-liquid usually on the back of the bottle or if it’s a e-liquid that came in an outer box, it may be on there.

Does the type of nicotine matter?

You can use any type of nicotine with your MTL device as the nicotine inside the liquid will not affect the coil. However, you will find you have a preference between the two main types of nicotine, free base and nic salts.

Free Base Nicotine E-liquids

Free base nicotine was used in all e-liquids since vaping began, up until a few years ago. It provides a harsher type of hit similar to the hit you would get from a cigarette. Hence why free base nicotine is generally more popular with ex-smokers or new vapers looking to quit smoking.

Recommendations for free base e-liquids:

IVG - IVG is an international e-liquid maker based in the UK that provides their delicious e-liquid products to over 100 nations on 6 continents. IVG free base liquids are a 50VG/50PG blend, PG is great for carrying flavour and VG creates thicker clouds. With 50/50 e-liquid you get the best of both worlds with a super smooth and tasty vape with minimal clouds.

TABlites PremiumOur range is high in quality and carefully crafted to create a vaping experience, unlike any other e-cigarette brand by focusing on a user’s personal taste. Our best-selling range of e-liquid was created for people looking to make the switch over to vaping from traditional cigarettes. We decided to blend our liquids with an 80/20 PG/VG ratio to give a similar sensation to cigarettes, a perfect e-liquid choice for MTL devices. We offer 21 delicious flavours covering a wide range of flavour profiles to suit all palates.

Nasty Juice - Nasty Juice is a global e-liquid manufacturer based in Tampin Malaysia. Nasty Juice is a 21st-century obnoxious e-juice brand, with passion at its heart, offering an empowered sense of X-rated and a playfully daring spirit’. The company is famous for its powerful flavourings, exceptional artwork and iconography as well as its exquisite advertising and top-notch packaging. Offering 9 tasty flavours in their 50/50 range these notorious e-liquids are great for your MTL kit.

Nic Salt E-liquids

Nic salts is a newer technology that came on to the scene in 2017. They are absorbed into your system faster which instantly satisfies your cravings. Nic salts also give you a smoother hit allowing you to use higher nicotine strengths without getting the harsh throat hit associated with higher strength freebase liquids.

Using nic salts is more popular with people who have used disposables and made the switch to a pod kit, to save money. This is because the liquid used inside of disposables is nic salts, so using them in your MTL kit with deliver a hit very similar to a disposable. Especially if you use TABlites Nic Salt E-Liquid as our flavours are the same as many of your favourite disposables, such as Elf Bar's and Lost Mary's.

Recommendations for Nic Salt E-liquids:

Bar Juice - Bar Juice bring you a range of delicious 10ml nicotine salt e-liquids designed to replicate the most popular flavours found in disposable vapes. These great flavours are available in 10mg and 20mg nic salt, perfect for your MTL kit.

TABlites Nic Salt - You can now buy all your favourite disposable vape flavours in an e-liquid! We've hand picked the best selling flavours in disposable vapes and perfectly recreated these flavours to now offer them in a nicotine salt e-liquid in both 10mg and 20mg nic strengths. 

With how good these flavours are and the money you’ll save, you won’t want to go back to disposables.

PodMatePodmate are Nasty Juice’s next-generation ENDS nicotine salt e-liquids, designed for use with pod system vape devices, by former smokers.


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