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Introducing the TABlites Cyclone V4 Starter Kit!

The Cyclone V4 Starter Kit is perfect for someone brand new to vaping, or for someone who is looking for an upgrade to their first e-cigarette.

Featuring a stylish design and brand new, cutting edge technology the Cyclone V4 offers fantastic satisfying vapour and great flavour with a minimum of effort.

The battery that provides the power for the kit is a 900mAh variable voltage battery. This means you get even longer between charges and you can change the power output of the battery itself, so you’re always guaranteed to find the vape that’s right for you.


The variable voltage system works through a very simple push button at the bottom of the battery; when the button is pressed the LED light around the power button on the side of the battery will light up. The colour indicates the power level that is currently selected. Red means low power, green means medium power and blue means high power.

By changing the power level you can affect what kind of sensation or ‘kick’ the e-cigarette will have.


The battery uses the ever-popular eGo-510 connection so it will work with almost any clearomiser you could want to use, but the MT3 Clearomiser that is included in the kit is the perfect match.

Featuring excellent airflow and a vertical atomiser coil, the MT3 provides fantastic flavour and excellent vapour production.
The atomiser heads are replaceable too, so when it eventually starts to taste less than its best you don’t have to buy a whole new tank.


To change the atomiser head in the MT3 all you have to do is unscrew the metal base part of the tank. Attached to this is the atomiser head, which will have to be unscrewed.
Simply dispose of the spent atomiser head and screw a new one onto the base.
Top up your E-Liquid by pouring it into the tank section, avoiding the centre airflow hole, and reattached the base section with the new atomiser head.
Replace the clearomiser onto your battery and allow a minute or two for the e-liquid to saturate the wicking material.

The Cyclone V4 Starter Kit comes with a USB charger in the box too, which you use by simply screwing the battery onto it and connecting it to a USB port on a laptop, PC, games console, TV or similar. Do not connect an eGo-style battery like the Cyclone V4 to the mains, mains chargers are often far too powerful for a battery of this type and it can cause damage to the battery.

When connected to the power the blue LED on the charger will light up. The light on the battery will glow when it’s connected and will change colour to indicate the level of charge. Again, red is low, green is medium and blue is high or full.

The Cyclone V4 Starter Kit offers something for anyone looking for a great, easy-to-use, inexpensive e-cigarette.
Included in the price is a 10ml bottle of TABlites Premium Range E-Liquid, too, so you get literally everything you need to start vaping right away!

Take a look at the TABlites Cyclone V4 Starter Kit by clicking here. 

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