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TABlites sells products containing nicotine, which you have to be at least 18 years old to purchase.

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  • On the Recent Decision to Classify Electronic Cigarettes as Medicine

    E-Cigs are NOT a Medicine

    The recent move by the government to brand electronic cigarettes as a medical product is ill-conceived and will be hugely damaging not only to the e-cig industry, but also to public health.

    No reputable electronic cigarette company in the UK claims that their product helps people to quit smoking. A ‘medicine’ by definition should cure or alleviate the symptoms of a disease, electronic cigarettes do not do this; the nicotine addiction is still present and has not been lessened when a smoker switches to e-cigs. The only difference is the lack of thousands of toxic chemicals found in cigarettes that are extremely harmful to the user.

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  • Modders in the Mail

    Electronic cigarettes have had a lot of play in the news media lately, but a recent article in the Daily Mail is introducing its readers to the idea of top-end modifiable and customisable units, known as ‘mods’, ‘personal vaporisers’ or by the myriad names of the individual units themselves. The article (which you can read by clicking this sentence) is accompanied by a number of photos from VaporCon in the US, where vapers gathered in their thousands to show off their heavily modified e-cigs.

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  • Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

    Many people are worried regarding the safety of using electronic cigarettes, citing that they are as yet untested and an unknown quantity. This, however, is just not true.

    Every component of the devices and every ingredient in e-liquids has been extensively tested and used over years, even decades.
    Electronic cigarettes do not contain the myriad harmful substances found in the smoke produced by burning tobacco; over 3000 chemicals including benzene, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde (a common embalming fluid), chromium (a poisonous metal) and polonium-210 (a highly radioactive metal) to name but a few. None of these things are found in the vapour from e cigarettes.

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  • Electronic Cigarettes in Danger from the EU?

    Are We Heading Toward an E-Cig Ban?

    The EU are in the process of reviewing their Tobacco Products Directive and they’ve included a provision for a new regulation stating any electronic cigarette (or other device, I assume) containing more than 4mg of nicotine to be classified as a medicinal device.

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  • Terminology of Electronic Cigarettes

    Electronic Cigarette Terminology and Glossary of Terms

    A guide to the terms used in relation to electronic cigarettes
    A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | #123... | Regulation

    Air Holes
    Every atomiser has an air hole or air path of some sort. The size of the air hole determines how tight or loose the draw will be and how much air can get to the coil to produce vapour.

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  • Electronic Cigarettes; Legal To Use Anywhere?

    Are Electronic Cigarettes Illegal in Certain Places?

    It certainly seems like it, if the recent reaction by security staff at the Etihad Stadium is anything to go by.

    An unnamed Manchester City fan was having a drink with some friends in the concourse, happily vaping away, when security descended upon him. He was taken into a room where he was first asked what his vaping device was and then informed that they were banned in the stadium. That, in and of itself, is fair enough; while under the strictest letter of the law it is legal to use vaping devices anywhere it’s obviously up to the individual or company that owns the premises to decide whether they will allow people to do so.

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  • Welcome to TABlites

    Welcome to TABlites

    If you are new to TABlites here’s a quick description of who we are and what we do.

    TABlites supply a range of high quality electronic cigarettes, refills, liquids and accessories online and in store. You can find us in many shopping centres throughout the UK, predominately in the North West, with our main shop and headquarters in central Manchester. We invite you to come in to any of our stores to try out our electronic cigarettes with absolutely no obligation to buy. Our dedicated team of staff have been trained to offer advice, answer all your questions and help to find the perfect electronic cigarette to suit your individual needs.

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