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Best MTL Vape

Best MTL Vape

MTL style vapes are the most popular style of vapes on the current market as they closely replicate the feel of inhaling a cigarette and as a result are one of the best ways to quit smoking. MTL vapes come in many different shapes and sizes from pen and pod systems to disposable vapes, there is an MTL vapes for everyone.

So what makes a vape an MTL vape?

The acronym MTL stands for Mouth to Lung and refers to the way the vapour is inhaled from a vape device. With an MTL vape the vapour is inhaled from the device into your mouth and then from your mouth down into your lungs where the nicotine can be absorbed. For more detailed information on MTL vaping, and a comparison with how MTL vaping differs to DTL vaping, read our blog: MTL vs DTL.

What makes a good MTL vape?

To determine if an MTL vape is any good there are three key things you should check that the vape delivers. The first item on the checklist is portability, if the vape you are wanting to use is not as portable as a pack of cigarettes it makes quitting smoking using that vape inconvenient and may result in you turning back to smoking.

The second factor to check is battery life, can the vape you are looking at provide you with a full day of vaping without needing to be charged? If not, then it may result in you being out and about with a vape with no charge and you having no access to a charger. As you will be craving nicotine this may result in you buying a disposable vape or worse, buying cigarettes.

The third factor on the checklist is if the vape can deliver the full flavour intended by the vape juice you are wanting to use. If the coil can not do so it may mean the flavour may be dull and not desirable to vape.

Now that you know what MTL vaping is and what makes a good MTL vape it’s time for you to take look at the best MTL vapes the current market has to offer.

Caliburn X

Uwell Caliburn X

The Caliburn X is one of the more recent additions to the Caliburn family by Uwell. It is a slightly larger device than the older Caliburn devices but still has a portable and pocket friendly design. The device features a built in 850mAh battery which is much bigger than the rest of the Caliburn range and is sure to last the average vaper a full day of vaping between charges.

The pod system is compatible with Uwell’s Caliburn G 0.8ohm and G2 1.2ohm mesh coils which deliver an instant nicotine hit and using Uwell’s Pro-FOCS technology are optimised so you get a full flavour hit. The pod has a 2ml e-liquid capacity and the coils are replaceable so you do not need to throw away the whole pod when the coil begins to burn as you would with some other Caliburn devices. If your Caliburn X pod becomes damaged or you would like to replace it you can purchase replacement pods here.

The vape has a multi-control button on the OLED screen which allows you to adjust the wattage between 5W and 20W as well as use other features. Although you can activate the device using the button, there is also an option for inhale activation whereby you simply inhale on the mouthpiece to activate the device.

This device is a perfect option for your new MTL device as it ticks of everything on our checklist and performs really well. Check out the Uwell Caliburn X here.

Vaporesso XROS 3

Vaporesso XROS 3

The Vaporesso XROS 3 is also a great option for your new MTL kit with it having the latest technology Vaporesso have to offer. The device has a small and slim build which is pocket friendly and comfortable in your palm, making the device highly portable.

There is a wide range of XROS pods all with different coil resistances; 0.6ohm mesh, 0.7ohm mesh, 0.8ohm mesh, 1.0ohm mesh, 1.2ohm pod. This is perfect for vapers with a specific coil resistance preference as there is plenty of options to choose from.

The kit comes supplied with the new 0.6ohm mesh coil which has been designed to provide a sweeter vaping experience with freebase vape juice. As well as the new XROS series 1.0ohm mesh coil which has been designed to provide full flavour from nic salt e-liquids and provide a similar hit to disposable vapes. If you are a user of disposable vapes using this coil will make the worthwhile transition of switching from disposables to a rechargeable and refillable pod kit easier than ever.

The pods use Vaporesso’s new and innovative COREX heating technology applied with unique morph-mesh structure to ensure more rapid and even heating to improve the vaporisation efficiency ratio by 50% for crystal clear flavour accuracy from the first puff to the last. The COREX cotton has been made fluffier to better saturate the cotton with e-liquid, extending the life span of the pod with less burnt taste when your juice levels are low.

Built into the Vaporesso XROS 3 device is a 1000mAh battery which is the perfect size to ensure a full day of vaping on the go without needing to recharge. The device also uses Vaporesso’s AXON chip which has been designed for improved performance, longer vaping sessions between charges, and pulse mode to boost power and flavour.

As you can see all the innovative technology makes the Vaporesso XROS 3 a great choice for the current best MTL kits.

Smok Solus 2

Smok Solus 2

The Smok Solus 2 is the most affordable MTL kit on this list, costing only £11.99 it may be the perfect introduction to MTL and pod kits without breaking the bank. The device itself has a slim, compact, and lightweight design making it highly portable and pocket friendly. The Solus 2 is very easy to use and would be classed as a beginner device. However, it is also a great device for more experienced vapers looking for a hassle free vaping experience whilst on the go.

The Smok Solus 2 has a built in 700mAh battery made for longer vaping sessions between charges and should last the average vaper a full day on the go. Even when the battery does run out, you’ll be back vaping in no time as the Solus 2 uses a USB Type-C charging cable for fast charging.

The device is solely operated using the inhale-activation system whereby you simply inhale on the mouthpiece to activate and vape the device. This eliminates the need for any unnecessary buttons and complicated menu systems making the device highly beginner friendly.

The kit comes supplied with the Smok Solus 2 pod which is fitted with a 0.9ohm mesh coil that can not be removed. The built in coils are constructed from a mesh strip which provides a greater surface area and faster heat up time, generating more incredible flavour from your e-liquid. The coil being built in adds another level of convenience as when the coil needs replacing you simply need to switch out the whole pod and replace it with a new one. The pods are held firmly in place with magnets located on the bottom of the pod and on the device.

Although this device can be used as an MTL vape, using a clever airflow adjustment system it can also be used as a RDTL (Restricted Direct to Lung) vape. You can do this by simply rotating the pod around, this means you have more options to find your vaping preferences.

If you are looking for a compact and easy to use MTL vape, the Smok Solus 2 can not be beaten on price whilst still having great performance.

Caliburn A2

Uwell Caliburn A2

The Caliburn A2 holds the title for the most popular vape on this list and for good reason. The A2 is highly portable, provides great performance, and one of the easiest to use vapes on the market. It is the perfect vape for those who use disposable vapes and are looking to switch to an MTL device. Filling the A2 with nic salt vape juice is perfect for beginner vapers and experienced vapers looking to closely replicate the sensation of vaping a disposable vape.

Although the battery size built into this device is not as desirable as some of the vapes previously mentioned on this list, 520mAh, it has one of the fastest charging times. When the battery does need recharging it will only take 35 minutes to charge to 90% as it is charged using a USB Type-C.

The kit is versatile to use as you have the option to operate it using the fire button, which also turns the device on/off and locks/unlocks the vape. You can also use the device with inhale-activation by simply inhaling on the mouthpiece to provide an instant hit of vapour without having to press any buttons. The A2 features a fixed power output of 15W and can not be adjusted so there’s no complicated menus, simply inhale and enjoy.

The 2ml pods use integrated 0.9ohm mesh coils that cannot be removed from the pod so when your pod starts to taste burnt simply dispose of the entire pod and replace it with a new one, no need for messy coil changes. Filling the pod with vape juice is easy and mess free too, using a snap-lid top-fill design the A2 pods allow for quick refilling without needing to remove the pod from the battery. Remove the pod cap, insert the nozzle on your e-liquid bottle into the filling hole (marked red) and begin filling with e-liquid. There is a marker on the pod to show you where the maximum filling is so do not go past this line.

This incredible flavour packing device is perfect for your new MTL device or for those looking to switch to a rechargeable and refillable vape after using disposable vapes.

Aspire Flexus Stik

Aspire Flexus Stik

The Aspire Flexus Stik is one of the newest additions to Aspires Flexus range of affordable vapes. The impressive pod system boasts a whopping 1200mAh battery whilst still being compact enough to fit in your pocket comfortably. A battery that size is great for vapers who are unable to reach a charger for long portions of the day as it will be sure to last you a full day on the go.

The pod for the Stik is compatible with Aspires AF coils which are available in two resistances, the 0.6ohm (15W-18W) RDTL and the 1.0ohm (12W-15W) MTL which both provide an incredible vaping experience. The 0.6ohm coil will produce more vapour in the form of a restricted direct lung hit whilst the 1.0ohm coil will produce less vapour in the form of a mouth to lung hit, closer sensation to smoking a traditional cigarette, both coils will give you incredible flavour.

The pod is filled using a bottom fill design, simply remove the pod and unplug the rubber stopper on the bottom of the pod to reveal the e-liquid inlet. Insert the nozzle of your vape juice bottle into the hole and begin filling with e-liquid. Once filled you’re all set to begin vaping. 

Replacement pods for the Aspire Flexus Stik are available to purchase here.

The Stik can be activated using the fire button, located on the bottom of the battery, or with inhale-activation where you simply inhale on the mouthpiece to get an instant hit of vapour. You can operate the device at three different power settings; High (green light), Mid (blue light), and Low (red light).

The device also features a clever airflow adjustment system, simply rotate the pod to adjust the size of the air vents. Opening the vents will create a looser draw and cooler vape, whereas closing the vents will provide a tighter and warmer draw. You can play around with the airflow and different power settings to find you perfect vaping preference.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. Have you uses andy of these MTL vapes? If so, do you agree with them being on this list? Let us know your thoughts, join the conversation and let us know on social media @tablites

If you need any help or advice on disposable vapes, e-liquids, vape kits, tanks or coils, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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