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  1. 50/50 PG/VG
  2. 70% VG
  3. Short Fill
    80% VG
  4. Short Fill
    80% VG
  5. 80% PG
  6. Nic Salt
    50/50 PG/VG
  7. 50/50 PG/VG
  8. Nic Salt
    50/50 PG/VG
  9. Nic Salt
    50/50 PG/VG
  10. Nic Salt
  11. 80% PG
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  12. 80% PG
  13. 50/50 PG/VG
  14. Short Fill
    70% VG
  15. Short Fill
    70% VG
  16. Short Fill
    70% VG
  17. 80% VG
  18. 80% VG
  19. 80% VG
  20. 70% VG
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Tobacco Flavour E Liquid Ranges at TABlites

We stock a giant range of Tobacco E-Liquids from all the major players. This means we have one of the most diverse ranges available anywhere in the UK. From supplier’s such as Element, Nasty Juice, Miami Drip Club and our own High VG or Tobacco blends, we have everything you could need to stop smoking.

If you just want the taste of premium tobacco without the harmful ingredients that come loaded in a cigarette, we can help with that too. Clean and safe, smoking tobacco without these harmful extras has been something of a dream until the advent of vaping, but now it's firm reality!

If you’re looking to stop smoking altogether, or if you just enjoy the taste of high quality premium tobacco, our range is guaranteed to fill that void. For those interested in a smoke free existence you simply can't get a better helping hand than our Tobacco by TABlites E-Liquid range.

Flavours in the Tobacco by TABlites range:

  • American Gold Blend - This is a classic tobacco flavour e-liquid. Rich in flavour and sure to satisfy any tobacco fan.
  • Virginia Tobacco E-Liquid - This liquid is big in flavour! Delivering a smooth and satisfying taste that stays true to its namesake.
  • Havana - This liquid brings you the unmistakable flavour of Havana Cigars in this rich and smoky tobacco flavour e-liquid.

TABlites Own Ranges

Juice by TABlites : Juice E-Liquid is made exclusively for TABlites and has some of the roundest flavours available on the market today!

Tobacco by TABLites : Ideal if you’re trying to stop smoking, or if you simply enjoy the taste of fine tobacco.

ICE by TABlites : Ice E-Liquid comes with a refreshing burst of mint or fruity cool menthol packed into a 10ml bottle.

TABlites High VG: Made with a 70% VG base for the best combination of great flavour and smooth satisfying vapour.