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  1. Short Fill
    80% VG
  2. Short Fill
    70% VG
  3. Nic Salt
    50/50 PG/VG
    Quickview Nasty Salt - ASAP Grape
    Any 3 for £12
    Nasty Salt - ASAP Grape (10ml)
    As low as £4.99
  4. 70% VG
  5. New!
    75% VG
  6. Quickview TYV Squared - Krape
    Includes Nic Shots
    TYV Squared - Krape
  7. New!
    50/50 PG/VG
  8. Short Fill
  9. Short Fill
  10. Short Fill
    70% VG
  11. Short Fill
    70% VG
  12. 50/50 PG/VG
    Quickview Purple Grape - 5050 E-Liquids
    Any 5 for £10
    5050 E-Liquids - Purple Grape
    As low as £2.99
  13. 50/50 PG/VG
    Quickview Nasty Juice 5050 - ASAP Grape
    Any 3 for £9.99
    Nasty Juice 5050 - A$AP Grape (10ml)
    As low as £3.99
  14. 80% VG
  15. Short Fill
    70% VG
  16. Short Fill
    80% VG
  17. 80% VG
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18 Items

Grape E-Liquids

Another original flavour from the dawn of vaping, Grape E-Liquids have always been a go-to for new vapers as well as seasoned veterans returning to that nostalgic smooth vape. We stock a huge selection from suppliers such as Nasty Juice, Nasty Juice Cush Man, 5050 E-Liquids, Big ML, Candy Pop and many others.

Available in every range in 20mg Nic Salts, from 0mg all the way up to 18mg bottles, in 50/50 mix to 80% VG, from 10ml to 100ml, there’s surely something for everyone.

Our own 50/50 range by TABlites has one of the nicest Grape liquids around (according to our customers!), as well as a delicious selection of other great flavours. Have a look below to see the entire range of 50/50 E-Liquids by TABlites!

Flavours in the 5050 E-Liquids range:

  • Foam Banana E-Liquid - A nostalgic sweet shop classic.
  • Green Apple E-Liquid - Tart and crisp green apple flavour.
  • Heisenberry E-Liquid - A secret recipe of mixed fruit and a cool menthol kick.
  • Mango Candy E-Liquid - The tropical tang of mango in a sweet gummy candy.
  • Purple Grape E-Liquid - Juicy and decadent dark grape flavour.
  • Strawberry Chew E-Liquid - A juicy strawberry sweet treat.
  • Tangy Cherry E-Liquid - The bright and vibrant taste of ripe cherries.
  • Vanilla Custard E-Liquid - A smooth and creamy custard with delicious vanilla.

Other 50/50 E-Liquid Ranges

Cheap Thrills 5050: Cheap Thrills E-Liquid are based in the UK where they craft delicious E-liquids using only the very best ingredients.

Miami Drip Club 5050: Produced by Cheap Thrills in 10ml bottles, this range gives you a taste of America.

Nasty Juice 5050: The premium E-Liquid in Malaysia is now making its name the world over, and it’s easy to see why!

Vampire Vape: Vampire Vape E-Liquids have their own 3mg nicotine range available in 50/50, and what a range it is!

Element E-Liquid: Element E-Liquid is based in the USA and sold worldwide. The new range of 50/50 is sure to be a hit!