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Vape Tips an Infographic by TABlites - TABlites

Vape Tips an Infographic by TABlites

Vape Tips Infographic. Keep it clean. If you are using your vape regularly it is important to clean it often to help you have an overall better daily vaping experience. Overtime residue builds up in your tank which will negatively impact the overall performance and flavour of your vape. Vapers Tongue. We all have our favourite flavours and the may be all you vape. However, after some time you may notice the flavour begins to dull or have a less prominent flavour. This is known as "Vapers Tongue". To avoid this you should think about changing flavours every so often. That way when you go back to your favourite flavour it will taste just as good as it did the first time you vaped it. Puff Breaks. It is important to remember that cotton in your coil is very delicate and mistreating it will result in your coils having a shorter life. Allowing the vape juice to soak into the wick by taking 15 to 30 second breaks in between each puff your coils will have a much longer life time. Coil changes. Changing your coil is important to maintain vape performance and full flavour from your vape juice. How regularly you should change your coil depends on what vape you use and how much you vape, but the average is once per week. Read the manual. Although your device may have been set up by a staff member in store, it is easy to forget things. Don't forget that your manual contains everything you need to know about your device.

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