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The TABlites October Challenge

Here at Team TABlites we love a challenge, so we thought for this October why not let everyone else in on the fun?

This month at TABlites we’re challenging everyone to switch from tobacco cigarettes to TABlites electronic cigarettes.

That’s right, for one month don’t smoke; vape! We really think that once you’ve tried it you won’t want to go back.

That’s why for all 31 days of October we’re offering fantastic deals on our electronic cigarette starter kits, cartomisers, liquids and accessories.

We’ve got everything you might need to get started, as well as everything you’ll need to keep going through October and beyond, with a selection of TABeries cartomisers available for £50 for 50, saving you a whopping £29.90! The TABseries is a great jumping-off point for your switch from regular cigarettes, which is why we’re offering the starter kit, with a battery, a charger and two refill cartomisers in either tobacco or menthol flavour for just £12.99.

If you’re more interested in the liquid refill style of electronic cigarette, our TABlites Cyclone starter kit is only £19.99 and our e-liquids are just £5 a bottle, or you can get three bottles for £10. With over 35 different flavours and a wide range of nicotine strengths (from our High 24mg all the way down to 0mg) there’s something for everyone and there’s always something new to try.

E-liquid doesn’t contain the many thousands of harmful chemicals that are in tobacco smoke, in fact it only contains five ingredients; water, propylene glycol (a chemical that has been used in nebulisers and inhalers for over 50 years), vegetable glycerol (similar to propylene glycol and just as safe), flavourings and nicotine. Nicotine has roughly the same effect on your body as caffeine in coffee. In fact,we’re a member of ECITA, the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, who test every batch of our liquid to make sure it’s exactly what it says on the bottle, no strength variations and no contaminants. Look out for the ECITA logo, that way you know you’re buying safe, good quality liquid. As well as our liquid, all of our electrical products are tested and certified as required by law, so you know with TABlites you’re buying quality.

So give the challenge a go. For one month pack in the cigarettes and give vaping a try. We’re sure you’ll love it.

We want to know how you’re getting on, too, so get in touch with us on Twitter @TABlites or over Facebook, just search for TABlites. You could even give us a call on 0161 832 4311 or email Team TABlites at

Tell us how you’re doing with the October challenge or just let us know your best vaping experience, our favourite story might even get featured on the website.

Give TABlites a try today. One month; no cigs, just vapour, and see for yourself why you should make the switch.

TABlites, A Taste of Freedom.

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