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Easy Ways To Save Money When Vaping

Whilst health is the main reason many of us originally made the switch to vaping the second benefit to making the change was the savings made compared to smoking.

Even with this initial saving, there are further ways to cut back the cost and make your budget go further. Let's take a look through our top tips for vaping on a budget and see if we can save you even more of your hard-earned money.

Whether you are new to vaping or well experienced we hope this list will have some useful tips.


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However you vape, there's one thing you are certain to use and that's e-liquid.

With so many options available to suit all tastes it’s easier than ever to find a flavour that you enjoy. We offer great money-saving multi-buys on all of our e-liquid to ensure you get a great deal.

Is there be a way for you to save further money on your e-liquid? Well, let's take a look.

Swap to a higher nicotine strength

This is a great concept for vapers who are seeking to save money, as it allows them to use less e-liquid than they would otherwise. By switching to a higher nicotine concentration e-liquid, they can actually vape less to meet their cravings.

This means they won’t be consuming as much e-liquid per session as they would if they were vaping lower-strength e-liquids.

Try salt nicotine

Salt nicotine e-juice is becoming easier to find with big brands such as Doozy, IVG, and Riot Squad creating salt nicotine e-liquid. Different from the traditional free base, salt nicotine not only gives a smooth throat hit, but it is also absorbed faster into your blood, and lasts longer, so you can get through those cravings quicker and for a longer period of time.

This means that you'll use less e-liquid, and save money. Check out our full range of Nic Salts here.

Save with multi-buys

If you go through several bottles of liquid each month, your best option is to buy in bulk.

Bulk buying when possible can save you a huge amount of money with our awesome Mix and Match deals. Simply pick the flavours and strengths of your favourite e-liquid and purchase them in the shown quantities to make great savings.

With our deals, you can drop the price of 10ml e-liquids as low as £2.5 - £3 a bottle.

Mixing your own e-liquid

You can also invest in short-fill vape juice. These are underfilled or Shortfilled bottles of nicotine-free 0mg e-liquid.

The idea with a shortfill is that every bottle has enough space to add a concentrated nicotine booster shot to it, allowing you quickly and inexpensively create a larger amount of e-juice.

You can follow our 10 Easy Steps - Shortfill E-Liquids Guide Here

The 0mg e-liquid will dilute the concentrated nic shot. For example, adding an 18mg nic shot to a 50ml of 0mg juice will create a 60ml of 3mg juice. A 50ml short fill and a 10ml nicotine boost will work out much cheaper than six 10ml bottles of juice containing nicotine.

You'll also end up throwing away fewer plastic bottles, which is more environmentally friendlier.


Vape coils are the heating element that vaporisers use to heat e-liquid. They're also the most frequently replaced part of a vape kit.

Following these tips will help ensure your coils last longer, saving you money in the process.

High Ohm coils

So you've switched to a higher nicotine strength liquid, the next step will then be to switch to a high ohm coil.

The higher ohm coils will require less power to heat up and in line with that, they'll produce less dense vapour. This is a must for those who plan to vape with liquid that is 6mg or above. 

What it also means though is that less liquid will be heated in a session, so you're not only using your coil fewer times, meaning it's replaced less often, but you'll also be using less liquid. 

A cheeky little two-for-one saving!

Swap To A Mesh Coil

Mesh coils are becoming easier to come by for more vape devices and tanks. They follow the same core principles as standard non-mesh vape coils, however, with a twist.

As the coils have a larger surface area and are finer than a traditional wound coil, they are much less likely to develop what’s known as a hotspot – where coils are bunched together, preventing heat from travelling through them. This greatly decreases both the effectiveness and the longevity of a coil. 

Switching to mesh also helps deliver improved flavour from e-liquid – which is a bonus.

Coil Maintenance

Saving money by making your coil last longer is one of the most important things you can do.

Always prime a new coil. Ensure that all of the cotton inside of the coil is soaked in liquid nicotine before vaping. Firing your kit too early will cause your cotton to burn and once it does there is no going back!

Use e-liquid that has the right PG/VG ratios. This depends on the coil's resistance. Those with a <0.1-1ohm resistance can usually be vaped with high VG e-liquids.

However, coils with resistance greater than 1ohm should stick with high PG or 5050 E-liquids. This is because high PG liquids are thicker and certain coils will not be able to absorb them. This then leads to overheating and burnt coils.

Build your own coils

The vaping pros among us already do it. They know that by building your coil you have greater control of how your kit will perform, regarding cloud production, and the flavour from e-liquid. 

We do not recommend new vapers jump straight into coil building, as they will need a thorough knowledge of vaping, Ohm‘s law and battery safety, to build their vape coils effectively.

When you do, vaping is much more affordable. You’re no longer paying for a company's costs of production because you’re constructing the coil yourself and you have a wider range of materials and styles to choose from.

For a great guide on DIY Coil building check this guide from Wotofo out.

You will need some safety equipment and proper tools to create coils. But once you consider this one-time investment you’ll find that you’re much better off.



By hardware, we mean e-cigarettes, tanks and batteries. It is often the case that you will find a type of vape kit you like and stay with it for the long run.

However, by switching to something different you can conserve your hard-earned cash. 

The general advice is that you should go smaller, vaping becomes costly when it is done too much. Follow our tips below so you can get more miles out of the kit and maintain your cash.

Try an MTL kit

MTL stands for mouth-to-lung vaping. It refers to the style of smoking where you inhale vapours into your mouth and then breathes into your lungs.

There is a huge choice of kits designed to support the MTL vaping style, from pod kits to clearomiser tank style vapes.

So how does it help you save money long term? Simply put, it comes down to a matter of scale.

These kits typically cost less than the larger sub ohms that you may be used to. Additionally, to support a mouth-to-lung style of vaping, they'll generally produce less vapour overall, just like switching to a higher ohm coil would.

Check your power source

If you’ve decided to go down the sub-ohm path, then you should definitely consider investing in a mod that features replaceable batteries. 

A standard Li-ion battery can last anywhere between 180 and 300 cycles, depending on how often you vape and what type of juice you’re vaping. 

Once your battery hits this threshold, you’ll notice that the battery won't hold its charge anymore, or it may not even start charging at all. If you’ve got a kit with an integrated power source, this means that the entire kit will have to be thrown away and you will have to buy a whole new setup.

However, if you're using a kit with removable battery packs, it's simply a case of buying replacement batteries - new batteries will often be cheaper to source than an entirely new kit. Always remember that you should buy your batteries from a trusted supplier and keep them safe (more info here).

Stop Using Disposables

Disposables have been a popular choice for smokers trying to quit over the past couple of years with no signs of slowing. 

This is down to the easy-to-use style and seemingly cheap upfront costs. In the long run however they are the most expensive way to vape. 

If you’re still on disposables but feel comfortable moving to something more advanced then try a starter kit. These are still easy to use but require e-liquid and spare coils/pods. 

This may seem like much more of an investment, but when compared to disposables they last much longer and are an easy switch to help you save money when vaping.

If you aren’t ready to switch to something advanced and just want the easiest vaper to use then try something like the Aspire Flexus Stik. It is a rechargeable device with automatic draw activation. It can be topped up with e-liquid multiple times and the coils can be changed when needed making it last longer than any disposable vape.


Convenience always costs something, it's the same with vaping. You can save money by switching to something more capable but still simple to use.

Swap from Prefilled to refillable pod kits

The only difference between a prefilled pod vape and a refillable pods is access to the E-liquid reservoir.

With the former, a pod will arrive pre-filled with e-liquid and already ready to vape. The latter requires you to fill your own pod. This isn't as difficult as you might think and very easy to learn, especially with the rise in top and side filling pods that have been specifically designed to support vapers on-the-go, or those who are simply making the switch to refilling.

The other benefit of a refillable vape kit is that you're no longer stuck with the flavours that the manufacturer of your pods has chosen. This opens up new avenues of flavour and the chance to try new juice blends you've never thought of before.

You can go nuts with combination experiments, roast coffee and tobacco, iced fruits, Bakery flavours and menthol, whatever tickles your fancy.

You'll also be able to pick between different nicotine strengths, so you can change to a stronger nicotine level if you're trying to save money or if you just want a harder hit.

If you're not sure, keep an eye out for the increasing number of pod kits that include both refillable and filled pods.


We're not suggesting you quit vaping altogether, but changing your vaping style could mean more money in your pocket.

Take It Easy

You don't need to vape the same way you used to smoke. What we mean by not vaping like you used to smoke is that you don‘t necessarily have to vape in the same manner as you did before, drawing away until your cigarette is finished. 

Vaping like this means that you’ll be continuously puffing on your device, rather than taking breaks between puffs and savouring the flavour. 

This will use up lots of e-juice in a very short amount of time and can burn out your coil too if you’re not careful. 

If you find yourself needing to vape like a chain-smoker just to satisfy your cravings, it’s worth looking at making the switch to a higher nicotine strength so you can satisfy them.

A Lower wattage setup doesn’t mean less fun when vaping

A High wattage vaping setup can create huge clouds, but it will use a lot more e-liquid than low-power vaping.

This not only means that you'll have to refill your tank much more often, but you'll also have to buy more e-liquid.

If you switch to a low-wattage vape setup, you'll not only experience a stealthy vape (ideal for whenever you're out and about) but also use less e-liquid saving you a fortune in the long run.


You don't have to make big changes to save money when vaping by making small alterations you can see a real difference.

We've given you the low down on how your electronic cigarette style and setup can give you the cheapest vaping experience possible.

If you've just started vaping you could save yourself money from the get go by making some careful choices when it comes to your vape gear, e-liquids and your pick of any other vaping products.

For seasoned vapers it's never too late to make some simple changes to cut your costs and start saving money.

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