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5 Tips For Vaping in the Car

A recent law made it illegal to smoke traditional cigarettes in a car if someone under the age of 18 is present, but this law doesn’t apply to electronic cigarettes. If fact there currently aren’t any laws regarding the use of electronic cigarettes while driving.

It’s quite nice to have a quick vape if you’re stuck in traffic or on a long trip, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind when vaping in the car.

1. Safety First

You need to make sure your attention is always on the road and other vehicles around you, so you should really make sure that your vaping devices are charged, filled and ready to go before you set off. You can’t be fiddling around trying to refill a tank while you’re on the road because you pose a risk to yourself, your passengers and everyone else on the road.
Always make sure that you aren’t going to have to change a coil or refill a tank BEFORE you get in the car.

2. Don’t Drip and Drive

Similar to the first point, using a dripper while you drive is a terrible idea.
They need to be topped up regularly, every three of four drags depending on your setup, which will distract you from the road.
Not only that, but most modern drippers produce huge clouds of vapour, which can be a danger in itself.

3. Open Your Windows

Keep your windows open or your AC on. This stops you from getting a gross build-up of settled vapour on your windscreen, but it also ensures that your vision isn’t obscured by clouds. It’s important that you keep your view of the road clear even at the expense of using your e-cig. Roll the windows down, put the AC on, open the sunroof or drop the top if you’re in a convertible and allow the vapour to escape.
If it’s too cold to do any of those things, at the very least you should have warm air from your heater blowing onto the windscreen, the air currents will normally keep the vapour from getting in your way.

4. Don’t Sub-Ohm

Sub Ohm tanks and high power devices are designed to create the biggest clouds of vapour possible.
This is the opposite of what you want when you’re behind the wheel because YOU NEED TO SEE THE ROAD.
Leave the cloud tank at home, turn the wattage down and use a regular tank like the Aspire Nautilus Mini. It’s for your own safety and the safety of other road users.
This goes for your passengers, too. Nobody should be blocking your view with their vapour. Let them know they you won’t tolerate cloud-chasing in your car. Wait for the next time you stop if you must blow enormous clouds.

5. Keep a Constant Temperature

If you leave your e-cig in a car on a cold day you’re going to find your e-liquid getting thicker and more difficult to wick, and your battery will deplete much quicker than usual.
More importantly though is to ensure your e-cig doesn’t get too hot. Over-heating a battery, even if it isn’t in use, can cause failure and sometimes damage and even venting, which can cause injury and fires.


Even though we’ve put together these tips, at TABlites we care about your health and safety as well as giving you a great vaping experience. That’s why we don’t recommend vaping while driving. If you do choose to vape behind the wheel, just keep our tips in mind and stay safe.
(A few of the points raised apply to passengers as well. If you’re a guest in someone else’s vehicle be considerate and make sure you’re not making the journey an unsafe one.)


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