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What is airflow and what does it do in a vape?

Understanding Airflow in Vaping: The Ultimate Guide

What is airflow and what does it do in a vape?

Vaping is more than just inhaling vapour, it's about customisation and personalisation. One of the essential features that make vaping stand out from traditional smoking is its adjustable airflow mechanism.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of airflow in vaping, its impact on your vaping experience, and why it matters.

What is Airflow for in a Vape?

Airflow in vaping refers to the control of air that mixes with the vapour when you inhale, adjusting the amount of air that can pass freely from the coil to your mouth via the mouthpiece of your vape kit. Most modern vaping devices come equipped with adjustable airflow settings, allowing you to regulate the amount of air that enters the device.

The Impact of Airflow in Vaping:

  1. Vapour Production: Adjusting airflow directly affects vapour production. Widening the airflow generates cooler vapour but with less flavour, while narrowing it down results in denser vapour, intensifying the flavour.
  2. Temperature Control: Airflow also manages the temperature of your vape. More airflow cools down the coils, providing a cooler inhale, while less airflow leads to warmer vapour.
  3. Flavour Enhancement: The intensity of flavour is profoundly influenced by airflow. Restricting airflow concentrates the vapour, enriching the flavour, while opening it up dilutes the taste.

Tailoring Your Vaping Experience:

Finding the perfect airflow setting is a blend of personal preferences, e-liquid choice, coil resistance, and vaping style:

  • MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) Vapers: Enthusiasts craving intense flavour often opt for a narrower airflow to experience the full taste of their e-liquid along with a warmer inhale and a satisfying throat hit, reminiscent of the draw from traditional cigarettes.
  • DTL (Direct Lung) Vapers: Achieving a well-rounded experience often involves slightly reducing the airflow, ensuring a harmonious balance between flavour richness and vapour production.
  • Cloud Chasers: Those passionate about creating huge clouds tend to favour maximum airflow, even if it means sacrificing a bit of flavour from their vape juice in the process.

Airflow's Impact Beyond Vapour and Flavour:

Adjusting airflow doesn’t just alter vapour and flavour; it also affects e-liquid consumption and nicotine intake. More airflow might use more vape liquid but could also lead to increased nicotine intake due to higher vapour inhalation.

Optimising Airflow for Your Vaping Device:

Experimentation is key to finding the ideal airflow setting. Start with moderate settings and gradually adjust while considering factors like e-liquid composition, device wattage, coil resistance, and your personal vaping style.

Vape Kits with Adjustable Airflow:

Most modern vape kits offer adjustable airflow to cater to various vaping styles, below you will find a few of our favourites that feature this excellent technology:

Each of these kits allows users to tweak airflow settings according to their preferred vaping style, be it MTL for concentrated flavour, DTL for a mix of flavour and clouds, or anything in between.

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Understanding airflow in vaping is essential for a personalised vaping journey. Whether you prioritise flavour, vapour production, or a specific vaping style, adjusting airflow settings empowers users to create their ideal vaping experience.

This comprehensive guide aims to offer insights into the significance of airflow in vaping, allowing vapers to fine-tune their devices and make informed choices. For further assistance or information, our customer service team is dedicated to answering any vaping-related queries.

Happy vaping!