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Sweet Like Candy Vape Juice

Sweet Like Candy are a collection of shortfill e-liquids manufactured right here in the UK. The flavours combine popular fruits with candy twists for an enjoyable vape experience for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

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Sweet Like Candy E-Liquids

Each flavour comes in a 100ml bottle with 0mg nicotine, in line with TPD regulations. However, there is space to add your own nicotine, when you buy this shortfill from TABlites we will also send you x2 10ml 18mg nic shot completely free of charge. 

Adding these nic shots to your shortfill will make up to 120ml of 3mg e-liquid. You can add the nic shots by simply popping the top off your shortfill bottle and pouring the nic shots in. After this put the top back on the shortfill bottle and give it a good shake, mixing the nicotine with the rest of the vape juice. Now your e-liquid is ready to be vaped.

Sweet Like Candy Flavours

Blue Razz Bubblegum

This flavour combines two notorious candy flavours in blue raspberries and bubblegum to deliver a sweet treat that will truly tantalise your tastebuds.

Fruit Salad

Enjoy the vibrant taste of juicy and sweet pineapples mixed with tart, candied raspberries. This fruity combination makes a sweet and sour flavour you can enjoy anytime.

Pineapple Chunks

If it's a sweet and juicy flavour flavour you are after, look no further than Sweet like Candy pineapple chunks. 

Sour Cherry Sherbet

This candy flavour is perfect for sweet and sour lovers, the combination of sour cherries and the sweetness of sherbet candy with its unique tanginess makes for a tantalising treat.