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SQZD Fruits Co

SQZD Fruit Co award-winning e-liquids are made in the UK by Juice Locker. The SQZD Fruit Co e-liquid range have been crafted using high-quality flavour concentrates, blended by some of the most experienced mixologists in the vape industry.

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SQZD Fruit Co. E-Liquids

If you love refreshing, juicy, and fruity e-liquid flavours SQZD Fruit Co have you covered. You are sure to find your new all-day-vape.

The SQZD Fruit Co range of e-juice delivers both classic fruit fusions like; Grape and Pineapple, or some more exotic blends like Tropical Punch to tickle your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

SQZD Fruit Co E-Liquids are available as 50ml of e-liquid in 60ml short-fill bottles, with space for a 10ml nicotine booster shot. Adding a 10ml nicotine shot in 18mg strength will create 60ml of e-liquid in 3mg strength.

SQZD Fruit Co juices are made up with a 70% VG / 70% PG blend, also known as high VG e-liquids, with a larger amount of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol. High VG e-liquids are thicker and produce larger clouds of vapour. High VG e-liquids work best with sub ohm vape kits and high powered devices providing plentiful clouds of delicious tasting vapour for you to enjoy.

SQZD Fruit Co E-Liquid Flavours

Watermelon Kiwi

A real refreshing flavour combo, this mouth-watering watermelon flavour is perfectly paired with a sweet kiwi undertone to create yet another truly unique vaping experience!

Tropical Punch

Forget all your troubles and let Tropical Punch bring the  taste of paradise to your taste buds! A fusion of mixed fruits come together  with a pineapple base and citrus undertones, this will be one holiday romance  that will last forever!

Strawberry Raspberry

Everybody’s favourite berries combine to create the ultimate  fruity vape. The sweet strawberry inhale is complemented by the tart raspberry  undertones in an E-Liquid that is bursting with flavour!

Mango Lime

A refreshing mix of sweet ripe mangos finished off with a  hint of zesty limes is a refreshing new flavour profile that is quickly  becoming an all-day vape contender. This juice has to be tried to be believed.

Grape Pineapple

Ripe red grapes combine with juicy fresh pineapple to create a refreshing all day vape that packs a punch! Both flavours pair beautifully together in a tropical concoction like no other!

Blood Orange

A distinct, sweet blood orange flavour which develops into a zesty explosion with an underlying natural hint of raspberry. This intense flavour creates a refreshing Mediterranean inspired vape!

Apple Blackcurrant

A truly delicious mix of 2 delightfully fruity flavours, a perfect pairing between juicy ripe apples and tart blackcurrants produce a powerfully delicious all-day vape!

Blue Raspberry

A blend of the finest raspberries and ripest blueberries combine to produce a flavour like no other – this has quickly become one of the best-selling flavours and once you try it you will know why!