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The Vampire Vape Shortz e-liquid range was introduced to the UK market in 2018, and features a selection of mouth-watering slushy ice vape flavours, that take you back to your childhood.

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Vampire Vape Shortz

Vampire Vape Shortz e-liquids are served in 75ml shortfill bottles, filled with 50ml’s of 0mg e-liquid (nicotine free) with space to add a nicotine shot or two to reach your desired nicotine strength.

Vampire Vape Shortz Nic Shot Guide:

  • 1 Shot = 60ml - 3mg
  • 2 shots = 70ml - 5.14mg
  • 3 shots = 80ml - 6.75mg
  • 4 shots = 90ml - 8mg
  • 5 shots = 100ml - 9mg

Vampire Vape Shortz shortfill e-liquids are made with a base mixture of 70VG/30PG, to deliver large clouds of vapour and incredible flavour.

If you love refreshing drink and beverage e-liquid flavours give Vampire Vape Shortz a try today.