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Just Juice 50/50 E-Liquid

Just Juice 5050 e-liquids are premium quality collection of freebase nicotine vape juices with 16 weird and wonderful flavours. 

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In 2017 best friends Carlos and Andy began on their mission to quit smoking. They noticed that many of the vape juices on the market were inferior products being hidden behind loud packaging and bright colours. 

They decided they could do better and began researching the market to create superior e-liquids. Carlos and Andy teamed up with one of the UK's biggest e-liquid manufacturers and began testing new e-liquid flavours. As a result in 2019, Just Juice was born: Insanely fruity vape juices made with the highest quality ingredients on the market packaged within squeezable bottles to make filling your vape as easy as possible. 


Apple & Pear 

Like everyone’s favourite fruity ciders in summer, Apple and Pear on Ice is a sweet and sour combination. Perfectly balancing delicious apple and pear in this icy blend.

Berry Burst

Blackberries? Check. Blueberries? Check. Strawberries? Oh, go on then.

Blood Orange, Citrus & Guava

A whole lot of oranges go into this tangy Mediterranean mix. You get the perfect balance of sharp citrus rind and naturally sweet and fresh summer juices, with a little hint of Guava too.

Blue Raspberry

One minute it’s sharp. The next, sweet. Your taste buds are in for a treat with this mouth-watering raspberry vape juice that has a wicked twist when you’re least expecting it.

Exotic Fruits Cherimoya Grapefruit & Berries

A fruit combination with an assortment of different flavours.  On the inhale, a bittersweet combination of cherimoya and grapefruit is prominent, followed by a luscious collection of mixed berries.

Exotic Fruits Guanabana & Lime 

A tropical mix of banana and pineapple is complimented by luxurious cream and topped off with a blast of lime that will make your mouth water.

Exotic Fruits Lulo & Citrus

Refreshing. Revitalising. Revivifying. Blast after blast of sweet and tangy citrus will excite your senses.

Exotic Fruits Strawberry and Curuba

On the inhale, enjoy the South American flare of Curuba, and on the exhale, enjoy the summer sweetness of fresh British strawberries.

Fusion Berry Burst & Lemonade

This flavour combines two of Just Juices award winning flavours to create a tantalising blend. Berry burst is packed full of wild summer berries and a lemonade that gives you a refreshing citrus blast.

Fusion Mango & Blood Orange on Ice

A delectable combination of luscious mango, creamy passion fruit, and a zesty Mediterranean blend of blood orange, citrus, and guava.

Kiwi & Cranberry on Ice

Exotic kiwis are mixed with freshly picked cranberries in this colada-infused vape juice. You get a sweet, sour and icy inhale, leaving your mouth feeling refreshingly fruity long after.


This mouth-watering juice tingles your taste buds exactly the same way, with fizz and zing for a refreshing citrus blast. A classic pop blend featuring a citrus favourite. A zesty lemonade flows between sweet and sharp bursts and is finished off with fizz for a timeless vape.

Tobacco Club Lemon

Fusing together one of the worlds oldest and most popular Tobacco types with a zesty twist.

Tobacco Club Nutty caramel 

The seed of the cigar industry in Nicaragua was actually planted in Cuba. At the beginning of the 1960s revolution, the island nations great cigar makes began their search for new land and soil which could support their artisanship. They found the second coming of Cuba in Nicaragua, which today many argue to be the highest quality Tobacco in the world. This blend from Just Juice intends to replicate that high quality cigar taste.

Tobacco Club Sweet Cubano

Experience the authentic taste of Cuban tobacco for a cigar like vaping sensation. 

Tobacco Club Vanilla Toffee

Cuban tobacco is renowned across the world for its rich and flavourful taste. This distinctive full-bodied tobacco expertly blends mild notes of creamy Madagascan Vanilla with luxurious British Toffee. A smooth and superior tobacco experience.