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HorizonTech (also known as Horizon Technology Co. Ltd) specialise in hi-tech vape tanks, atomiser coils and accessories from their base in Shenzhen China. HorizonTech adheres to the principle of “allowing the market to guide the product and developing the enterprise through science and technology”.

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  • HorizonTech Falcon Mini Tank

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    HorizonTech Falcon Mini Vape Tank The HorizonTech Falcon Mini tank is a sub-ohm vape tank that will give you the very best flavour and cloud produc...

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HorizonTech invest heavily in research and development to create a better customer experience and supply the best and most innovative products possible.

HorizonTech combine using the finest materials, craftsmanship, and technology to supply ingenious sub ohm cloud tanks to the UK market and the rest of the world.

HorizonTech are most well known for their Falcon range of tanks that include; Falcon Mini, Falcon II, and Falcon King. More recently they introduced the Sakerz tank that uses a brand new design with loads of improvements from its predecessors to deliver improved flavour and larger clouds.

HorizonTech mainly focus on sub ohm tanks, aimed at more experienced vapers who are looking to use a direct to lung (DTL) style of inhale to blow large clouds of vapour. Sub ohm vaping requires a vape coil below 1.0 ohms in resistance, a sub ohm tank, a vape mod that can achieve high wattages and high VG e-liquid.

HorizonTech offer a whole host of coil options for you to try, from nichrome wire, to mesh coils. They also offer various options of wicking material, from wood pulp, cotton, and flax paper. Explore the vape coils HorizonTech offer in search of your go-to vape coil.

HorizonTech tanks offer adjustable airflow so you can take full control of your vape tank. Opening the airflow will provide a cooler and more airy vape, closing the airflow vents will provide a warmer and more restricted vape. Have a play and explore the capabilities of your cloud tank.

If you are looking for a new high VG e-liquid flavour, take a look at our extensive catalogue of high VG short-fill e-liquids in search of your new all-day-vape.