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Fancy Fruits E-Liquid

Fancy Fruits is a brand manufactured in the UK by Dispergo that aims to provide you with fruity combinations you may not have tasted before. Using only the fanciest of fruits they are able to create flavourful mixtures that you can not get anywhere else. Some of the fruits used in the mixtures are simply rare varieties of a common fruit you may know and love e.g. the Alphonso Mango. These varieties can provide a whole new world of flavour to tantalise and excite your palate. Hence why Fancy Fruits has become a well known and sought after vape juice range.

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Fancy Fruits 100ml Short Fill E-Liquid

At TABlites we have the Fancy Fruits range available to you in 100ml short fill bottles of e-liquid. This e-liquid comes with zero nicotine, according to TPD regulations, with space to add two 10ml nic shots. Adding two nic shots to these short fill bottles will make 120ml of 3mg vape juice.