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Element Shortfills

Element High VG Short fills

Element Short-fill e-liquids are served in 100ml bottles with a 80% VG/20% PG mix. When the VG content is higher than the PG content these e-juices are refereed to as high VG e-liquids. High VG e-liquids are thicker and work best in sub-ohm vape kits and sub ohm tanks producing big clouds of vapour and excellent flavour.

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Element E-Liquid Short Fills

Element shortfills are served in 100ml bottles with zero nicotine. The term shortfill refers to the space left in the e-liquid bottle (the bottle isn’t filled to the brim, with space for a nicotine booster shot). When mixed with two nicotine shots in 18mg strength you get 120ml’s of e-liquid in 3mg strength.

Element shortfill flavours cover a wide range of flavour profiles from tobacco, menthol, fruit, fruity ice and bakery. 

Element Watermelon Chill 100ml

Vibrantly juicy watermelon chiller.

Refreshing watermelon meets the smooth chill of mint. This unique combination is super refreshing and could be your new all-day-vape.

Element Frost 100ml

Icy menthol balanced by subtle sweet tones.

Shake your senses with our gratifying menthol blend! V-Frost is a mildly sweet and chilling menthol experience.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco 100ml

Sublime blend of bountiful tobacco and nutty notes.

Soothe your self-indulgence mood with a balanced swirl of rich tobacco flavour draped over delicious notes of nutty caramel and velvety vanilla. This luxurious, full-bodied blend delivers a unique vaping experience.

Element Fresh Squeeze 100ml

Vape the taste of fresh squeezed oranges.

We’ve peeled back the secrets of creating natural, freshly squeezed orange flavour in this sweet and tangy citrus blend.

Element Strawberry Whip 100ml

Tart strawberries with creamy vanilla.

We’ve amped up the sweetness in this decadent strawberry blend! Luscious berries and cream create irresistible shortcake vapour.

Element Pink Lemonade 100ml

Pucker up and prepare to relish a hot summer day.

Zingy lemonade blend with just the right amount of red fruit. A slight tang on the tongue gives way to a smooth citrus exhale.

Element 555 Tobacco 100ml

A masterful tapestry of tobacco.
555’s rich tobacco base promotes warmer notes of hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts lightly bathed in caramel and vanilla.

Element Far Grape Vape 100ml

Full-bodied juicy medley of concord, ruby and red grapes.

A palate-pleasing union of bright fragrant grapes coming together for a
delicious vape certain to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Element Far Neon Green Slushie 100ml

One of a kind mouth-watering and invigorating bright neon lime blend.

Cool down and chill out with our thirst-quenching sumptuous combination of intense neon green lime over endless slush ice. This zesty lime is sweetened to perfection making it the ideal taste bud tamer.

Element Far Pineapple Bliss 100ml

A splendid fusion of ripe and tangy pineapple with sweet berry and tropical mango.

Juicy, vibrant pineapple kissed with sweet berries and succulent mango, a true tropical taste creating the perfect gateway to your own personal island.