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Element Nic Salt

Element NS (Nicotine Salt) E-liquids

NS20 e-liquids by Element offer some of the most popular flavours for this exciting nicotine salt range. Whether you prefer rich tobacco, chilly menthol or juicy and fruity flavours, there’s a flavour for all vapers in this range. NS20 e-liquids are served in 10ml bottles.

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NS20 (Nicotine Salt 20mg)

Nicotine salt e-liquids deliver a smoother throat hit and an instant nicotine boost. NS e-liquids works best when used in pod style vape kits. Formulated for maximum strength and smooth-ability. 20mg e-liquids are the highest nicotine e-liquid strengths available in the EU.

Award winning NS20 E-liquids

Frost – Best Menthol (Vape Jam 4 UK 2018)

555 Tobacco – Best Tobacco (Vaper Expo UK 2017)

Honey Roasted Tobacco- Best tobacco (Vaper Expo UK 2016)

Element Frost Nicotine Salt E-liquid

Shake your senses with our gratifying menthol blend! A chilling menthol experience.

Element Pink Lemonade Nicotine Salt E-liquid

Zingy lemonade blend with a slight tang on the tongue and a smooth citrus and mixed berry exhale.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Nicotine Salt E-liquid

Soothe your self-indulgence mood with a balanced swirl of rich tobacco flavour.

Element Grape Vape Nicotine Salt E-liquid

Bright and juicy grape blend for the ultimate refreshing fruit vape.

Element Neon Green Slushie Nicotine Salt E-liquid

Cool down and chill out with our thirst- quenching sumptuous, intense neon green limes. 

Element Candy Punch Nicotine Salt E-liquid

Sweet and refreshing blend of mixed fruits and sugary candy.

Element Key Lime Cookie Nicotine Salt E-liquid

Melt-in-your-mouth buttery cookies brightened with world famous Key Limes.

Element Fresh Squeeze Nicotine Salt E-liquid

Savour the invigorating blend of ripe oranges, and juicy tangerines.

Element Crema Nicotine Salt E-liquid

Savour each sweet puff of this silky smooth vanilla.

Element Watermelon Chill Nicotine Salt E-liquid

Refreshing watermelon with a smooth chill of mint.