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BLNDR E-Liquid

The BLNDR vape juice range is made in the UK by Dispergo, who are known for their high quality and flavourful e-liquids. In the BLNDR range you will find 6 unique fruity flavour concoctions in a smoothie style. Across the board you will find sweet flavours, sour flavours and a mixture of the two so there is something for everyone.

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BLNDR Vape Juice

All the e-liquids in this range come as a 100ml 0mg shortfill which you can enjoy in a high powered pod kit/ pod mod or a sub-ohm vape kit. This is because the liquid is a 70VG/30PG ratio making the e-liquid thicker meaning it needs to be vaporised with a higher powered kit to get the optimum flavour. 

Although the vape juice comes as 0mg, there is space in the bottle for two 10ml nic shots which would make 120ml of 3mg e-liquid. You may think that is a low maximum nicotine strength you can have, but in a high powered vape kit there is a lot more vapour produced so the hit feels a lot stronger. 

BLNDR Flavours

Cherry and vanilla smoothie BLNDR

Indulge in the delicious blend of fruity cherries and sweet, velvety vanilla in a delicious ice cold smoothie. 

Peach and apricot smoothie BLNDR

This a fruity smoothie blend of peach and apricot. The peaches deliver a sweet and succulent taste that lingers on the tongue. This delicious taste is then complemented by the tart taste of apricots, adding a tangy element to the mix. The overall flavour is delicious and definitely worth a try. 

Coco and Pine Smoothie BLNDR

Sun-soaked, juicy pineapple is combined with the renowned taste of coconut for a refreshing tropical vape.

Kiwi and Melon Smoothie BLNDR

Enjoy the unique taste of ripened sweet kiwis with a hint of tanginess to them combined with the delightful flavour of sweet honeydew melons.

Rasp and Cran Smoothie BLNDR

Indulge in the tart flavours of raspberry and cranberry in this delicious smoothie blend.

Black and Berry Smoothie BLNDR

In the introduction of this flavour you will be met by the blood and tart flavours of blackcurrant and raspberry flavours to be followed by the sweet taste of blueberries. Overall, this flavour delivers a pleasant and well rounded vape experience.