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Like [X Flavour Liquid], Any Suggestions?

Here at TABlites we are always happy to help, and part of that help is making sure you get the right products for you. As such we’re always happy to make suggestions based on your e-liquid preferences.

I will say right now, though, that everyone’s tastes are different so it’s entirely possible that a liquid we love might be something you hate. My colleague is a big fan of cherry flavoured e-liquid and I can’t stand the stuff, for example. Still, if we know what you already like we can at least help you find something similar or a bit different based on that.

At the last count TABlites stock a range of around 38 different flavours (and that’s not including all the different options for nicotine strengths), with new ones coming and going all the time and occasionally ‘guest’ liquids from some of the best names in the e-liquid world, so there’s always something new to try.

Here are some very general suggestions:

If you’re a fan of tobacco flavours, maybe give the USA Blend a try. It’s a bit smoother than our standard tobacco flavour which is quite dry and smoky.

Are you a menthol fan? Give the Spearmint a try, you won’t be disappointed. Maybe try mixing menthol with one of the fruit flavours, a hint of blueberry in your mint is delicious.

Have you been getting a little bored of the blueberry recently? Try a blackberry or something a bit different like mango.

If you want to have a chat about e-liquids just pop to your nearest TABlites store, or give us a call on 0161 832 4311

(Keep checking back for our post on E-liquid ‘cocktails’. Coming soon, once we’ve stopped arguing about which are the best.)

We hope that helps.

Team TABlites.

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