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E-Liquid Testing

At TABlites we care about getting the very best e-liquids around, for our customers to enjoy of course, but as vapers ourselves we also want to vape something we’ll enjoy.

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new e-liquid lines to try out. If we like it we let our customers know and more importantly we try to make it available to you.

Because we want our customers to get the best vaping experience we spend a lot of time getting hold of the test reports for our e-liquids.

After the recent issues with a couple of American juices containing Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionol we’re ensuring that nothing we sell contains them, and this means either asking the manufacturers to have their flavours tested before we even decide to sell them or having them tested ourselves. We also try to have the test reports for our guest liquids available to customers to further reassure them that what they are getting is precisely what they asked for.

We believe that vaping should be as enjoyable and safe as possible, and we try our best to ensure that is how we do business.

We’ve got some exciting new e-liquids on the way, and the triumphant return of a few old favourites that have come back from testing with the ‘all-clear’. Keep your eyes peeled at to get all our new products!

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