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Aspire E-Cigs: A History

Who Are Aspire?

Aspire are widely regarded as one of the top manufacturers in the world of Electronic Cigarettes and their consistently high-quality products make it easy to see why.

Aspire’s popularity is due in part to the large number of reviewers on Youtube who frequently give their products rave reviews and recommend them to the vaping community at large.

Aspire began in 2013 with a mission to produce high-quality e-cig products that would make vaping enjoyable for many people who at the time may have been using products that were not of a particularly high standard.

Aspire now have over 25 patents for their products and their goal is to produce a new product every three months. That’s at least 4 new products a year!

Taking a look through Aspire’s catalogue of products over the years it’s easy to see that they are driving innovation, which may be why many unofficial copies or ‘clones’ of Aspire products pop up from time to time. At TABlites we deal directly with Aspire to make sure our customers only get the real deal, high-quality Aspire products.

 Aspire Products Over Time

Aspire began by making clearomiser tanks such as the Vivi Nova style Aspire BDC (1.) . Using Aspire’s at the time revolutionary BDC (bottom dual coil) replaceable atomiser head, this Vivi Nova tank gave users fantastic flavour and great vapour production in an easy to use tank.
Aspire also released the E-Pen Clearomiser (2.), with a slightly different connection it was able to fit on eGo style batteries that were, and still are, the standard for most regular e-cig batteries. The E-Pen Clearomiser also featured a lid that protected the drip tip from dust and dirt.
The Aspire CE5 (3.) was released for vapers who wanted a completely clear tank that was more streamlined that the bulky Vivi Nova.


Aspire moved on, and began work on the ET range of clearomisers. These tanks featured improvements in build quality as well as adjusted airflow and a new design to make the vaper’s experience more enjoyable. The Aspire ET Clearomiser (4.) still used Aspire’s BDC replaceable atomiser head, to give the user the familiar sensation of using their Aspire clearomiser.

Around this time Aspire began experimenting with new designs; replacing the plastic sections of their tanks with glass and using stainless steel instead of cheaper alternatives. The Vivi Nova had an overhaul and became a fully stainless steel tank with a glass window to become the Vivi Nova S (5.).

Aspire also released the Nautilus (6.) during this time. With a large Pyrex glass tank and a newly redesigned (and larger) BDC replaceable atomiser head that provided even greater vapour production the Nautilus became the tank that put Aspire on many vaper’s radar.


 Click here to view the Aspire Nautilus.

Aspire also released the K1 (7.), an almost fully glass tank that used the redesigned Aspire BVC (bottom vertical coil) replaceable atomiser head. The vertical placement of the atomiser coil allowed for a greater surface area of the wicking material to make contact with the coil. This meant better flavour and increased vapour production without excess heat.
With the release of the K1 Aspire put together a ‘starter kit’ style package featuring the K1, their new G-Power 900mAh battery and a charger. (8.)
Click here to view the Aspire K1 Clearomiser.

This is also around the time Aspire released the Nautilus Mini (9.). Featuring a couple of improvements to the body design and the airflow of the Nautilus,  plus with a smaller tank and the newly redesigned BVC for Nautilus coil to replace the BDC for Nautilus coils used previously, the Nautilus Mini has remained a firm favourite with vapers (including this writer) ever since.

Click here to view the Aspire Nautilus Mini.

Aspire expanded their range of electronic cigarette batteries to include many different styles. The G-Power 900mAh was joined by the Aspire CF (carbon fibre) VV (10.) and VV+ (11.) batteries that featured variable-voltage, allowing the user to customise their vape. The Aspire CF Mod Battery allowed vapers to use removable 18650 batteries. The CF Passthrough (12.) Battery allowed the user to vape while the battery was charging which at the time was a rarity.

Finally the Aspire CF-Sub Ohm Battery (13.), which was specifically designed to have a high drain and be used with sub-ohm clearomisers and atomisers like Cloud Tanks.
This marked Aspire’s move toward the big-cloud market, as it was beginning to develop.


Aspire released several 18650 sized battery cells (14.), with high amp limits these batteries were designed to power mods and devices that would be running at high power and using low to sub-ohm resistance atomisers. This coincided with the release of the Aspire Atlantis (15.) (and it’s eventual upgrade the Aspire Atlantis 2 (15*.)), a sub-ohm cloud tank with replaceable atomiser heads rather than requiring the user to build their own coils. Many believe the Atlantis to be the first Cloud Tank of this type.

The Aspire Triton followed soon after, which allowed the user to choose their vaping style by making small adjustments, Cloud Tank, regular clearomiser, or rebuildable tank atomiser, the Triton (and the Triton 2 (16.)) offered users flexibility in their vape.

Aspire also released the Proteus E-Hookah (17.), which is designed to sit atop a traditional hookah pipe in place of the pan that would normally hold tobacco and coals, to allow people to vape through their hookah pipes.


Aspire continue to innovate even now. The recent release of the Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm Clearomiser (18.), with it’s new coil design that replaces an internal chimney section with the replaceable Cleito atomiser head has allowed users the very best of sub-ohm big-cloud style vaping with low strength e-liquids. The new Triton Mini (19.) offers vaper’s the same customisable experience as it’s larger sibling, but in a TPD (European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive) friendly 2ml e-liquid capactity.

Click here to view the Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm Cloud Tank.

Aspire have also just released the K2, K3 and K4 Quick Start Kits (20, 21 & 22.), which give the user a battery and a tank (and a charger) that are perfectly matched to be easy to use for the new user, and the three sizes offer different vaping styles from the most basic clearomiser in the K2 Kit up to the Cleito Cloud Tank in the K4 Kit.


Click here to view the Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit.
Click here to view the Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit.
Click here to view the Aspire K4 Quick Start Kit.

The Aspire Plato (23.) is the latest offering from Aspire, an all-in-one device that combines tank and mod into one stylish, compact e-cig. The Plato gives the user the option to swap between cloud-style vaping or regular mouth-to-lung style vaping as with a Nautilus or similar.


Click here to view the Aspire Plato.

Aspire will no doubt continue to be at the forefront of vaping technology and they are likely to have a great many exciting new and potentially game-changing products in the works right now.

It’s safe to say we can expect to see many more top-quality products from Aspire in the future.

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