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Are Shisha Pens Different from E-Cigarettes?

What are they and are they bad for you?

Hookahs are very popular products that are used for smoking tobacco. Electronic shishas are an alternative to using traditional hookahs and shisha tobacco.

A traditional hookah used for smoking shisha.

What makes them different from electronic cigarettes?

First, some background: Shisha tobacco is a mixture of dried tobaccos, molasses, and usually vegetable glycerine (the same "VG" used in electronic cigarettes). It is almost always flavoured with fruit, herbs, mint, or spices.

In traditional Arabic culture, shisha is traditionally smoked socially in cafes or bars, where it's placed into a hookah and then lit with glowing coals. The smoke is inhaled through long hoses and then cooled down by being passed through water in the base of the hookah. This allows the smoker(s) to inhale large amounts at once. Usually, several people would share the same hookah, either by using multiple pipes or just passing the hookah around the group.

Many people believe that shisha tobacco smoking is far less harmful than cigarettes, but they're wrong.

It’s true that all smoking releases toxins into the body, and just like cigarettes, hookahs release toxins into the air through their filters. However, unlike cigarettes, hookahs don't actually cool the smoke before inhaling it.

With the rise of e-cigarettes came the shisha pen, which was designed to be used instead of traditional hookahs.

What makes shisha pens work?

Electronic cigarettes heat a liquid containing nicotine using a heating coil. Shisha pens use a similar method but instead of nicotine they contain tobacco leaves.

E-cigarettes differ from shisha pens because most electronic cigarettes will be sold along side and used with e-liquid containing nicotine in varying concentrations.

The term "shisha pen" refers to electronic cigarettes that don't contain any nicotine at all. These e-cigarettes are often marketed as "tobacco free."

They're usually more decorated than traditional cigarettes, too, with bright colours and patterns that make them look less like traditional cigarettes but more in keeping with the colourful glasswork of the traditional Hookah Pipe.

What are E-Shisha devices for?

One of the main reasons why shisha pens were so popular at first was because they had a bigger battery than their competitors.

With this design, the shisha vaporizer could produce a bigger cloud and stronger flavour than previous models. It was designed so that it would be easier to use than traditional hookahs.

With the introduction of sub-ohm and cloud tank devices like the Aspire Cleito and devices designed to run these, electronic cigarettes can now produce far larger and denser clouds of vapor than they used to.

Shisha pens and e-cigarettes are both types of vaporizers for inhaling e-liquid. They differ mainly in their appearance and method of use.

If you're going to buy an electronic cigarette or shisha, the most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure you know the exact nicotine content. You don't want to get something that has too high of a level of nicotine.

What type of vaporizer do you use? Is it called an e-cigarette or shisha pen?

Which flavour do you prefer to vape?

Do you smoke cigarettes or shisha?

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