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Golisi is a power solutions company that provide some of the best high performance Li-ion vape batteries from their base in Shenzhen China.

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  • Golisi S26 18650 Battery

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    Golisi S26 18650 Battery The Golisi S26 18650 battery is a premium high capacity cell for use in any regulated device that supports an 18650 batter...

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Golisi Removeable Vape Batteries

Golisi specialise in manufacturing high-quality, safe and durable vape batteries in various sizes including; 18650, 21700, 20700, and 26650.

Golisi batteries are perfect option for vape mods that require an external battery, and have become one of the most trusted and respected vape battery brands in the UK and worldwide.

Golisi batteries provide a reliable power source to your vape device, making your batteries last longer between charging.

Vape batteries are one of the most important components of your vaping device. The battery powers the vape mod, this heats the coil, when the coil heats up the e-liquid, a vapour is produced. The vape battery you use will determine how long you can vape between charges, when your battery runs low less vapour is produced.

We stock a selection of removeable battery chargers by Xtar, so when your battery needs charging, you will be vaping again in no time.

Please Note: Do not use in an unregulated mod if you are unfamiliar with battery safety and ohm’s law to avoid damage or injury. Use a protective battery case to store your batteries safely.