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13 Squid E-Liquid

13 Squid is a vape juice brand produced in the UK by Dispergo vaping. Dispergo are known for making some of the best quality e-liquids and the most unique flavour combinations on the market and you can expect no less from their 13 Squid range. 

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    Mariana Short Fill E-Liquid by 13 Squid 100ml

    Mariana Short Fill E-Liquid by 13 Squid 100ml

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    Mariana Short Fill E-Liquid by 13 Squid 100ml Fruity and creamy. Strawberry and custard is a flavour anyone can enjoy. The inhale provides a burst ...

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13 Squid E-Liquids

There are 11 flavours in the 13 Squid range with some well known combinations and some you may not have tried before. For example, Cheren, which is a mix of blackcurrant and menthol may be something you have tried before. Whereas, Ionian, an indulgent combination of whiskey and ice cream may be something you have not tried before and definitely worth a try. 

All the flavours in this range are available to you in 100ml shortfill bottles. They come as 0mg nicotine, according to TPD regulation, there is however space for two 10ml nicotine shots to be added. Adding nicotine shots would make the e-liquid 120ml of 3mg vape juice. The concentration of the e-liquid is 70VG/30PG meaning its a thicker e-liquid perfect for high powered sub ohm kits. 

13 Squid Flavours

Arctic 13 squid

Experience an icy kick of two popular mint flavours with spearmint adding mild sweet notes to the flavour. 

Black 13 Squid

Indulge in the popular candy flavour of sweet and savoury liquorice with a mix of fresh aniseed. This is the perfect juice for candy lovers that appreciate a kick. 

Cheren 13 Squid

This unique blend combines the deliciously sweet and tart taste of ripe blackcurrants with the refreshing coolness of menthol for a truly invigorating vaping experience.

Mariana 13 Squid

Fruity and creamy. Strawberry and custard is a flavour anyone can enjoy. The inhale provides a burst of sweet strawberries that excite your senses. Whilst the exhale treats you to a layer of creamy and indulgent custard making a sweet treat you will most definitely love.

Nordic 13 Squid

Two of the nations favourite sweet treats, caramel and fudge, combine in this shortfill e-liquid from 13 squid to make an indulgent and luxurious candy flavoured vape perfect for desert loving vapers with a sweet-tooth.

Tuscan 13 Squid

Lemon sherbet is one of the most popular sherbet flavours out there as it is reminiscent of some of your sweet shop favourites as a child. The vape experience delivers a burst of zesty lemons with a fizzy, candy like taste that excites your palate. 

White 13 Squid

Enjoy the sweet yet subtle flavour of natural blueberries followed by a cool breeze of menthol to tantalise your palate with every puff. 

Ionian 13 Squid

Whiskey and ice cream lovers can enjoy two of their favourites in this indulgent e-liquid with a whirlwind of pleasant flavour twists and turns. 

Caspian 13 squid

Caspian is the ideal flavour for mango lovers that want to feel cooled and refreshed from their mango vape juice. It gives you the pleasant and juicy flavour you expect from a mango vape juice with a refreshing icy exhale. 

Bering 13 Squid

Bering by 13 squid is a tropical masterpiece of sweet and juicy pineapples mixed with a menthol flavour that passess over your tastebuds providing an exciting vape experience that refreshes you with every puff. 

Aztec 13 Squid

This vape juice combines the rich and smokey taste of tobacco with a luscious vanilla for you to enjoy daily.